Fixed Issues in October 20 Release (17R2.4)

Release Date: October 20, 2017

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Admin In a cross-domain environment, changing your Vault domain name does not always change user names. DEV-129123
Admin If an audit export cover page's Title is longer than a single line in the PDF export, the lines overlap. DEV-132235
Admin The domain_active__v field is not editable in Vault Loader. DEV-146039
Admin When users Upsert Groups in Vault Loader, the upsert fails with an "unexpected_error" if a single Group's label__v value is the same as an existing Group. DEV-147178
Admin Functions display in the formula builder for Document Lifecycle Actions that are not available for that area of the application. DEV-151863
Admin Vault does not migrate label changes to rendition types during configuration migration. DEV-154345
Admin Users are able to save invalid names when editing formatted output templates. DEV-155585
Admin When creating Vault Configuration Reports, users can generate two reports by accidentally clicking the Generate button twice. DEV-156447
Admin Setting the Batch Update field to "No" or to null triggers a Continuous Matching job. DEV-156913
Admin Admins can set a default value on the "User Task" object's system-managed "Assigned" field. DEV-156915
Admin Configuration Migration for Docfieldlayout components does not include all updated document fields. DEV-156955
Admin Vault displays inactive workflows for Admins configuring user actions, but displays an error when attempting to save. Vault should not display these workflows. DEV-156974
Admin Configuration Migration cannot handle dashboards based on reports that use "Relationship Type" or "Document Status" grouping. DEV-157055
Admin When users are editing an object field configuration, closing the dialog by clicking the X icon rather than cancel does not revert modified values. DEV-157125
Admin Configuration Migration cannot migrate dashboards where components have a Secondary Grouping on conditional fields. DEV-157126
Admin When users are editing an object field configuration, editing the Name value causes a server error. DEV-157128
Admin Admins cannot click the "Token" icon without first clicking into a field. DEV-157184
Admin On an object record "Sharing Settings" page, additional white space displays between sections. DEV-157582
Admin When users create a new EDL, Vault doesn't immediately include it in continuous matching or on-demand matching. DEV-157593
Admin Vault allows Admins to delete a field even though the field is used by defaulting logic for another field. DEV-158088
Admin The Autonumber token is not available for system-managed object record names. DEV-159263
Admin The rendition type "Custom Thumbnail" displays as "portal_rendition__v" in Admin. DEV-159271
Admin Users cannot remove a shared document field from a specific document type if it is used by any lifecycles, even if those lifecycles are unrelated to the document type. DEV-159632
API & VQL When a user requests to Retrieve Submission Import Results, the response does not include the same warnings that display in the UI. This was fixed in all versions of the API. DEV-119763
API & VQL In some vaults, XPT files imported from an FTP server are set with a text/plain MIME type. DEV-150564
API & VQL VQL response does not return an error when running a query on document relationships. DEV-151159
API & VQL Cross domain users sometimes generate a session ID for the wrong Vault. DEV-153870
API & VQL Users receive an "unexpected_error" when running a workflow question for task_reason_code__v. DEV-155001
API & VQL If a single record in an input file fails, users receive an error that the whole batch failed. DEV-155418
API & VQL When retrieving Object Actions, the API response does not include a prefix to identify object actions vs. object lifecycle user actions. DEV-156047
API & VQL The CSV input file for updating multiple document attachments requires the document__id__v field, but should not. DEV-156988
API & VQL When users download a document attachment through the API without specifying an attachment version, the API returns MALFORMED_URL, rather than the latest version. DEV-157174
API & VQL Retrieving attachment metadata through the API returns MALFORMED_URL. DEV-157641
API & VQL Vault cannot update the same EDL Item with multiple threads simultaneously. DEV-158112, DEV-160712
API & VQL Customer integration calls to some Authentication API endpoints fail because a change in 17R2.3 affected backward compatibility. DEV-158777
API & VQL In some situations, Vault does not create a viewable rendition for documents loaded through the API. DEV-159748
Authentication Password field behaves inconsistently when passwords include uppercase characters, Japanese characters, or emoji. This fix changes the behavior to prevent users from (1) selecting any text within the password field (2) inserting text by typing or pasting in front of or within the text already entered in the password field (3) moving the cursor to the left after typing. DEV-157719
Authentication In some cases, an eSignature request causes a server error without providing an error ID in the error banner. DEV-158778
