Fixed Issues in September 29 Release (17R2.3)

Release Date: September 29, 2017

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Admin Vault Loader Command Line Interface (CLI) appends the date to the job type in a "-jobstatus" request, for example, "export-users_2017-09-29" rather than "export-users". DEV-147269
Admin Configuration Migration fails when migrating scheduled jobs and the Job Owner does not exist in the target vault. DEV-147966
Admin An Admin can delete a document type even when it is used in a report. DEV-151431
Admin After an Admin opens and cancels a dialog to add planned documents to a binder template, the scroll bar disappears. DEV-151634
Admin Configuration migration cannot migrate lifecycles containing entry actions that reference edited picklists. DEV-152515
Admin When using the % operator in a formula, users receive an error that references unavailable operators. DEV-153802
Admin Creating an Application Role with 50 characters in the Name causes an error. DEV-147960
Admin The System Audit History does not record when an Admin selects or deselects the "Allow multiple copies" checkbox during user action configuration. DEV-149200
Admin The Configuration Migration deployment log uses a week-based year instead of the calendar-based year. DEV-150240
Admin The document audit trail tracks non-Vault users viewing a document as "System" users. DEV-150276
Admin When creating new object page layouts, the name values for the page and for sections should be based on English labels. DEV-151175
Admin If an Admin tries to edit a group name and enters the same group name, Vault does not allow to save because "another group exists with the same name". DEV-152284
Admin After an Admin removes a standard Security Profile from all assigned groups, Vault displays an error and the Admin cannot set that Security Profile to Inactive. DEV-154591
Admin If a user does not select the "Include Non-Editable Fields" checkbox when using Vault Loader to extract Document Relationships, Vault does not include all editable fields in downloaded extract file. DEV-155337
Admin When reviewing the Configuration Migration deployment package, the Expiration lifecycle tab appears the same in both vaults. DEV-155146
Admin Users are unable to import a Read & Understood workflow using Configuration Migration. DEV-150640
Admin Users are unable to use Configuration Migration to export a workflow that includes certain operators in the Workflow Decision step. DEV-152636
Admin When a user imports an invalid workflow with Configuration Migration, Vault displays an Exception error instead of a Failure error. DEV-152764
Admin Users are unable to import or export a report that has Relationship Constraint filters using Configuration Migration. DEV-150312
Admin On Mac OS, the returned Configuration Report ZIP file sometimes unzips into a *.zip.cpgz file. DEV-150873
API & VQL Users cannot concurrently create two (2) vault objects using the metadata API. DEV-58204
API & VQL Users are seeing slow performance when deleting object records via API. DEV-147323
API & VQL Using the API, users can change the job type of the Match EDLs job. DEV-151311
API & VQL Users receive a "document not found" error when accessing a CrossLink for a deleted source document. DEV-150993
API & VQL The "number_of_copies__v" attribute displays in the response in prior API versions. DEV-149893
API & VQL The Vault Configuration Report endpoint should only allow users with the Vault Configuration Report permission to generate a report. DEV-150477
API & VQL The provider_type in auth_auth_settings shows OAuth instead of ping. DEV-150538
API & VQL Entering an invalid DNS value to the OAuth endpoint returns an UNEXPECTED_ERROR. DEV-150790
API & VQL In some cases, users receive a server error when cancelling a workflow. DEV-157840
Authentication In some cases, a scheduled job displays a session ID for the wrong vault. DEV-152584
Authentication When creating a cross-domain user, Vault synchronizes the Federated ID from the home domain. DEV-152737
Clinical In some cases, Vault attempts to match EDL Items to documents based on both the document type and the Study Country, instead of only the document type. DEV-153765
Clinical When Template Milestone object records include an External ID field, the milestone instantiation job only works once before failing. DEV-120636
Clinical In some cases, the Milestone field does not auto-populate according to its matching EDL item. DEV-153914
Clinical Users receive a server error when they choose "Send Document Package" from a Study Site's Actions menu. DEV-150724
Clinical When a user is dragging and dropping a file onto an EDL Item, the cursor shows "+Copy" under the file instead of "Move" (Windows) or no text (Mac OS). DEV-150090
