Fixed Issues in February 9 Release (17R3.4)

Release Date: February 9, 2018

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Admin In some vaults, Admins may be unable to download a preview of their Advanced Signature Page Details. DEV-168446*
Admin When clicking on a package from the Outbound or Inbound details page, the breadcrumb link is broken. DEV-169220*
Admin Vault duplicates FLS security overrides in destination vault during configuration migration. DEV-169613
Admin Vault Loader will fail if the file staged for load is removed during or just before the load begins. DEV-171592*, DEV-171600*
Admin Expiration notifications do not work if the Expiration Field is configured based on a standard system field. DEV-172139
Admin Users receive a Page Not Found error when associating and selecting an object type from Application roles. DEV-172148*
Admin If a carriage return is included as part of an IdP Login URL, the Single-Sign on button is not displayed on the Vault login page. DEV-172161
Admin Application roles are not available for selection in User Role Setup records if the object type is associated with application roles. DEV-172166*
Admin Users receive a Server Having Problems error when creating a new Security Profile with the User Object feature. DEV-172203*
Admin Creating a VPK from a Vault containing the sharing rules but NOT the object configuration may result in errors when deploying the VPK. DEV-172285
Admin Adding an existing domain user to a vault does not work if the user’s First name and Last name already exist. DEV-172381*
Admin In some Clinical vaults, the Vault Documents License Information is incorrect. DEV-173190*
Admin When a user’s permission sets include Admin > Logs but do not include Application > Audit Trail, the user cannot use Export to CSV on an Audit Trail. DEV-173392*
Admin When using Vault Compare and setting the Details Type to “Simple,” Vault does not show differences in Pagelayout components. DEV-174047
Admin The first time a user adds a placeholder to a binder template section, Vault shows a server error. DEV-174230
Admin The “File Uploaded By” field does not update to show the latest upload for Formatted Output template files. DEV-174231
Admin Admins are unable to inactivate a field because of a hidden field dependency. DEV-174614
Admin Vault allows Admins to configure certain invalid Formatted Output templates and then the job fails to run. DEV-176137
Authentication When the Vault language is set to Japanese, clicking the link in a Vault welcome email results in a Page Not Found error if the Vault uses single sign-on. DEV-172903
Authentication When logging into Vault using SSO, some users see “Internal Error: Sorry, we encountered an internal error.” DEV-174277
Clinical CTMS dashboards may not populate correctly for users who have permission to view all of the included object records. Vault checks for lifecycle role instead of the View permission. DEV-166558
Clinical In some vaults, the Create Milestone from Template action may complete with a Successful status, even when Vault failed to create some of the EDL records. DEV-168261
Clinical When running a Monitored Metrics job, monitored metric values aren’t calculated correctly. DEV-168934*
Clinical When navigating to the EDL hierarchical view page from a milestone record, the “Back from previous page” link does not display. DEV-169001*
Clinical Some newer CTMS vaults are missing several standard lifecycle states. DEV-172854*
Clinical When users click the “Back to site details” breadcrumb link from a Document Package Report, Vault navigates to the Study Object details page. DEV-173136*
Clinical On the Doc Info page, if a user selects multiple studies in the Study field, the Study Country and Study Site dialogs only filter to show options applicable to the first study added. DEV-173257
Clinical In some newer eTMF vaults, users receive a server error when extracting, creating, or updating document versions via the Vault Loader. DEV-173333*
Clinical When users update attributes, Vault refreshes the entire Study Manager Homepage and CRA Homepage, rather than just the updated portion. DEV-173973*
Clinical Vault allows a CRA user to edit responses in a trip report in a locked state. DEV-176089*
Developer Features When users try to check out a document that doesn’t exist, the error message includes the method name. DEV-156238*
Developer Features In rare cases, cross-domain vaults do not appear in the Basic Authentication API response. DEV-172214*
Documents Vault displays the View Links button, even when the “Allow users to view and navigate annotation links in View mode” checkbox is not selected. DEV-167586
Documents When a document with merge fields include tokens for document version numbers, and the document is versioned due to a workflow step, Vault doesn’t display the updated field values in the document. DEV-168496*
Documents Documents fail to render when uploading documents with 1000 or more bookmarks. DEV-169345*
