Fixed Issues in January 12 Release (17R3.3)

Release Date: January 12, 2018

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Admin When using Vault Loader to create documents, versions, and roles, Vault returns a “Column could not be detected” error message. DEV-135438*
Admin When using the Vault Loader, the failure count on the job notification is always one (1), even when the file contains more than one (1) failures. DEV-147153*
Admin In some cases, Vault displays the incorrect timestamp for an event in audit logs. DEV-148327*
Admin When Admins create a user action, delete the action, and then create an identical action with a different label, the audit history displays the wrong label. DEV-149283*
Admin Vault displays a confusing error message when users try to extract too many object relationships via Vault Loader. DEV-150281*
Admin Audit logs do not display object labels in the translated Vault Language for controlled copy system actions. DEV-153868*
Admin When users create documents via the Vault Loader and the CSV input file contains multiple lookup fields, Vault displays an incorrect error message. DEV-158733*
Admin Vault errors if a user executes an action at the same time a Vault Owner removes permission to execute an action. DEV-159361*
Admin In some new vaults, the Portal and Portal Library tabs do not appear when an Admin enables Brand Portal. DEV-160452*
Admin In some cases, the Portal tab is missing from the Configuration page. DEV-160666*
Admin Documents are not matching to EDL Items as expected because the Document Type labels don’t match between the document fields and the object fields from EDL Item. As a workaround, an Admin must update the Document Type/Subtype/Classification label and save. Updating the label to an identical value will work. DEV-160689*
Admin When editing a Portal Library Saved View, an Admin can enter a Saved View ID that does not exist. DEV-161764*
Admin If an Admin attempts to inactivate another Admin with more permissions, they receive the incorrect error message. DEV-163230
Admin When creating a Value Format for a system-managed name, Admins cannot select the object type Name token (object_type_vr.name_v). DEV-163335*
Admin When Vault Compare does not find any differences between two vaults, Vault displays the same dialog when Vault Compare does find differences. DEV-164129*
Admin Vault allows Admins to delete the RIM Maintenance and Vault Loader standard tabs. DEV-164756*
Admin When trying to create document relationships using Vault Loader and when the CSV file has missing parameters, the failure log lists “An unexpected error occurred before this record could be processed” rather than the missing parameters error. DEV-164778*
Admin If a cross-domain user has the same user name as a user in the current vault, an Admin cannot save changes to their user profile. DEV-165065
Admin Users are unable to use the Vault Configuration Report to extract an object if that object’s label contains a special character. DEV-165388
Admin Vault allows Admins to use unbound document reference fields in the name defaulting format for an object. DEV-166547*
Admin Vault Compare does not show all differences in workflows. DEV-166750
Admin When creating Page Links, Admins receive a server error if they leave the Name field blank and attempt the validate the URL. DEV-168799*
Admin When selecting “Add Selected Users to Vaults” from the Users & Groups page, Vault’s pop-up window does not display a scroll bar to allow users to see all Vaults. DEV-169034
Admin In some cases, customers are unable to upload documents to their FTP server. DEV-169287*
Admin We’ve deselected the Check Out to Client permission checkbox, introduced in 17R3, for all standard permission sets except Vault Owner Actions and System Administrator Actions; this permission prevents some Admins with custom security profiles from assigning users to standard security profiles. DEV-172066
API & VQL When users hit the API transaction limit, the API returns “An unexpected error occurred.” rather than an appropriate error message. DEV-140620*
API & VQL VQL queries sometimes return METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED rather than a helpful error message. DEV-171386
Authentication When creating a Cross Domain user, the confirmation screen shows the Federated ID from home domain even when ID syncing will not happen. DEV-157056*
Clinical Navigating from a link in a Study Management pie chart hovercard takes the user to an unfiltered page. DEV-160375*
Clinical Users are able to create documents for an archived Study from an EDL Item. DEV-160461*
Clinical Vault displays the incorrect banner message when users select Create Milestone from Template from the Actions menu. DEV-161322*
Clinical When applying filters in the Library, filtering on two lifecycles and then selecting a study to filter on causes Vault to remove one lifecycle filter. DEV-165379
Clinical Vault does not create all of the expected Rollup dependencies and Finish-to-Finish milestone dependencies when creating from Milestone List Templates that are configured to include the creation of dependency records. DEV-167162*
Clinical When users try to use Multi-Site Document Distribution, Vault does not warn them that a document is already in an active workflow. DEV-167820*