Clinical Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 do not display the correct visual indicators when a user is dragging and dropping a file onto an EDL Item. DEV-150108
Clinical In CTMS, the Study, Study Country, and Study Site fields may be blank on the Refine Selection page for a bulk action initiated from the CRA Homepage. DEV-150301
Clinical Enabling CTMS fails if a lifecycle already exists on the Person object. DEV-150623
Commercial Approved email templates with images added in the BEE Editor do not render correctly in Vault. DEV-152743
Documents In some configurations, Vault redirects users to the Library when users try to initiate a Create & Relate Document action from an object record. DEV-145692
Documents In some Viewable Renditions, not all link text appears in blue font. DEV-148597
Documents When a field used in auto-filing configuration is hidden, Vault does not auto-file documents that reference the hidden field, if those documents were created before the binder. DEV-151889
Documents PowerPoint documents do not render correctly when speaker notes are enabled. DEV-153985
Documents In vaults with Enhanced Checkout enabled, the Checkout Location field is missing from the Doc Info page when a user checks out a document. DEV-154935
Documents In some cases, users can create or save documents without populating required fields. DEV-146872
Documents Users see an error when they select "Restore Attachment Version" on document or object attachments. DEV-154388
Documents Vault doesn't load a viewable rendition for non-Vault users when a document is sent to them via Send as Link. DEV-150110
Documents Labels change positions in the Bulk Action Choose Actions page. DEV-150704
Documents When a user applies a Reassign Task filter to the audit trail, no records are returned. DEV-154298
Documents The Create Batch bulk action stalls at the confirmation page. DEV-150729
Documents In some cases, the page number does not appear on the Link Annotation note card. DEV-150737
Documents The Add to Binder bulk action does not work when attempting to add documents to an existing binder. DEV-150768
Documents The expand arrow in binder sections faces upward instead of downward. DEV-150943
Documents Large DOCX files that use merge fields fail to render. DEV-151170
Documents When users turn on "View Links" and navigate away from the document, the preference does not save. DEV-151314
Documents In some cases, documents with track changes and merge fields tokens fail to render. DEV-151626
Documents In some cases, Merge Fields does not work properly for object field references. DEV-154410
Documents Some users receive a server error when attempting to make a copy of a video document. DEV-156945
Documents Configuration Migration fails when attempting to export outbound package. DEV-157288
Documents In some cases, reports do not show the correct results. DEV-155993
Documents Configuration Migration causes an unknown error when attempting to migrate lifecycle configurations. DEV-156156
Documents In some cases, Vault creates the same rendition for multiple documents when uploading multiple EML files. DEV-151505
Documents In some cases, parts of link text do not display in blue. DEV-71766
Documents A popup warning displays when users try to copy a document that uses merge files and has annotations. DEV-120695
Documents Video and audio files do not display with the custom thumbnail in Brand Portal. DEV-139485
Documents In some cases, users receive an error when attempting to export a translation file. DEV-143289
Documents The custom thumbnail does not display within widgets on the Portal Landing page after uploading a document. DEV-146875
Documents In some cases, bookmark titles are not generated properly when the heading text is too long. DEV-148459
Documents When the <?xml-stylesheet?> tag is present in the body of an XML file, Vault does not create a viewable rendition. DEV-149684
Documents The "Include Non-editable Fields" setting for Vault Loader does not work properly. DEV-150482
Documents Rendering a text file using PDFCreator creates an extra line on the top of the viewable rendition. DEV-151054
Documents Re-rendering does not work for XML files which are rendered to PDF. DEV-151060
Documents When users upload renditions via FTP Inbox, they receive "Large Size Asset" notifications, even when uploading a different rendition type. DEV-151216
Documents Users aren't able to upload files for any custom rendition type via FTP Inbox. DEV-151224
Documents Video rendering fails for some files. DEV-151710