Clinical Milestone Date Offset updates are not always applied to downstream milestones. DEV-148683
Clinical If a user navigates to a page they do not have permission to view, the user is shown a blank page rather than redirecting to the correct page. DEV-148952
Clinical The Study Site field on a Milestone becomes read-only after a user edits the field value. DEV-149523
Clinical In some eTMF vaults, EDL Items disappear when users drag and drop new files to the EDL Item in the All Expected Documents list. DEV-156322
Clinical When a user without Read permission on the Trip Report Template object chooses the Start Trip Report action, Vault does not run the seeding job for the questions associated with the Trip Report Template. DEV-156624
Clinical Users accessing Vault from Internet Explorer see a server error when dragging and dropping files to a Milestone Item section. DEV-157340
Clinical In certain page layouts, users cannot drag and drop files to a Milestone Item section. DEV-157367
Clinical There are dynamic reference constraints for the Location field on the Study Site object in eTMF vaults. DEV-157486
Clinical The Study, Study Country, and Study Site links the CRA Homepage and Study Manager Homepage take users to unfiltered lists, rather than the detail page for the relevant record. DEV-159377
Clinical When users update milestone values, Vault does not update/populate dates on related CTMS Trip Report documents. DEV-159616
Commercial The Library page in Brand Portals does not load correctly. DEV-157229
Commercial Generating a 2253 form fails when a lifecycle is unavailable for a document type referenced in the template. DEV-158038
Developer Features v17.3 of the API sometimes shows lifecycle__v as an optional field (required = false) DEV-138949
Developer Features In some cases, bad VQL syntax results in server errors. We now properly catch these errors and return an INVALID_DATA data error. DEV-146121
Developer Features Through the API, users can set document metadata to have identical duplicate values. For example, the API can set the country__v field to include both Canada and Canada. This was fixed in all versions of the API. DEV-148532
Documents An appropriate error message now shows when trying to add a document to a nested binder. DEV-126128
Documents The browser's scroll bar sometimes disappears while editing binders. DEV-141548
Documents When downloading a document source file, users sometimes receive the error message "There is no source document to download" instead of the appropriate "You do not have permission to download this source file" message. DEV-142139
Documents Unclassified documents added to a Portal Widget Content record do not appear in the Brand Portal, even after users classify them. DEV-145608
Documents In some cases, Vault does not merge fields for documents with more than one setting.xml file. DEV-146012
Documents Carousel Brand Portal widgets do not display documents in alphabetical order when their Order number is the same. DEV-146699
Documents When a user does not have the Download Source permission, Brand Portal widgets still display the Download icon. If a user clicks the icon, they receive a "file not found" error. DEV-146703
Documents In Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, and Firefox, the Brand Portal page scrolls to the top of the page when a user clicks a document's thumbnail in the Recently Added widget. DEV-148590
Documents Hidden fields do not always default correctly during document upload. DEV-149757
Documents In some cases, customers receive a server error when accessing to documents. DEV-150372
Documents A document's Sharing Settings don't update when a lifecycle entry action sets a field to blank. DEV-150565
Documents When using a binder thumbnail in a portal widget, Vault displays a gray "V" icon. DEV-150831
Documents The "Learn More" link for Links in View Mode navigates to wrong article. DEV-150854
Documents Opening a link to a whole document opens the target document in View mode. DEV-150895
Documents An exported link annotation with an anchor to a whole document contains 'null' anchor information. DEV-151349
Documents When a legal hold is lifted from a document, it is not reflected in the document audit history. DEV-152085
Documents Users with the correct permissions cannot extract documents using Vault Loader. DEV-152323
Documents Report column colors do not display correctly when exporting a report to PDF. DEV-154119
Documents In some cases, users receive an error message when opening a document in the Library. DEV-154729
Documents In some cases, links do not work properly in the combined device PDF output from Veeva Web2PDF DEV-154813
Documents Vault skips video annotations in "Delete all annotations" entry action. DEV-154827
Documents Users may receive a server error after saving a view and then changing the layout. DEV-154901
Documents The "Delete Annotation Comments" entry action does not work for video documents. DEV-154934
Documents In some cases, documents that have not been added to Portal show up as suggestions in the search bar. DEV-154951
Documents In some cases, users cannot remove a claim document relationship from Related Claims DEV-155509