Clinical Users receive a server error when creating a Trip Report from a Trip Report Template with no Template Questions. DEV-168130*
Clinical Users are unable to create Study or Study Country Clinical User Tasks when navigating from the CRA Homepage. DEV-168390*
Clinical In some vaults, Create Milestone jobs hang indefinitely. DEV-168648
Clinical In cases where a workflow task exists without an Activity record, Vault creates more than one Activity record when task operations occur. DEV-169522*
Commercial Admins see a server error when attempting to save a Portal Widget record with a custom object type. DEV-165857*
Commercial Admins see a server error when attempting to save a Portal Widget record if any custom object type is inactive. DEV-166202*
Commercial When creating a new Portal Widget Content record, leaving the Document field blank causes a server error. DEV-167709*
Developer Features When an API call for a lifecycle user action fails, the response does not include any errors. DEV-130836*
Developer Features When a user without the Create permission attempt to create a job via API, the error message in the response isn’t clear. DEV-136974*
Developer Features In some cases, making an API call to update a document fails. DEV-156388*
Developer Features Using STEADYSTATE() VQL function with a field other than status__v produces UNEXPECTED_ERROR instead of a useful error message. DEV-156674*
Developer Features When users without the read/edit permission on objects make a queryDescribe request, the response gives a METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED error. DEV-159045*
Developer Features In API calls for annotation links, text in PDF renditions is underline where annotations exist over text. DEV-160743*
Developer Features Including ‘rank’ in a query using queryDescribe returns a failure response. DEV-161210*
Developer Features If an API user suppresses viewable renditions when adding a document via the API, the viewable rendition may fail when added later. DEV-164872
Developer Features VQL queries for workflows are slow when there are many workflows and documents returned. DEV-167036*
Developer Features When using Vault Loader to create Documents, Document Versions, and Vault Objects with include fields and a mapping file, the output file does not include the fields specified in the mapping file. DEV-169278*
Documents When starting an approval workflow on a document, Vault does not re-render the document or update status from “Draft” to “In Approval”. DEV-101294
Documents When uploading a Word document to Vault with auto-generated bookmark enabled, the bookmark section header renders as a clickable link. DEV-105081*
Documents When creating a document with a name that has more than one space between words, Vault does not preserve the extra spaces within the document name. DEV-128680
Documents In some cases, Vault fails to generate a rendition of an attached Word document. DEV-133676*
Documents When expanding an auto-generated bookmark on a document, the “-” character displays as a triangle. DEV-140866*
Documents In some cases, sections of content are displaced on a document file after uploading to Vault. DEV-141488*
Documents In Brand Portal, Vault displays an error message when users click Export Annotations in the document Actions menu. DEV-143073*
Documents Timeline view of the Doc Info page does not always show the correct starting state. DEV-143893*
Documents In some cases, the audit trail time for a withdrawn document doesn’t match with the API or distribution records time. DEV-147215*
Documents Vault does not render links as blue text if certain text styling (outline, etc.) is applied to the text in MS Word. DEV-147772*
Documents Merge Field tokens that point to multi-level object relationships fail to resolve if they’re placed inside a footnote or endnote. DEV-148705*
Documents When exporting binders, Vault does not create folders for version-specific document attachments. DEV-155835*
Documents Blank tokens are sometimes merged as a comma rather than blank. DEV-157543*
Documents Source files are not updated with new values for Merge Tokens if they were previously merged. DEV-157589*
Documents We’ve improved renditions so that when users view a PDF source file that doesn’t have a viewable rendition, Vault generates one automatically. DEV-158747*
Documents When clicking into a document thumbnail from Brand Portal, the Quick Look arrow does not point to the document thumbnail. DEV-159254*
Documents Annotation links always open in a new window rather than the user’s selected setting. DEV-159672*
Documents In some cases, bookmarks disappear after checking a document out and back in or re-rendering the document. DEV-160740
Documents When the binder export includes a file with a filename exceeding the maximum character length, Vault includes the file in the exported ZIP file and does not include an error in the summary. DEV-160747*
Documents For .INDD, .PSD, and .EPS files, the downloaded viewable rendition is expectedly large sized. DEV-160816
Documents The Japanese translation for the List of Figures bookmark is incorrect. DEV-161770
Documents When an HTML file contains an image with an embedded link, the link is not clickable in the viewable rendition. DEV-162069
