17R3.3 EDC Data Model Changes

Release Date: January 12, 2018

As part of standardizing the configuration, we’ve made the following changes to standard configuration in all EDC vaults:

  • Added the following items to support the Admin: Job Listing in Study Tools Feature
    • EDC Jobs (edc_job_lifecycle__v) lifecycle
    • EDC Job (edc_job__v) object
    • EDC Job Status (edc_job_status__v) picklist
    • EDC Job Type (edc_job_type__v) picklist
    • Link Status (link_status__v) picklist
  • Added the Read-only (read_only__v) value to the Item Type (item_type__v) picklist to support the Read-Only Fields feature.
  • Added the Deployed with Error (deployed_with_error__v) and Deployed with Failures (deployed_with_failures__v) values to the Inbound Package Component Status (vault_pkg_comp_status__v) picklist for continued configuration migration support.
  • Removed the Short Label (short_label__v) field from the Event Definition (event_def__v) and Form Definition (form_def__v) objects to support Label Override for Design View feature.
  • Removed the Hint Label (hint_label__v) field from the Item Definition (item_def__v) object to support object reuse.
  • Added the Mirror Query Status (mirror_query_status__v) field to the Query Binding (query_binding__v) object to support the Admin: Query Rules Summary in Study Tools feature.
  • Added the following fields related to configuration migration to the Inbound Package Step (vault_package_step__v) object:
    • Step Required (step_required__v)
    • Stop on Errors(stop_on_error__v)
    • Step Type (step_type__v)
  • Added the following fields related to performance metrics to the Performance Statistics (perf_stats__v) object:
    • Record Action Count (record_action_count__v)
    • Record Trigger Count (record_trigger_count__v)
    • Total Obj Count (total_obj_count__v)
    • Total Obj Record Count (total_obj_record_count__v)