Documents In some cases, documents created the same with merge fields behave differently when the source document is downloaded. DEV-155531
Documents Vault exports all versions of an attachment for a document in a binder when the user only selects Latest Version for Document Attachments. DEV-155809
Documents When Content Filters are assigned the same Order value, Brand Portal does not arrange them alphabetically after it sorts by Order. DEV-156193
Documents Performance is slow on version-specific attachment jobs. DEV-156218
Documents In vaults where a custom relationship type is configured, users are able to click the plus (+) icon for a document where a relationship already exists, but they receive an error. DEV-156247
Documents In vaults where a custom relationship type is configured to be target version-specific with auto carry forward, and a linked target document has multiple versions, deleting a single version deletes both versions in the UI. DEV-156256
Documents External non-Vault users who receive documents via Send as Link can see the document in an external viewer even if the Vault is in Maintenance mode. DEV-156275
Documents Users see errors when attempting to load document versions using the Vault Loader if the corresponding rows span over multiple batches. DEV-156350
Documents The date in the Renditions panel on the Doc Info page does not match Vault's standard date format. DEV-156423
Documents Users receive a server error when adding a Custom Thumbnail to a newly uploaded document in Brand Portal. DEV-156445
Documents Panoramic thumbnails and Portal rendition types display the field name instead of the label. DEV-156572
Documents In the Doc Info Fields view, Vault indents the Attachments panel when users open or close it. DEV-156611
Documents When the duplicate link detection option is selected for Bring For Annotations, Vault doesn't bring forward links annotations with links to whole documents. DEV-156618
Documents We've updated the Trash icon tooltips on links to anchors to say "Remove link". DEV-156626
Documents Using the FTP inbox to upload a rendition alongside a source file creates two separate Staged documents. DEV-156649
Documents In vaults with the Caption Bookmarks rendition setting off, Vault sometimes adds an extra page to generated Viewable Renditions. DEV-156673
Documents Brand Portal does not properly sync documents to Most Popular or Recently Added if the widgets are inactive. DEV-156681
Documents In some eTMF vaults, dynamic auto-naming fails to generate the correct name if a document changes states and has multiple values selected for Study Country. DEV-156700
Documents In some situations, Vault is unable to properly render a page number in a viewable rendition because the generated text is set as Japanese. DEV-156752
Documents In video documents, when users edit annotation tags or add tags when replying, Vault does not show the latest tags in the downloaded notes. DEV-156844
Documents Continuous Matching for EDL doesn't match automatically to binders to content placeholders. DEV-156872
Documents Some users receive a server error when attempting to make a copy of a video document. DEV-156945
Documents Non-English users see a server error when generating controlled copies from a bulk action. DEV-157113
Documents Brand Portal searches cannot complete if the results include documents with custom thumbnails where the thumbnail uses an unsupported file type. DEV-157185
Documents A non-Vault user who receives a video or audio file via Send as Link cannot download the file's rendition. DEV-157248
Documents When using Internet Explorer, users cannot upload attachments to documents. DEV-157294
Documents When exporting a binder, Vault does not include binder sections that have a tab in the name. DEV-157378
Documents On video documents, the height of the "Annotate" toolbar changes when switching from view to annotate mode. DEV-157590
Documents When a user has restricted access to certain object fields, and attempts to create a document from a formatted output template that references those fields, the user is unable to create the document. DEV-157595
Documents Adding values for empty fields cause Merge Fields to fail. DEV-157803
Documents When adding document relationships, Vault doesn't filter out the source document. This allows users to try to create a circular relationship, which results in a server error. DEV-158063
Documents Users are not able to import annotations in some situations. DEV-158064
Documents In situations where Vault has experienced a transcoding error with a video document, document export via Bulk Document Actions can fail when trying to extract the video files. DEV-158084
Documents Reclassifying a document with Merge Fields adds a new version. DEV-158104
Documents When downloading video annotation, status shows as "Live" rather than "Open." DEV-158279
Documents Bookmarks linked to the TOC for PDF viewable renditions navigate to the wrong place. DEV-158779
Documents In some situations, users completing Read & Understood tasks see the label "base.annotate.next_tranche_btn_label" in their document viewer, rather than "More Pages." DEV-158805
