Fixed Issues in August 25 Release (17R2.2)

Release Date: August 25, 2017

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Admin When deploying a Configuration Migration package, object workflows are deployed before notification templates. This leads to invalid references if an object workflow references a notification template. DEV-140337
Admin Vault does not display the correct message in the "failure" CSV for Vault Loader when the user does not have necessary access to create/update an object record's field because of Atomic Security. DEV-142398
Admin Some rows are shifted in PDF exports of Document Audit History. DEV-143196
Admin Vault is sometimes unable to update placeholder lifecycle when using Configuration Migration. DEV-143495
Admin In some situations, users see a "Server having problems" error when trying to edit a scheduled job definition. DEV-143621
Admin Admins cannot rename states in an object lifecycle if the state is used by a state type. DEV-143683
Admin Users can include deleted components in Configuration Migration Packages by editing the Status filter when adding components. DEV-144113
Admin Cross-Domain users are not able to use the Vault Compare option for vaults on different domains. DEV-149024
Admin When migrating a configuration that references a picklist, a "Picklist value is expected - picklist" error is returned. DEV-139293
Admin In some cases, the Formatted Outputs Job Status bar remains at 0% while the job runs. DEV-143013
Admin When an Admin edits an Application Role object's Name, and the Application Role is associated with a lifecycle, they will receive a server error when opening that object lifecycle's Details page. DEV-145122
Admin In some cases, controlling fields are not automatically added to a new object type. DEV-145970
Admin Vault can't load the Permission Set > Objects tab when there are more than 200 object types configured. DEV-146710
Admin The Formatted Output job fails and does not provide an error message. DEV-149841
Admin Expiration job fails if the role selected as notification recipient has no users assigned. DEV-150224
Admin When a picklist is created from another picklist, the picklist name may display incorrectly. DEV-144167
API & VQL In some cases, a VQL query on an object name returns an error. DEV-133857
API & VQL In some cases, submitting multiple VQL queries can cause slow performance. DEV-143046
API & VQL The Assign Users & Groups to Roles on Object Records API returns METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED when it should return INVALID_DATA. DEV-143595
API & VQL The Remove Users & Groups from Roles on Object Records API returns METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED when it should return INVALID_DATA. DEV-143711
API & VQL In some cases, the VQL Formatted Output query fails to return all document fields in the results. DEV-147641
API & VQL API calls to retrieve Atomic Security configuration does not return roleFields or roleActions information. DEV-149450
Authentication When an SSO user times out of Vault, they are directed to the Vault login page rather than the specified IdP logout URL. DEV-106567
Authentication The GUID is now included in the audit log for a failed SSO login attempt. DEV-132700
Authentication Users cannot provide eSignatures if their password is longer than 32 characters. DEV-142252
Authentication Some password managers on some browsers are able to auto-fill passwords for eSignatures. DEV-143843
Authentication The forgot password message is not translated correctly when the language is changed to Chinese. DEV-147127
Authentication SSO Login button does not display if customer incorrectly enters credentials. DEV-138313
Authentication In some cases, the incorrect domain name displays in the Cross Domain Security Policy. DEV-139728
Clinical Create Study Binder option is missing in Actions menu on Study records in eTMF. DEV-143071
Clinical The Milestone Type field on the EDL Item object is required in some vaults, but should not be. DEV-143130
Clinical In some vaults, users experience slow performance during EDL Cleanup. DEV-143856
Clinical The Study Site does not auto-populate when creating standard Milestones from the Study Manager Homepage. DEV-144389
Clinical In some SiteExchange vaults, the Safety Information pane does not appear in the Tasks tab. DEV-146006
Clinical Users receive a server error when setting the completion date before the assigned date on a clinical user task. DEV-146835
Clinical Vault allows assignment of multiple categories to a Protocol Deviation. DEV-135794
Clinical When a downstream milestone is in Completed state but the Actual Finish Date field is blank, Vault still updates its Baseline or Planned dates when changes are made to the milestone on which it is dependent. DEV-143386
Clinical When users change both the Baseline and Planned dates on a Previous milestone in a milestone dependency, Vault only updates the Planned date on downstream milestones. DEV-143387
Clinical Updating milestone dates from a workflow triggers a user action to decide whether or not to apply changes. DEV-143398
Clinical The email body for Clinical User Tasks are not formatted properly. DEV-143498