Documents If a user selects Perform Bulk Action from their cart’s Actions menu, after clicking download, they receive an “Are you sure you want to leave this page?” warning. If a user chooses to Stay on the page, the Cart download does not begin automatically. DEV-162169*
Documents Users may receive a “File could not be played” error on video viewable renditions. DEV-164254
Documents If a document has a picklist field value that later becomes inactive, and the field is hidden by a field dependency, the field stays hidden and users cannot save edits to the document’s other fields. DEV-164670
Documents After a user approves a document in a binder while in outline view, the Download button disappears. DEV-164730
Documents In some cases, the viewable rendition’s paper size does not match the paper size of the source document. DEV-164871
Documents Users see the “Your vault has experienced a network issue” error when selecting a large number of object records in a document’s object reference field. DEV-165181*
Documents When creating CrossLinks on custom text fields, the value of the text field only displays the text leading up to the first comma. DEV-166209
Documents In some situations, MD5 checksum values are incorrect for source files used in bulk document creation. DEV-167310*
Documents When creating binders from templates that include planned documents, the creation process is slower than previously. DEV-167399*
Documents Vault displays a “File not found” error when users try to download Source Document. DEV-168124
Documents Vault does not update auto-populated Portal Widgets when Portal Widget Content object records are associated with an object lifecycle. DEV-168778*
Documents Removing the Related Claims relationship type from a document type doesn’t remove the Related Claims section from the Doc Info fields panel. DEV-169050
Documents Users receive a server error when attempting to change the value in the Roles drop-down. DEV-169059
Documents Long text fields with carriage returns don’t maintain line breaks and appear on a single line. DEV-169135
Documents In some cases, customers receive an error when attempting to generate a viewable rendition for a document with merge fields. DEV-169357
Documents In rare cases, Merge Field calculations can cause the document source file to disappear. DEV-169574*
Documents Vault may not render large Adobe PhotoShop files correctly. DEV-169624
Documents In some cases, the Make a Copy action fails and users receive a server error. DEV-171203
Documents In some cases, Vault displays an incorrect lifecycle on the Create Field Dependency page. DEV-171555
Documents In some vaults, Vault may not import all available file metadata. DEV-171742
Documents Vault displays “Rendition Suppressed” in audit trails. DEV-86389
EDC If a repeating Form contains an empty Item Group, users cannot open the repeating Form. VDC-4882*
EDC The Apply Electronic Signature action is still available on locked Events. VDC-5185*
EDC The Last Modified Date is not the right-most column in Studio’s Rules tab. VDC-5480*
EDC In Internet Explorer, status icons in the casebook schedule may display off center. VDC-5579*
EDC Vault displays an incorrect validation message for invalid Time entries. VDC-5755*
EDC If a user edits a Form to enter a value for a required Item, and then saves the Item without completing the Form, Vault closes the query, but the query continues to display on the Form. VDC-6124*
EDC The task bar continues to display answered query tasks, even after a user closes the queries. VDC-6266*
EDC Users with the EDC Investigator security profile are able to run the Initiate Targeted SDV job. VDC-6335*
EDC If a user selects today’s date in a date-type Item, leaves the field, and then clears the date value, the user may not be able to select today’s date a second time in the Item. VDC-6519*
EDC Vault continues to display Not all changes were saved after a user resets a Form. VDC-6624*
EDC Users receive an invalid date format error when creating an unscheduled Event even when using a valid date format. VDC-6811*
EDC In some cases, when navigating back to the casebook schedule after closing an Item query, Vault displays the Event and Form name header on the casebook schedule. VDC-6881*
EDC Vault does not display queries on Events marked as Did Not Occur. VDC-6884*
EDC The task bar count shows more tasks than a user has permission to see. VDC-6904*
EDC When versioning an event, Vault sets the Name of the Event Definition to the Name of the offset event. VDC-6951*
EDC In Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, Vault does not display the Open or Answered icon for a queried Event. VDC-6953*
EDC When a user clicks the Add 1 Event button more than once, Vault creates multiple unscheduled events. VDC-6985*
EDC Users cannot perform the Apply Electronic Signature action on completed Forms. VDC-6989*
EDC When creating Skip Item action type Rule Definitions, the Insert button is unavailable in the Insert Identifier dialog. VDC-6990*
EDC In Chrome, the Import button may be disabled on the Import dialog even after a user selects a file. VDC-6991*
EDC In Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, when a user completes a Form with an open query, Vault doesn’t refresh the page, and users can perform the Apply Electronic Signature action. VDC-7000*