Documents Users see a "Server having problems" error when opening the Doc Info page for certain documents that Vault could not render. DEV-159094
Documents The Checkout to Client option is appearing, although this feature is not yet available. DEV-159395
Documents When users upload a new version for a document with a DOCX source file, Vault fails to generate a rendition. DEV-160166
Documents Vault deletes annotations when re-rendering a document with Merge Fields. DEV-160268
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, users cannot save a conditional user action. DEV-151794
Lifecycle & Workflow Users cannot create entry criteria on two object types with the same label. DEV-153867
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, the roles table within an object lifecycle displays a gray border instead of orange. DEV-154272
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, users cannot cancel R&U tasks within a workflow. DEV-154338
Lifecycle & Workflow When configuring a lifecycle state's entry criteria, the Relationship and Rendition dropdown menus include values from deleted document types and exclude values from document subtypes and classifications. DEV-155172
Lifecycle & Workflow Users are able to navigate to the standard Owner lifecycle role by selecting any linked lifecycle role and editing the URL. DEV-156102
Admin In some cases, users receive a server error when attempting to migrate a lifecycle using Configuration Migration. DEV-156156
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, Vault does not send out workflow task notifications. DEV-157856,DEV-157857
Lifecycle & Workflow When entering a valid reference constraint on a lifecycle state, Vault returns an error for users that click Validation. DEV-158804
Lifecycle & Workflow When users are looking at accepted tasks, the "Undo Acceptance" button doesn't appear until they click "Show More." DEV-158950
Localization The "Manage Registered Details In progress Notification" does not have a translated version for non-english vaults. DEV-157781
Multichannel Users without View permission on the Website object cannot create approved email documents. DEV-142018
Multichannel In vaults that use Litmus integration, users are able to see the View Preview Email option in the HTML document's Actions menu after the expiration time limit has lapsed. DEV-156110
Multichannel Vault sends each slide to Engage when creating a presentation, even when there is no Engage content or a configured entry action. DEV-157970
Multichannel In some cases, using Create Presentation from a PowerPoint file shows blank slides. DEV-159828
Objects Users receive a server error when using the Match Documents action on an EDL Item with a "\" character in a matching field. DEV-131847
Objects Users with the External User license type can not filter on custom object fields in the object tab. DEV-142427
Objects Users receive a server error on the Brand Portal landing page if they do not have View permission on the Display Max field. DEV-142934
Objects Some users receive a 'File not found' error when attempting to click on failure notifications after running a bulk action on an object. DEV-151193
Objects In some vaults, merging fields does not work correctly. DEV-154410
Objects When users drag and drop columns in an object's Object Types tab, Vault enables previously disabled Select All checkboxes. DEV-155621
Objects Deleting a matched document triggers a continuous matching job that updates inactive EDLs or EDL Items. DEV-155659
Objects On an object record detail page with no data, Vault displays different options in related lists than it does in related documents sections. DEV-155705
Objects When users expand a related section in an object details page and refresh the page, the Show in Tab button displays next to the section label intermittently as the page loads. DEV-155819
Objects When users expand a related section in an object details page and refresh the page, the Add button displays next to the section label intermittently as the page loads. DEV-155823
Objects In some cases, the pagination text in a related section on an object details page displays incorrectly. DEV-155825
Objects For objects with a date default value field, Vault returns the date in an invalid format. DEV-155878
Objects On an object details page, expanding or collapsing a related section shifts the section title horizontally. DEV-156281
Objects When an EDL uses a custom picklist as an EDL Item Matching Field, uploading a matching document does not trigger a continuous matching job. DEV-156313
Objects When an object has attachments, and attachments are disabled in the object's configuration, the Attachments section in the object details page is not collapsible. DEV-156424
Objects In some Brand Portals, Vault doesn't automatically create the Content Filter widget in new Portal objects. DEV-156462
Objects In some cases, Vault allows users to save invalid expressions as default values. DEV-156554
Objects In some cases, users can manually enter and use DateTime tokens in Date fields. DEV-156557
Objects When users click the calculator icon in an object field that accepts expressions, lookup fields are available in the Fields tab. DEV-156591