Documents In some cases, dynamic reference constraints on documents aren’t enforced and this prevents users from creating documents with relevant metadata. DEV-169481*
Documents In some cases, bookmarks are missing from a generated PDF rendition when uploading a source file to Vault. DEV-169492
Documents When uploading files to create document relationships, Vault is unable to relate the document with the field value matching the source. DEV-169590*
Documents When uploading a document, any styles based on Title are not extracted to bookmarks. DEV-171210
Documents Document names which include tokens do not update properly when metadata is changed. DEV-171988
Documents In rare cases, the Doc Info page does not allow users to save new metadata field values. DEV-172124
Documents In rare cases when checking out a document, the Checked Out date field displays tomorrow’s date instead of today. DEV-172231*
Documents In rare cases, the Create Document from Template action in the Edit Binder view navigates to the Home tab. DEV-172375*
Documents After opening a document in a binder, when users navigate back to the binder from the breadcrumb trail, incorrect binder sections are expanded. DEV-172767*
Documents In some cases, users can’t create documents via the Vault Loader. DEV-172902
Documents Vault downloads video annotations for the latest version of a video document, even if the user initiates the download from a previous version. DEV-173251
Documents Users see a server error when creating a new draft and preserving the document relationships, if the relationship type has constraints for document status. DEV-174044
Documents Vault cannot render MS Word files with the “Read-only recommended” setting configured. DEV-175504
Documents The “Export All Files” action appears for placeholders, which have no files. DEV-175626*
EDC After Vault logs a user out due to inactivity, when the user logs in again, Vault redirects the user to the Casebooks tab. DEV-175287*
EDC An Item’s text label briefly changes color during auto-save. VDC-2100*
EDC Vault does not display any error message when a user imports a Casebook Definition into a Published target Casebook Definition. VDC-6333*
EDC Vault does not automatically create a new CDM Key field value when a user copies a Unit Definition. VDC-7032*
EDC Users can edit a controlling field value such that Vault removes a dependent Event Group containing a locked Form. VDC-7080*
EDC Users experience slow performance when opening an existing rule in the Studio Rules tab. VDC-7247*
EDC Vault EDC displays an Overdue icon for events with future due dates. VDC-7250*
EDC In some cases, Vault EDC reorders forms in the form carousel as users after users complete them. VDC-7265*
EDC Users can move a Form from one event to another event that contains a Form with the same definition. VDC-7363*
EDC Vault does not update the object record count on the Codelists, Units, or Rules tabs in Studio after a user creates a new record. VDC-7386*
EDC After a user copies an Item, Codelist, or Unit Definition in Studio, Vault no longer displays the object record count on that tab. VDC-7387*
EDC When entering a future date for an unscheduled event that includes a future date validation rule, Vault doesn’t generate a date query. VDC-7432*
EDC Users receive a server error when attempting to display the casebook schedule for visits that contain no forms. VDC-7496*
EDC If a user enters data in a controlling field, and then enters data in newly-enabled dependent fields, without waiting for the controlling field value to auto-save, the Form becomes stuck in auto-saving mode. VDC-7501*, VDC-7567*
EDC Users may receive a server error when completing a form. VDC-7526*
EDC Vault evaluates rules for required Items upon Form completion instead of auto-save. VDC-7552*
EDC When a user refreshes their browser from the Study Tools > Query Rules tab, Vault returns the user to Study Tools > Summary. VDC-7558*
EDC Vault does not display the correct dialog when clearing dependent Item fields after a user edits the controlling Item field. VDC-7568*
EDC When a user edits a form containing a controlling field, the Reason for Change does not default to the reason selected for the parent field. VDC-7612*
EDC When a controlling Item field has many dependent fields, the list of dependent fields to be cleared may extend over the Continue button. VDC-7623*
EDC The task bar does not refresh when a user loads a Form. VDC-7658*
EDC Search in Study Tools > Query Rules does not return the correct matched results. VDC-7702*
EDC Users may notice slightly slower performance when loading a casebook schedule. VDC-7703*
EDC Vault does not display an auto-save confirmation after a user edits a controlling field to clear dependent fields until the user clicks out of the controlling field. VDC-7708*
EDC After users complete a Form, Vault returns the user to the wrong Event in the form carousel. VDC-7722*
EDC Vault does not display the appropriate error messages when the Re-evaluate Targeted SDV Mode job fails. VDC-7725*
EDC After an Admin deactivates a skip-item rule, Vault enables all of the dependent Item fields, including any read-only Items. Read-only Items should remain disabled. VDC-7748*