EDC In Studio’s Design view, when a user leaves a Properties panel field without making any changes, Vault still refreshes the Components panel and design palette. VDC-7001*
EDC When a user edits an Event date, the date selector defaults to the current date. VDC-7019*
EDC Users cannot open queries on an Event with no selected date that was marked as Did Not Occur. VDC-7081*
EDC In EDC Studio, users cannot remove Items in the New Codelist and New Unit dialogs. VDC-7124*
EDC Vault displays inconsistent error messages when calculating planned dates. VDC-7152*
EDC The Initiate Targeted SDV job is limited to 500 Item records. VDC-7179*
EDC After a user enters an invalid date for an Item attempts to complete the Form, the user cannot pick the current date from the calendar. VDC-7201*
EDC When resetting a form that has user-created open queries, users receive a server error and see an empty error dialog. VDC-7233*
EDC Users receive server errors when attempting to delete Item Groups. VDC-7277*
EDC In some cases, Vault does not create Forms after a user enters an Event date in a new Casebook. VDC-7301*
EDC In the Reports tab, when Vault prompts the user to enter a date on a Form, the calendar continues to hover on the page after the user clicks Back to return to the Reports page. VDC-7338*
EDC If a Study has a longer name, the Study name may overlap onto the expanded task bar. VDC-6582
EDC We’ve updated the dialog that users see when selecting a reason for a change with a new Reason for Change header. VDC-3111
EDC We’ve updated the background color for selected Forms in the form carousel. VDC-1377
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, when attempting to complete a state change on a binder, the decision prompt message displays “Edit Fields” instead of “OK” DEV-122558*
Lifecycle & Workflow Vault does not display a detailed error message when users attempt to disassociate an object lifecycle from a specific object. DEV-160160*
Lifecycle & Workflow Users attempting to complete review tasks in a workflow cannot see the task details (verdict, completion date, etc) from previous reviewers. DEV-167032
Lifecycle & Workflow Users experience slow performance when completing workflow tasks. DEV-167851*
Lifecycle & Workflow In some situations, completed and cancelled tasks remain in My Tasks. DEV-169039
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, customers cannot assign a group of users to an object workflow task or remove users from the group when starting an object workflow. DEV-169427
Lifecycle & Workflow Vault does not allow the assignee user to view a workflow task after they complete it. DEV-169476*
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, users receive a server error when attempting to complete workflow tasks. DEV-169630
Lifecycle & Workflow When two users are assigned a workflow task and one user’s task is completed, canceling the second user’s task updates the object records for both the canceled task and the completed task. DEV-169861*
Lifecycle & Workflow Vault allows deletion of a document template if the template is referenced by a system action in an object workflow. DEV-171430*
Lifecycle & Workflow The Create Related Document from Template action does not allow users to select document lifecycles which are inherited from base document types. DEV-171432*
Lifecycle & Workflow When configuring an object lifecycle entry criteria, Vault displays duplicate selections for criteria. DEV-171965*
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, users receive errors when updating objects and object records. DEV-172235*
Localization If a user’s language is set to Japanese, the user cannot update a job definition’s schedule from AM to PM. DEV-160821
Localization Object fields related to Site Feasibility are missing translations. DEV-163978*
Localization The label translation for “Document Usage Metrics” is wrong in Japanese. DEV-165698*
Localization The translation for “Trip Report” is wrong in Japanese. DEV-165699*
Objects When accessing the Portals object through Brand Portal, users receive a server error when attempting to export to CSV or Excel. DEV-148592*
Objects When users “Update Content Plan” or “Update EDL” from a template, newly created sections don’t display in the same order as in the template. DEV-148904*
Objects Users receive a server error when creating a Portal Widget Content object record for a custom object. DEV-149395*
Objects When users access the “Export to CSV” action on an object record list page, they sometimes see a blank page load in situations with slow network connections. DEV-150197*
Objects Adding a controlled field to an object’s page layout when the controlling field is not present should automatically add the controlling field to the layout. DEV-150980*
Objects Vault does not validate the number object field for uniqueness. DEV-156540*
Objects Users can assign Read permissions on All Objects when there is a field level permission on an object type which removes the Read permission. DEV-158141*
Objects Users receive an incorrect error message when attempting to execute an action on a non-existing object. DEV-158516*
Objects Vault applies lookup limits to standard relationships. DEV-159615*
Objects Users sometimes receive a server error when attempting to execute an action on an object record. DEV-159923*