Documents When users try to search in the expanded Sharing Settings page for a document, they see an error. DEV-152054
Documents In MS Word documents with a Table of Contents spanning multiple pages, the Vault-generated bookmark to the TOC jumps to the wrong place in the document. DEV-154133
Documents In some vaults with "Auto-generate Bookmarks for Captions under Parent Headings" enabled, Vault generates an incomplete list of bookmarks. DEV-157940
Lifecycle & Workflow Vault shows the wrong error message when an object record doesn't meet its lifecycle state entry criteria. DEV-148358
Lifecycle & Workflow Users may receive a server error when completing a document workflow task. DEV-154241
Lifecycle & Workflow After a user provides an eSignature and the dialog closes, the Vault scrollbar does not reappear. DEV-155115
Lifecycle & Workflow Users receive a server error when attempting to complete an object workflow due to permission issues. DEV-149319
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, users receive a server error when attempting to view completed workflow tasks in the Document Timeline View. DEV-156101
Lifecycle & Workflow Some users receive an error when attempting to complete workflow tasks on documents. DEV-150215
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, users with a password manager in their browser can auto-fill passwords when providing eSignatures in workflows. DEV-151299
Lifecycle & Workflow When a workflow has two consecutive State Change steps, users do not receive workflow notifications. DEV-151931
Lifecycle & Workflow When users create and save a custom lifecycle role with the "Add Default Users When Creating a Document" setting selected, Vault doesn't save the setting selection. DEV-149834
Lifecycle & Workflow The Edit button does not work when editing role permissions on an object lifecycle details page. DEV-151427
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, users receive a server error message when attempting to cancel an incomplete Read and Understood task. DEV-154338
Lifecycle & Workflow The Save and Cancel buttons don't work correctly form the document lifecycle roles page. DEV-147624
Localization The Inbound Packages list page is missing translations for some labels. DEV-143558
Localization Page Layouts tab uses wrong translation. DEV-148763
Localization In some RIM vaults, notification messages aren't localized. DEV-141061
Localization The job title for Submissions Bulk Export does not show as "Submissions Archive Bulk Export". DEV-150995
Localization Within the role filter, the text "Select user or group" is not localized. DEV-151423
Localization Audit trail PDF contains Chinese font which requires simplified Chinese support package for Japanese customers. DEV-152119
Localization Vaults with multiple language labels see the User Action translations mismatched from their original configuration when using Configuration Migration Packages to migrate a lifecycle. DEV-152413
Multichannel Multichannel users are not able to use the Engage preview functionality. DEV-149486
Multichannel Rendition types that are specific to Multichannel appear in other commercial vaults, but users are not able to use them. Multichannel-specific rendition types should be hidden in non-Multichannel vaults. DEV-155692
Multichannel When a user uploads a PowerPoint file as a Multichannel Slide and sets the CRM Media Type to PDF, the document audit trail incorrectly shows that a distribution package was created and sent to CLM. DEV-152749
Objects When users change the Object Type of a record, Vault does not clear a picklist value that would be invalid for the new type. DEV-143506
Objects When users access Vault using the Safari browser, the object record's Actions menu is hidden behind the section panel. DEV-151421
Objects Users are unable to use Copy Record from the object record's details page but can from the Library view. DEV-155203
Objects In some cases, users receive a server error when selecting records for a bulk action. DEV-150925
Objects In some cases, users receive a server error when updating an object type for Template Milestones. DEV-153866
Objects Users without the Read permission on a specific object type can access a document reference link from an object record. DEV-138342
Objects Users without the Read permission on a specific object type can access lookup field links from an object record. DEV-138872
Objects In some cases, when a user updates a Study record, the update doesn't save in Site record detail view. DEV-146790
Objects When navigating to an object record's Related Documents section, the Action menu displays out of place after shrinking the document name. DEV-146803