EDC Vault displays the object Name instead of the Label in the Form header. VDC-7798*
EDC Users who navigate away from a repeating form while the form during autosave receive a server error. VDC-7864*
EDC In some vaults, users may be unable to create object records in Studio’s Design view. VDC-7897*
EDC When an Admin clicks on the icon to initiate Re-evaluate Targeted SDV Mode, Vault does not initiate the job. Vault only initiates the job after the user clicks the hyperlinked job name. VDC-7910*
EDC In casebooks, events that haven’t started yet display the Event Name instead of the Event Label. VDC-7963*
EDC Vault does not display the Label Override in the breadcrumb menu or the Form header. VDC-7975*
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, users receive errors when updating objects and object records. DEV-172722*
Lifecycle & Workflow When two users are assigned a workflow task and one user’s task is completed, canceling the second user’s task updates the object records for both the canceled task and the completed task. DEV-172723*
Lifecycle & Workflow Vault allows Admins to create duplicate workflow participant rules. DEV-174299*
Lifecycle & Workflow When assigning users to a participant group with Add participants from roles in Sharing Settings, changes to Sharing Settings which occur after the workflow starts affect task assignment. DEV-175362
Lifecycle & Workflow In some situations, the Document Audit History shows the wrong user details when a delegate signs a task. DEV-175896*
Lifecycle & Workflow In an object workflow, the Start dialog, Add Participants dialog, and Reassign Task dialog all use the current workflow configuration, rather than the workflow version that was started for the object record. DEV-176909*, DEV-176994*
Localization After a user attempts to import a translation CSV file containing a string with greater than 500 characters, Vault keeps the dialog open as if still processing, instead of displaying the appropriate error. DEV-135200*
Localization Japanese translations of CTD sections are not correct. DEV-172006
Localization The Japanese translation for “Export to Formatted Excel” is incorrect. DEV-175469
Multichannel When creating CLM Multichannel Slides from a source file, the CLM slides have larger dimensions than allowed for CLM presentations. DEV-172582
Multichannel During Create Presentation, Vault collapses the Document Details section after a user selects a controlling field value. DEV-172589
Objects Users can see the Create button in a related object section when they do not have permission to create records for that object or edit permission on the object reference field, or permission to create records or edit the field for the specific object type. DEV-164193*, DEV-168763*, DEV-168393*
Objects In some cases, when copying an object record, which has a parent object field, and an object field which references a child object of the same parent object, the Copy Record function won’t fill the child object field. DEV-169622
Objects In some cases, navigating to an object with formula fields causes a server error. DEV-169672*
Objects Post defaulting does not work for the checkbox field. DEV-171000*
Objects Creating type field on an object type with a “system” source causes an error. DEV-171345*
Objects Users receive a Server Error when trying to save a formula field without completing the Formula Expression section. DEV-172005*, DEV-172018*
Objects Multipart fields, used for user names in the User Object feature, does not enforce required fields when inline editing. DEV-172206*
Objects In some cases, vault errors when trying to delete a formula field. DEV-172383*
Objects When creating an object record from an object field on the Doc Info page, if users attempt to save the record without selecting a required field, they are then unable to select a value in the field. DEV-172600*
Objects When an Admin changes the selected role in an object Matching Sharing Rule, the Rule Criteria table refreshes and the matching fields are no longer selected. DEV-173359*
Objects When configuring an object relationship constraint, the tokenator does not list certain relationship tokens that are supported. DEV-173395*
Objects When using inline edit to clear a required field, Vault displays the field’s Name value, rather than Label, in the error message. DEV-173949*
Objects When users click “Show in Tab” from a related object section, Vault redirects to Home rather than the correct tab. DEV-175138
Performance & UI In some Quality vaults, users experience slow performance when navigating to the Quality Event object lifecycle configuration page. DEV-168780
Performance & UI Loading records in an Expected Document List can take a long time. DEV-171674*
Performance & UI Due to performance issues, large object lifecycle configurations cannot save new permissions on the Object Lifecycle Role page. DEV-171935
Performance & UI The Learn More link on the Create Related Records page is pointing to the wrong article in Vault Help. DEV-171980*