Objects In some cases, the Binders jumplink does not show a count in the Sharing Settings page. DEV-160012*
Objects Vault displays inconsistent warning dialogs when users attempt to fill in a default expression in an object’s Default Value field and the field is not available for all Object Types. DEV-160158*
Objects When a user selects the Change Type action on an object record and the Object Type field is in a collapsed section, the object type field does not show the newly-selected type when the section is expanded. DEV-160168*
Objects In some cases, the Change Type action does not function correctly when changing a record type. DEV-160182*
Objects Users cannot use the navigation panel to open a related document section from the Sharing Settings area if there are no related documents. DEV-160324*
Objects Admins are able to see the Delete button in the Object Actions details page in Business Admin. DEV-161042*
Objects When users expand a related section in an object record, create a related object, and navigate back to the object Details page from the breadcrumb trail, the related section is collapsed. DEV-161201*
Objects Users receive a server error when creating an object record after the maximum number of records for that object has been reached. DEV-161451*
Objects Vault does not prevent multiple Admins from modifying Atomic Security settings at the same time. DEV-166418*
Objects Vault fails to update more than 200 related EDL items at a time. DEV-167015
Objects In Formatted Output, criteria VQL with object_type__vr filter causes a server error. DEV-167016*
Objects When Admins relabel an existing picklist value and there are more than 200 object records that use the value, Vault does not properly reindex all records. DEV-167419*
Objects Dynamic Reference Constraints do not work properly when applied to an object reference field that creates a self-referencing relationship. DEV-167954
Objects When editing object page layouts, the related sections display columns differently than in the object record view mode. DEV-168164
Objects When users click on a related record from an object record details page, they see a “Page Not Found” error if they don’t have access to Business Admin and the record is related through a complex join relationship. If the user does have access to Business Admin, Vault navigates them there, rather than to a custom object tab. DEV-168384*
Objects When using inline editing on a related object section, users see a server error if editing a record where a required field is blank but newly configured as required. Vault should allow the user to save the inline edit for another field, even if the required field is blank. DEV-168775
Objects Users see a server error on object records where the record has a version-specific document reference field and the reference field’s default value has an expression. DEV-169210*
Objects When exporting a list of object records to Excel, Vault displays the incorrect message: “Converting data to CSV format” DEV-169423
Performance & UI When viewing Job Status, the Job Type is label is not based on the object label. DEV-159249*
Performance & UI Portal Experience Users sometimes cannot update their profile picture. DEV-159383*
Performance & UI The warning dialog on the SAML Profile page still refers to Single Sign-on Profiles. DEV-161452*
Performance & UI Users with custom security profiles may experience slow load times on Change Control object records. DEV-162147*
Performance & UI Users can open an invalid saved view, instead of the invalid saved view redirecting appropriately. DEV-162363*
Performance & UI In RIM Registrations, Vault may take a long time to create a Registration record from an Application. DEV-162388*
Performance & UI In some cases, the button to open Tree View does not work. In addition, the breadcrumb links on the source object list page during navigation do not work. Breadcrumbs no longer appear here. DEV-164564*
Performance & UI The Doc Info page does not refresh after “Start Next Workflow” dialog follows File Upload Task completion. Users must manually refresh the page to see changes. DEV-166162
Performance & UI With certain browser window sizes, the two-column object page layout does not display correctly. DEV-166585*
Performance & UI The task completion dialog appears incorrectly if a document has a field named style__c and a workflow task with an eSignature prompts the user for next state entry fields. DEV-167577
Performance & UI Some users experience slow performance for milestone creation jobs. DEV-168115
Performance & UI Users experience slow performance when completing workflows. DEV-168899*
Quality When using the Generate Controlled Copy bulk action, the help text is missing when users hover over text on the Edit Details page. DEV-160633*
Quality Attempting to complete a workflow task which updates Change Controlled Documents sometimes leads to a server error. DEV-167025*
Quality When using bulk document actions to create controlled copies, Vault allows users to enter invalid numbers for the “Number of Copies”. DEV-168669*
Reporting Some users receive an error when attempting to migrate a report from one vault to another. DEV-160944