Objects When copying object records, Vault does not clear fields that must be unique. DEV-156670
Objects When users click the Show in List link to see a list of related documents from an object record, they cannot use the browser's Back button to return to the object record detail page. DEV-156672
Objects When defining field default values for fields within an object that uses object types, the token for Object Type Name is not available. DEV-156693
Objects When a user clicks the "Edit" button to change a record, the URL's parameter connector changes from "=&" to "?". DEV-156862
Objects Users see a server error when saving a new object record if the record has object field defaulting that references a field on a related object. This only occurs when the defaulting field must be unique and two records reference the same related record. DEV-156884
Objects In some cases, users without the view permission set on an object action can still execute the action. DEV-156927
Objects Attachments do not display properly in the object record details page for users who don't have access to upload new attachments. DEV-156968
Objects Related records and related documents lists in an object record detail page don't allow users to change the wrap/truncate cell text setting. DEV-157017
Objects Object record detail pages jump down by several pixels during loading because the detail information loads faster than the breadcrumbs. DEV-157082
Objects When creating a new object record, Vault displays the error for blank required fields as a pop-up, rather than displaying inline with the field. DEV-157130
Objects Admins can reference a self-referencing object relationship through the same field that contains the relationship. DEV-157411
Objects When creating a field default, an Admin can select the field token for the defaulted field. DEV-157825
Objects Name fields for objects appear even if system managed naming is enabled. DEV-157827
Objects For some EDLs, continuous EDL matching might process all EDL Items instead of only the matching EDL Item upon document creation. DEV-157834
Objects Users can set a default value token with a field that is currently open and being edited. DEV-158287
Objects Vault returns the wrong warning message when selecting an invalid default value for a picklist field. DEV-158818
Objects When entering an unavailable field token in an object field, Vault saves the value instead of giving a warning message. DEV-158943
Objects Vault displays self-referencing fields for related objects should not display in the token list when configuring a default field value. DEV-159131
Objects In an object record details page, the Actions menu does not automatically close after the user selects an option. DEV-159209
Objects When users enter the name of the object field they are editing in the expression editor for object field defaults, Vault accepts the token as valid. DEV-159589
Objects In some cases, users can't save when coping object records. DEV-159618
Performance & UI Grammar enhancement: Error message change from "There are X related document you do not have access to." to "X related documents exists to which you do not have access." DEV-149501
Performance & UI Users experience slow performance when completing workflow tasks. DEV-156189
Performance & UI Users experience slow performance when updating and saving the label for an object with 300 or more fields. DEV-156224
Performance & UI Users experience slow performance when attempting to delete a field on an object containing 300 fields or more. DEV-156354
Performance & UI Users experience slow performance when loading the Login Audit History page. DEV-156519
Performance & UI The "Vault Compare" page is slow to load. DEV-157005
Performance & UI Using the calculator icon to set a formula field sometimes does not display due to a UI issue. DEV-157841
Quality When cascading a role to a user who is not included in the lifecycle, vault shows a server error instead of an appropriate error message. DEV-148871
Quality When formatted output generation fails due to reaching the maximum number of attachments for a single object, Vault does not display an error message. DEV-151125
Quality Users receive a server error when editing and saving a formatted output template that includes an unnamed form. DEV-155791
Quality When users choose the Generate Controlled Copy bulk document action, the downloaded ZIP file name is missing the word "Bulk". DEV-156040
Quality When generating controlled copies for multiple documents, the "Number of Copies" field displays the total number across documents, rather than the number of copies for the specific document. DEV-156253
Quality Users receive an error if one or more records in a Formatted Output job reference a specific document version that is not the latest version. DEV-156481
Quality Vault does not display a summary in the confirmation page for bulk actions to generate controlled copies. DEV-157459
Quality The manifest for generated controlled copies does not list documents alpha-numerically. DEV-157462
Quality Vault displays invalid documents (documents without a viewable rendition) on the confirmation page for bulk actions to generate controlled copies. DEV-157463