Performance & UI Error messages in the UI are not consistent. DEV-172197*
Performance & UI On the Security Profiles page, the Source column on does not sort when clicked. DEV-172219*
Performance & UI The Learn More link for Vault File Manager opens to the wrong article in Vault Help. DEV-172289*
Performance & UI Some users experience slow performance when navigating to the General Settings page in Admin. DEV-172652
Performance & UI After an Admin deletes a picklist, Vault returns to the Notifications tab. DEV-172872*
Performance & UI In some cases, users experience slow performance when adding a new object record for a simple join related object. DEV-172941
Performance & UI The task completion dialog appears incorrectly if a document has a field named Style and a workflow task with an eSignature prompts the user for next state entry fields. DEV-173107
Performance & UI A specific vault crashes because of problems with renditions. DEV-174557
Performance & UI When filling a object lookup field, the performance is very slow if the field is multi-select and uses Dynamic Reference Constraints. DEV-176756*
Quality Automatic Legal Hold based on field values fails when based on the owning_facility__c field. DEV-173128
Reporting Reports on workflows may take an overly long time to run. DEV-168048
Reporting The Enhanced Reports tab does not replace the Reports subtab and displays at the end of the taskbar. DEV-169484*
Reporting When copying a report from list view, Vault does not autofill the report name. DEV-171479*
Reporting If a report type’s primary reporting object name begins with “document_”, the report also includes the Document reporting object, and the report setting shows all document versions, the report does not return any results. DEV-174411
RIM When bulk importing submissions, some of the picklist values for archive_sections__v that Vault should create are being dropped. DEV-167763*
RIM When viewing a submission and hovering over the leaf icon in tree view, the correct information does not display in the hovercard for index.xml. DEV-169098*
RIM When viewing a submission and hovering over the leaf icon in tree view of us-regional.xml causes a server error. DEV-169107*
RIM In some cases, the submission publishing job fails. DEV-169159*
RIM When publishing a submission, Vault does not create separate sections when the metadata does not match. DEV-171274*
RIM During Bulk Registration Creation, registrations are created successfully but the Summary information displayed in Step 5 is not correct. DEV-171559*
RIM The Show Correspondence in Viewer feature does not always DEV-171681
RIM XML DTD/XSD version is required for EDL item publishing. DEV-171990*
RIM The Create EDL from Template action sometimes leads to a blank screen. DEV-172098
RIM Users receive an error for missing Clinical Study record when Report Level Content Plans are inactive, even when the Clinical Study record exists. DEV-172153*
RIM In rare cases, users are able to create duplicate (not unique) Submission Packaging. DEV-172171*
RIM Users are unable to generate Report Level Content Plans even when they have all of the required permissions. DEV-172315*
RIM When creating Registrations records in bulk, if the Select All checkbox is set and users manually deselect any Related Sites, Vault creates all corresponding records, even for the deselected sites. DEV-172436*
RIM After creating a Content Plan structure, if a user adds tokens to the root Content Plan record and runs the Content Plan again, the Vault notification has an incorrect Content Plan name. DEV-172708*
RIM In some cases, Submissions Archive imports fail. DEV-172770
RIM Vault sets the Registration Type as Base Registration when users create registrations in bulk and select a custom Registration Type. DEV-172804*
RIM The object record name for a Registered Clinical Site is incorrect when users create registrations in bulk and a study record is created without an associated study site. DEV-172912*
RIM The “Extract Content Plan Template Constraint” and “Load Content Plan Template Constraint” actions under RIM Maintenance are available on RIM Registration vaults, but should only be available with RIM Submissions. DEV-173846*
RIM In some vaults, users are unable to trigger the Update Registrations action. DEV-173925
RIM Bulk Submission Export shows the names for picklist values, rather than the labels. This only happens for picklists that are reused for multiple fields. DEV-175342
RIM For large submission exports, users cannot progress beyond the file selection page. DEV-176947
Security Some Vault forms are vulnerable to Web Parameter Tampering attacks. DEV-168306*, DEV-168307*, DEV-165200*
Security Lifecycle and workflow administration pages are vulnerable to SQL injection attack. DEV-175614*
Veeva Snap In some cases when vaults are configured with SSO and OAuth, users receive unexpected errors when logging into Veeva Snap. DEV-172983
* Internally found defects filed during the development of Limited Release features.