Reporting When users expand a secondary Relationship Type grouping in the report builder or report viewer, the section overlaps with and mislabels groupings below. DEV-161209*
Reporting When configuring a report and toggling the drop-down in the prompt section, the values in the drop-down box are not in alphabetical order (sorted by string value instead of integer value). DEV-163099*
Reporting Users are unable to drill down into matrix reports. DEV-168668*
Reporting When users drill down in a matrix report with multiple objects, the object headers sometimes appear in the wrong order. DEV-168968*
RIM In some cases, the hover text tooltip does not display for object types. DEV-138146*
RIM User selections are not kept when clicking the “Back” button in import dialogs. DEV-142417*
RIM In Firefox, when a user clicks a submission from an import job notification, Vault displays all submission IDs instead of the selected submission. DEV-147362*
RIM When users click “Cancel” in the confirmation page for Export Submissions Archive Applications, the page reloads. DEV-150369*
RIM Custom required fields for Registration Packaging are always flagged as required, even if no packaging is selected. DEV-155352*
RIM RIM Maintenance: In some cases, loading files generates a success notification with 0 Success and 0 Failures, even if there were multiple successes or failures. DEV-157210*
RIM Learn More link in bulk registration process goes to the wrong Vault Help page. DEV-158200*
RIM We’ve updated a Submissions Archive Import Submission error message to be clearer. DEV-158288*
RIM When users create a related record, the new record does not inherit the name pattern. DEV-159746*
RIM When hovering over the Constraint field label on the RIM Maintenance Extract page, the tooltip text is missing. DEV-160273*
RIM The advanced submission filter “is not Equal to” does not filter the Viewer Panel, and instead refreshes back to the Basic filter. DEV-160466*
RIM When the RIM Registrations application is added to a RIM vault, Vault fails to create the Regulatory Objective lifecycle and associate it to the Regulatory Objective object. DEV-160481*
RIM The text “00” should not be appended to Submission names in the Lifecycle dialog. DEV-160522*
RIM Filters are no longer displayed when “Clear All” is used to clear any filters applied on the application submissions. DEV-160544*
RIM Some email notifications show object record names as “null.” DEV-160570*
RIM When importing a submission containing an unreferenced file that is zero (0) KB, Vault creates a section for the empty file. DEV-160696*
RIM If an imported Submission contains multiple UTIL folders, Vault creates an empty unreferenced files section. DEV-160957*
RIM The completion notification for Create Related Records from Event action does not correctly display system-managed object record names. DEV-161118*
RIM In the Update Registered Details wizard, Vault does not respect conditional entry criteria. DEV-162093
RIM When a user creates and relates an Application in the bulk object creation wizard, Vault does not enforce constraints based on the selected Country’s Region. DEV-162273*
RIM When bulk creating Activities, Vault does not create any records if the user does not select an Application. DEV-163231*
RIM In Viewer tab, links with double backslashes do not work. DEV-166416
RIM Some submission XML files do not render. DEV-166495
RIM Some fields are not populated when importing multiple submissions for a single application. DEV-166573
RIM Submission imports fail if a node extension title includes an apostrophe. DEV-167014
RIM When accessing Vault using IE11, the Viewer tab truncates long submission content names. DEV-168271
RIM Vault displays object record IDs rather than names and does not include values for multi-select picklist fields in the Submission Archive Export Summary file. DEV-168303
RIM When using the Where Used in Archive action, Vault does not display results. DEV-168432
RIM In some cases when bulk creating registrations, Vault fails to create the registration records, and users receive an error message. DEV-168440
RIM In some cases, Submissions Viewer does not display the correct number of Correspondence documents. DEV-169377
RIM Vault still attempts to render XML Transformation ZIP files as PDFs, even when the Render FDA SPL Submission and XML Transformation Files as PDF feature is disabled. DEV-169863*
RIM Users may receive a server error when attempting to remove a Submission. DEV-172016*
RIM In some cases, when manually creating Content Plan and Content Plan Item records in a Submission, Vault doesn’t display the newly created records. DEV-172019*
Search & Filter For a Library with 5,000 or more documents, Vault allows a user to manually enter and navigate to a page number beyond page 200. DEV-145228*
Search & Filter In some cases, the View preferences for the Document Approvals tab navigates users to a “Page not found” error page. DEV-150082
Search & Filter In some cases, Vault displays an incorrect count of documents in saved and shared views. DEV-158285*
Search & Filter Fields with DataType: “Object (Documents)” should not be searchable fields. DEV-165568*
Security If an Admin is subject to an SSO security policy, that Admin may be unable to create a Network Access Rule. DEV-160859
* Internally found defects filed during the development of Limited Release features.