Objects When setting default field values on a multi-select picklist, Admins should be able to enter multiple comma-separated options. DEV-150417
Objects When the Searchable Fields feature is turned off, every field is treated as a searchable field. DEV-150974
Objects In a related object section within an object record detail page, users cannot use inline edit on a parent field for an object related via a complex join. DEV-151360
Objects When an Admin exceeds the value for maximum number of Lookup Relationships on a source object, Vault displays a vague error message. DEV-155470
Objects Vault does not populate an object's picklist lookup field when a user changes the object type from a type without a lookup field to a type with a lookup field. DEV-154424
Objects For a text-type object field, Vault displays an error when an Admin uses an "IF" function in the Default Value expression. DEV-154547
Objects When an Admin selects the "User must always enter a value (required)" checkbox for an object field, Vault greys out the "Do not copy this field in Copy Record" checkbox, and it is becomes non-selectable. DEV-154881
Objects If an object is configured to have a maximum number of lookup fields per relationship and an Admin exceeds the value, Vault displays a vague error message. DEV-155468
Objects When setting the default value for an object field, the "value(text)" and "text(value, #)" functions do not work correctly. DEV-156425
Performance & UI Some warning and error messages for EDL have double spaces between sentences or at the end of the message. DEV-136230
Performance & UI An error message displayed during outages includes the wrong email address to contact Veeva. DEV-136683
Performance & UI When a user views an Application's final dossier, Vault may take a long time to expand sections. DEV-148524
Performance & UI Submission Archive Viewer is slow when loading and expanding sections. DEV-150718
Performance & UI HTML report data with no groupings has the wrong background color. DEV-150793
Performance & UI XML Document Renditions are sometimes cut off on the right side. DEV-150955
Performance & UI Submission Archive import is slow. DEV-151178,
Performance & UI In a related object section within an object record detail page, users cannot sort on the parent field for an object related via a complex join, but the UI does not make it clear that this is unsupported. DEV-151335
Performance & UI Users experience slow performance when creating and saving an object with 300 or more fields. DEV-155673
Performance & UI In some cases, the EDL Batch Job prematurely times out after six hours. DEV-154582
Quality Users are not able to use the Controlled Copy action on past versions of a document that is currently checked out. This action should be available on all versions, as long as the lifecycle state supports it. It should not be available on the checked out (latest) version. DEV-132199
Quality When a user attempts to delete a field referenced in a Formatted Output template, the error message is unhelpful. DEV-148988
Reporting When a user filters a report on a user whose name contains an apostrophe ('), Vault displays duplicate apostrophes in the Created By column. DEV-151838
Reporting When creating a report, users are unable to select a Report Type because the Report Type column is empty. DEV-154342
Reporting When a user attempts to remove a role from a lifecycle that is used by a report, the Vault error message doesn't inform the user which report uses the lifecycle role. DEV-155456
Reporting In some cases, running a report changes document subtype filters. DEV-155093
Reporting Row counts for Flash Reports are inconsistent between email notifications and Vault. DEV-152265
Reporting The Vault header image isn't aligned properly in Flash Report emails. DEV-146253
Reporting In some cases, text wrapping is inconsistent when opening a flash report in Outlook. DEV-146804
Reporting The error message when deleting an object included in a report type is listed twice. DEV-147792
Reporting The site column of a report overflows to the next column after exporting to Excel DEV-148039
Reporting Entering an invalid report ID in the report builder URL causes a server error. DEV-148044
Reporting The document count aggregation field is incorrect in HTML flash reports. DEV-148170
Reporting When scheduling a flash report with grouping, there is a space break between primary groupings when opening in Outlook. DEV-148223
Reporting Reports with EDL item prompts sometimes fail. DEV-150560
Reporting The group label for fields sometimes shows the name value instead of label value. DEV-150975
Reporting When a controlled copy fails, Vault shows two entries in the Distribution with Document report. DEV-151338