Quality The Job Status page does not accurately display the progress percentage for Controlled Copy jobs. DEV-157467
Quality In some cases, object tokens aren't resolved when generating a controlled copy. DEV-159609
Reporting The Dashboard page sometimes incorrectly shows that you vault encountered a network error. DEV-148149
Reporting Flash report preview emails display number fields and column counts as left-aligned. DEV-152384
Reporting Vault either does not display or incorrectly displays the operator and right value for filters on flash reports. DEV-154093
Reporting In some RIM vaults, users without Read permission on an object receive duplicate error messages when they attempt to view reports with related fields. DEV-155396
Reporting When users make changes to a Flash Report schedule or notification options, the Last Ran time disappears. DEV-155876
Reporting Vault displays an incorrect count of documents in reports. DEV-155993
Reporting In the report viewer, the row headers in some matrix reports display keys instead of labels. DEV-156208
Reporting In Gmail, flash reports with multiple down objects display with a large white space on the right side. DEV-156235
Reporting Emailed Flash Reports display "in" operators in filters as "includes". DEV-156650
Reporting If users drill into an object record or document from a report, then click "Back to report", they aren't able to access bulk actions. DEV-156953
Reporting Reports with the "EDL Item with Document" report type include documents related to deleted EDL Item records in the document counts. DEV-156957
Reporting When running a report, the white line used to separate multiple down objects does not appear in the right place. DEV-157683
Reporting Exporting a report to PDF does not show the correct filter aliases. DEV-157686
Reporting Saving a report with a column alias over 700 characters long causes a server error. DEV-157688
Reporting Exporting a report to PDF adds double quotes to some filter tokens. DEV-157766
RIM When exported, the Created Date in Content Plans may display in a different timezone. DEV-116132
RIM When an operation is missing for a leaf during import, the notification email contains an incorrect error message. DEV-123556
RIM In the Submissions Archive Viewer, users without the "View User Information" permission can select user-based filters. DEV-124705
RIM When an operation is not populated for a leaf during submission import, the notification email contains an incorrect error message. DEV-129733
RIM After the a user initiates the Copy from Content Plan action, Vault includes deleted sections in the notification's total plan sections. DEV-137493
RIM When creating a binder from a Content Plan, the description for the selected Document Type should appear below the picklist. DEV-139813
RIM After a user clicks Finish in the manage registered details wizard, Vault does not display the bulk action banner notification. DEV-140698
RIM When creating a binder from a Content Plan, if a field is a single-value picklist users should be able to leave this document field blank. DEV-141418
RIM When users create a binder from Content Plan and there is a matching field between the EDL and the binder, binder creation fails if the matching field on is set as unique. DEV-142648
RIM In the Submissions Archive Viewer, Vault displays a Submission number on the Correspondence document, even the document's Submission field is not populated. DEV-147290
RIM Vault does not delete the temporary ZIP files generated during Submission import. DEV-148440
RIM In some RIM vaults, file names appear differently in the Library than they do in the document viewer. DEV-149747
RIM Correspondence documents are not listed correctly in the Submission bulk export summary CSV. DEV-150382
RIM Activity record names reference the Product Detail instead of the Event Drug Product. DEV-150609
RIM Vault only imports the referenced file when a Submission has two files, one referenced and one unreferenced, with the same checksum. DEV-150818
RIM Vault includes inactive Registration records when updating the registered status of a Regulatory Objective. DEV-151411
RIM XML files do not render if their ZIP file does not have the correct Application and Submission folders. DEV-151744
RIM Inbound relationship names for Submission Clinical Study are inconsistent based on how a vault was provisioned. DEV-151906
RIM The "RIM Submission Plan Creation" job was incorrectly labeled. The updated name reads "RIM Submission Plan Creation". DEV-152496
RIM For Japanese submissions, Vault displays the incorrect lifecycle when the same leaf node exist in more than one submission. DEV-152687
RIM In some cases, Vault creates multiple truncated folders after a Submissions Archive import. DEV-154150
RIM Vault does not successfully re-render Define.xml files when the stylesheets are not referenced in the index.xml file. DEV-154196
RIM The error message displayed when a Submission join token is not supported for a given Content Plan or EDL object type is unclear. DEV-154308
RIM Vault does not automatically create Registration Packaging records after a user populates the Finished Product Manufacture field on a Submission Packaging record. DEV-154774