Clinical In Site Activation Progress view, a Milestone's hovercard may not include related EDL Item information. DEV-145941
Clinical On the CRA Home Page, the Site Quality widget displays "Severity" where it should display "Priority". DEV-149910
Clinical If the milestone object has a configured lifecycle, milestones cannot be created using the Create Milestone from Template action. DEV-144052
Clinical Some vaults are missing the milestone creation notification template. DEV-144258
Developer Features Some attachment files types are not downloadable through the API. DEV-111814
Developer Features When creating a new cross-domain user, the alias__v field is included with a blank value. This value is only retrievable through the API. DEV-134673
Developer Features Users see "unexpected error" rather than explicit error when trying to bulk create manual role assignments for an object that doesn't use Custom Sharing Rules. DEV-143120
Developer Features When creating or updating object records through the API, the response now contains all errors that occur rather than only the first error we encounter. DEV-143283
Developer Features Queries using the CONTAINS Operator do not return data when record names include spaces. DEV-144419
Developer Features In some cases, users receive different VQL query results between Fast and Slow Train vaults DEV-147273
Documents The "back to binder" breadcrumb link doesn't keep the user in their current section. DEV-82368
Documents In rare cases, document bookmarks do not work. DEV-96990
Documents When trying to save an annotation, users sometime receive an "Operation Unsuccessful" message. DEV-115053
Documents If users remove a shared document field, any entry criteria using that field show up as blank. DEV-121303
Documents Documents with "&" in their name show up as "&amp;" when checking the document in or out. DEV-136498
Documents When changing a document's state, the multi-document viewer shows two headers. DEV-136826
Documents During bulk creation of documents, selecting new object types sometimes cause other field to become unselected. DEV-137895
Documents Exported binders may show "null" for a section name. DEV-127367
Documents In some situations, part of a link does not display in blue. DEV-142359
Documents When users upload multiple 2253 forms at a time, Vault sometimes renders a form but fails to display its viewable rendition in the Doc Info page. DEV-142432
Documents Certain MSG email files do not render. DEV-143424
Documents Users are unable to navigate to a component binder from the Multi-Document Viewer. DEV-143545
Documents Videos in Doc Info page (with mixed view) are wider than a regular document. DEV-143546
Documents In some cases, users receive an error message when creating documents in Vault Loader. DEV-143682
Documents Vault cannot render MS Word documents with Merge Fields enabled if the document includes SmartArt diagrams. DEV-143841
Documents The "Go to selected binder" link does not appear for a binder in Multi-Document Viewer. DEV-144388
Documents When users hover over the Check Out icon for documents in a binder, an incorrect timestamp displays. DEV-144639
Documents In some cases, Vault fails to create viewable renditions for PowerPoint files when Export Speaker Notes is enabled. DEV-145313
Documents In some cases, document content does not display in thumbnails in the multi-document viewer. DEV-145656
Documents Using the "filename" token causes naming issues when auto-naming is enabled. DEV-145905
Documents In some cases, viewable renditions do not render when a 2253 Form is generated from a Compliance Package binder. DEV-145987
Documents When users attempt to perform bulk actions in the Archived Document Library, not all documents appear in the filtered list. DEV-145990
Documents Users see a server error when attempting to create and save a new Searchable Object Field. DEV-146019
Documents Uploading a file to a placeholder does not trigger dynamic auto-naming. DEV-146185
Documents Users see a 404 error when attempting to version binder component documents or upload source files to placeholders in binders by dragging and dropping new files. DEV-146320,
Documents Users attempting to reclassify a document from a binder receive an error message. DEV-146543
Documents When users attempt to View Document in Mini Browser from a target anchor, Vault displays a blank screen in the mini browser window for video files. DEV-145834
Documents Users attempting to add documents to Related ISI or Related PI sections for Approved Email see an error. DEV-144697
Documents When a user refreshes Vault, users with View Content permission are unable to view document content. DEV-145800
Documents In some cases, lookup fields do not update when referencing a multi-select object field. DEV-146855
Documents Users receive an error when attempting to update multiple documents with disabled picklists. DEV-147141
Documents Using the count() formula for XFA form mapping causes a form validation error. DEV-147780
Documents When users upload an attached file, Vault generates bookmarks with an incorrect title style. DEV-148350
Documents Users receive a permission error when attempting to make a copy of a document type they have the Create permission on. DEV-148351