Reporting In dashboard charts for document workflows, Vault displays field names as the chart labels. DEV-154147
RIM When a href attribute uses a backslash (\), imported submissions do not render. DEV-151057
RIM When a user runs a Correspondence Job in Submissions Archive and then imports a submission with an unreferenced folder, Vault displays the folders in the incorrect order. DEV-155701
RIM When a user cancels a running job at the same time that a new job is running, Vault fails to cancel the job. DEV-155698
RIM In some cases, a triggered job fails after creating an application/submission. DEV-151041
RIM The Leaf Node order does not display in the proper order in Submission Archive Viewer. DEV-151047
RIM In some cases, Vault creates duplicate correspondence folders for documents of different types, but of the same family. DEV-151048
RIM In some cases, Vault fails to add placeholders that meet the proper criteria to Submissions Viewer. DEV-151049
RIM In some cases, imported submissions containing Japanese XML do not render correctly. DEV-151052
RIM The Impact Product Detail field does not display when creating a related record from the Event record. DEV-151162
RIM Users receive a server error when attempting to bulk create registrations. DEV-151208
RIM When importing multiple submissions, users see multiple folders with truncated names instead one folder. DEV-154150
RIM In some cases, file names appear differently in the Library and in the Viewer tab. DEV-149747
RIM In some cases, Vault freezes on the mapping page after importing a submission. DEV-146546
RIM When exporting a submission, documents are exported with two copies instead of one. DEV-147034
RIM When a filter is applied to a saved view on the Site Activation page, the saved view does not work the first time. DEV-147855
RIM Creating a binder from EDL does not correctly associate documents from EDL items if Hierarchies are not enabled. DEV-148496
RIM Vault does not render Define XML files correctly. DEV-148892
RIM When creating a Registration record, if a user removes a controlling Drug Product value, Vault continues to display the related Product Detail record. DEV-150158
RIM If a user reclassifies a Correspondence document to a non-Correspondence document type, Vault does not remove the document from the Correspondence folder. DEV-150166
RIM XML ZIP files do not render when there are spaces in the file path. DEV-150226
RIM In rare cases, clicking the binocular icon causes a 400 Bad Request error. DEV-150559
RIM If the number of Application records returned from a report is equal to 999 or 1,000, users receive an error. It should only display if the number of records returned is greater than 1,000. DEV-150572
RIM The Application drop-down displays "undefined" instead of Create Application. DEV-150595
RIM Correspondence documents are not exported in the correct hierarchy. DEV-150805
RIM When removing an imported Submission Archive, the application and submission fields are reset by removing the corresponding application or submission information for the documents with the "Submissions Archive" document type. This should not happen for correspondence documents, since they are not of type "Submissions Archive". DEV-150806
RIM Users should not be able to export Secondary Submissions. DEV-150851
RIM The document field "Submissions Archive Content Section" is not showing up as a shared field. DEV-151082
RIM The Dynamic Impact Assessment report does not include "Package Site" and "Shelf Life". DEV-151100
RIM When users export a submissions archive, the name of exported ZIP should be the application record name and submission record name. Currently, it is the application folder name and submission folder name. DEV-151132
RIM Users see an "Unsupported Operation" warning when importing an STF with a Delete or Replace operation. DEV-151491
RIM Vault does not update the Submissions field with multiple values when the document is referenced in multiple submissions, including under an unreferenced folder. DEV-154568
RIM When multiple import jobs are scheduled for the same time, Vault cancels both jobs and neither runs at the scheduled time. DEV-155023
Search & Filter A product continues to appear in Library filters with the previous label. Filtering on the previous label showed two (2) "no results" pages. DEV-141716
Search & Filter After resetting a Draft document state filter to All, the Library continues to only display Draft documents. DEV-151077
Security Users without View User Information access can open a saved view that filters on role assignment. DEV-151414
Security Vault does not treat Javascript properly when it's within a bookmark in a document. DEV-152188