RIM Viewable renditions of Define V2.0 XML files do not render correctly. DEV-155098
RIM The "Enable RIM Submission Content Planning" checkbox does not display in Vault when the Submissions application is enabled. DEV-155504
RIM In the RIM Loader: Extract tab, Vault displays the constraint details fields as soon as a user selects a value in the Action dropdown list. DEV-155505
RIM The Cancel button is missing from the RIM Loader Extract tab. DEV-155508
RIM In the RIM Loader: Extract tab, Vault does not clear the constraint details fields when a user deselects a value in the Constraints dropdown list. DEV-155534
RIM When there are two documents under the same section, Vault populates two different values in the Submissions Archive Content Sections field instead of the same value. DEV-155540
RIM When using RIM Loader Extract, the string details do not display properly if the ">" is included. DEV-155547
RIM In some RIM vaults, users see an error when attempting to create a binder from an EDL, even when the correct default values are provided. DEV-155591
RIM When users modify labels for the Controlled Vocabulary object type, the RIM Loader Extract page does not reflect the changes. DEV-155756
RIM The RIM Loader only appears on the EDL Templates tab for users with the Create permission. DEV-155788
RIM In some RIM vaults, the Viewer tab displays leaf nodes before the sections in imported submissions. DEV-156000
RIM When users extract RIM files, the Excel sheet name does not display the constraint details. DEV-156283, DEV-156246
RIM Users are unable to edit the field value for the Submissions Archive Document Section field, even if the field's Default Security is set to Editable. DEV-156287
RIM Vault does not clear the field values in the RIM Loader: Extract tab when users click Extract. DEV-156541
RIM In some cases, when users import a submission and expand sections in the Viewer, the sections display out of order. DEV-156595
RIM When a vault is promoted from a RIM vault to a RIM Submissions vault, the RIM Maintenance vault action is missing. DEV-156696
RIM Some RIM Maintenance extracts don't display the correct labels for the Content Plan or EDL. DEV-156722
RIM An extracted Excel spreadsheet from RIM Maintenance may contain additional records outside of the "Constraint" record. DEV-156837
RIM In RIM Maintenance, the "Load" button is available before a user chooses a file. DEV-156861
RIM In RIM Maintenance, after a user selects the "Load Content Plan Template Constraint" option, the confirmation message does not display. DEV-156863
RIM In some cases, RIM Maintenance does not apply content plan template constraints to content plan template records on load. DEV-156996
RIM When importing submission archives, Vault is populating the "Submissions" field on documents within the "utils" folder. DEV-156997
RIM Users are unable to update "Registration Packaging" records when managing registered details. DEV-157065
RIM Vault schedules multiple Correspondence jobs when users import multiple submissions. DEV-157084
RIM Users are able to delete picklist values for the Archive Sections picklist. DEV-157170
RIM Vault does not notify users when a RIM Maintenance load fails because a column is missing. DEV-157208
RIM The Job History does not display the Submission Archive Document Section job. DEV-157245
RIM Loading and expanding sections in the Viewer tab takes too long. DEV-157331
RIM In some cases, users may not be able to remove a "Submission". DEV-157344
RIM The Submissions Archive Content Section field is sometimes not editable. DEV-157359
RIM RIM Maintenance is spelled incorrectly. DEV-157497
RIM When bulk creating more than 1000 "Registration" records, Vault creates fewer than 1000 records with no notification or error. DEV-157518
RIM If a source "Content Plan" has a "Language" join record with the "Country" field populated, users receive an error when performing advanced copy on that "Content Plan". DEV-157730
RIM Correspondence documents do not have the correct fields marked as required. DEV-157779
RIM In rare cases, correspondence documents are assigned to the wrong submissions. DEV-158025
RIM When trying to expand a section to view a leaf without a title, users see "ServerHavingProblems" in the UI. DEV-158191
RIM In some cases, cross-document links do not work in Submissions Archive. DEV-158765
RIM Vault creates duplicate documents when importing Submissions Archives, rather than creating references to a single document. DEV-159167
Search & Filter In some cases, the suggested terms in Search don't match search results. DEV-151628
Search & Filter Refreshing after creating a date filter on "Last Day" causes a server error. DEV-159297
Search & Filter When saving a task view, Vault automatically applies the Task Type document filter. DEV-160285
Security The subject line of password reset emails is "Your Veeva Vault password has been reset" instead of "Veeva Vault password reset request." DEV-148275
Security Vault does not apply Dynamic Access Control assignments correctly when matching rules are based on fields that have no values for specific documents. DEV-159386