Documents In some cases, some document files fail to render in Vault. DEV-148612
Documents In some cases, InDesign documents fail to render in Vault DEV-148903
Documents Scheduled jobs fail if there aren't any recipients. DEV-149978
Documents In some cases, users with the Business Administrator profile cannot view document content. DEV-150056
Documents When creating a CrossLink, the bound source version doesn't update to the latest version DEV-85753
Documents The remove document relationship button does not display correctly on linked document relationships with formula fields off. DEV-120870
Documents When viewing a document with previously saved user mentions, the usernames are unformatted. DEV-127784
Documents In some cases, Web2PDF fails to crawl a site and does not generate a PDF. DEV-130090
Documents When users copy a document while in Document View layout, Vault does not display document fields or the Save button. DEV-140422
Documents When loading documents via the Vault Loader, the Job Status bar remains at 0% until the input job completes. DEV-143437
Documents When users load a document using the FTP Inbox and then classify the document, Vault does not apply role defaults to the Consumer role. DEV-143224
Documents In the Library, some number fields display their Integer value. DEV-143830
Documents In some cases, Vault may not render read-only PowerPoint files. DEV-145687
Documents Vault displays the state instead of the city after extracting image metadata. DEV-146318
Lifecycle & Workflow Users cannot import document lifecycles with the "Set binder content version binding by state type" entry action. DEV-135013
Lifecycle & Workflow Users can delete lifecycles even if it's the only active lifecycle associated with a document type. DEV-139717
Lifecycle & Workflow Users see an error when setting the "Records in this state become inactive" option and saving, on an object lifecycle state with "__clin" namespace suffix. DEV-143027
Lifecycle & Workflow Document audit logs sometimes show the wrong lifecycle state names for documents. DEV-143515
Lifecycle & Workflow Task does not immediately disappear from Available Tasks when a user accepts it, if user is in Tabular View. DEV-143578
Lifecycle & Workflow In some vaults, workflow verdict labels change when customers configure label-specific operators in lifecycle/workflow conditional statements. DEV-144095
Lifecycle & Workflow When users complete a User Task from the Home page, the User Task Owner does not receive a complete notification. DEV-143791
Lifecycle & Workflow Vault cannot assign a workflow task to over 500 users. DEV-143823
Lifecycle & Workflow When the Read permission is added to or removed from an application role in an object lifecycle, and a user refreshes the page, the object details page appears blank. DEV-144383
Lifecycle & Workflow When browsers are smaller than 1280px wide, the Complete and Accept buttons for tasks are cut off. DEV-144960
Lifecycle & Workflow If a lifecycle action is performed that updates the document version while in the multi-document viewer, clicking the Back to Previous Page link creates multiple headers. DEV-146226
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, document workflow history reports have missing tasks and are inconsistent. DEV-148167
Lifecycle & Workflow Some users receive server error when attempting to access Workflow History reports. DEV-149199
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, users receive an error when attempting to change the task due date in a workflow. DEV-150399
Lifecycle & Workflow Users receive an incorrect error message after deleting a document lifecycle. DEV-128920
Lifecycle & Workflow User action object workflow steps display all available picklist values, instead of only those values available for the object type. DEV-144891
Lifecycle & Workflow Users do not receive a banner notification after initiating a formatted output user action. DEV-144937
Localization Some Vault Loader notifications do not display in the correct language based on the user Locale. DEV-143478
Localization Users receive a server error when attempting to export a translation file. DEV-143289
Localization Some string translations are incomplete. DEV-143958
Localization In some vaults, translations related to User Tasks may be missing or incorrectly formatted. DEV-144452
Multichannel Users cannot access the Next button during the Create Presentation action if there's a dependent field with an invalid value carried over from the original document. DEV-143861
Multichannel Document reference fields for multichannel presentation records display "null" in the name field. DEV-144633
Multichannel When using the Send to CLM action, Vault sends the same slide multiple times. DEV-146889
Multichannel Yes/No field values are not applied when using Create Presentation to create a multichannel presentation. DEV-149974
Multichannel Placeholder documents that have CLM content/Engage content field set to "Yes" for non-multichannel slides show a "server having problems" error because they have no MIME type. DEV-143645
Multichannel Turning on a CLM or Engage integration may reset page layouts to the default. DEV-144164
Objects When creating and relating a new child object reference record, the parent field is editable. DEV-129480
Objects In rare cases, lookup fields do not populate. DEV-136320
Objects Users sometimes receive a server error when trying to save a new Batch object record. DEV-139128
Objects Type-ahead suggestions in advanced filters (in object tabs) don't work when Dynamic Reference Constraints are applied. DEV-142715
Objects When a binder is associated with an EDL record, users cannot delete the binder or the EDL record. DEV-142985
Objects When users are viewing an object record detail page, clicking on Sharing Settings changes the breadcrumbs. DEV-143653
Objects In some cases, users receive a server error when creating a filter using object types in the object advanced search dialog. DEV-144183
Objects When copying object records that include fields hidden by Atomic Security, Vault does not copy hidden fields' values. DEV-144233
Objects When changing a record's object type, users are able to save with invalid picklist values. DEV-144333
Objects In some cases, when sections with Name fields are hidden in the object details page, viewing the audit trail from the object details page redirects users to the Tasks page. DEV-145402
Objects Users may receive an unhelpful error message when creating an object record with Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters in the Name field. DEV-144455
Objects Some users experience slow performance when opening object page layouts. DEV-146632
Objects Page layouts for object records do not display correctly if the record label contains special characters. DEV-148949
Objects In some cases, users receive an error when attempting to save a page layout. DEV-149104
Objects The Create Milestone from Template job uses incorrect templates DEV-150573
Objects When creating a related object record under a parent record, the Text field is auto-populated and not editable in the Create dialog. DEV-142756
Objects When creating an object record, Vault lists the child object record of a different parent object in the picklist. DEV-141726
Objects In some cases, users receive a server error instead of a standard error message when attempting to work in a vault that is currently under configuration by an Admin. DEV-141810
Objects The Back to previous page link does not work when viewing an object record from Home > Notifications. DEV-143808
Objects Users receive an unhelpful error message after attempting to delete an object field that is referenced elsewhere. DEV-144446
Objects Vault may include some application object relationships in the count for the maximum number of custom relationships. DEV-144703
Objects The Complete field is required on the User Task object. DEV-145355
Objects When users click Show in Tabs for a Related Object section based on a simple join, Vault does not properly filter the related object records. DEV-147763
Objects The field batch__v is missing in some object page layouts. DEV-149727
Objects In the Advanced Lookup Dialog for Vault Objects, data loads before filters are applied, which means filters are not initially applied to the data. DEV-144188
Performance & UI Office Online options in the document Actions menu are not aligned properly. DEV-141876
Performance & UI Ghost text (instructions or suggestions) in multi-select fields that use Dynamic Reference Constraints is sometimes truncated. DEV-143463
Performance & UI Fields with Dynamic Reference Constraints show "Depends on..." ghost text although there is no controlling field. DEV-143483
Performance & UI CrossLink search dialog does not show "Item not found" when there are no documents. DEV-143658
Performance & UI Bulk creation of 500 documents via API significantly slows performance. DEV-143804
Performance & UI Bulk deletion of object records (via API) significantly slows performance. DEV-143821
Performance & UI In some RIM vaults, users experience slow performance when during Submissions Archives imports. DEV-145415
Performance & UI In some vaults, reports run slowly. DEV-146214
Performance & UI Some users experience slow performance when adding participants to a workflow. DEV-146605
Performance & UI In some RIM vaults, users experience slow performance with the Manage Registered Details action. DEV-143461
Performance & UI Reports with down object that have hidden values may run very slowly. DEV-143730
Performance & UI When decreasing the size of the browser window while viewing a video, some of the video is cut off before responsive design resizes the video. DEV-143785
Quality Users sometimes can't add a document to a Change Control if it was previously in another Change Control. DEV-145010,
Quality Picklist values are incorrect for the Type field on the Quality Event object. DEV-146338
Quality Users receive an error when attempting to upload Formatted Output forms that reference related documents. DEV-146610
Quality Users do not receive a notification banner when executing the Formatted Output user action. DEV-125045
Quality In some cases, users receive an error when generating a formatted output. DEV-132987
Quality If a user's location is not US, the user cannot see Formatted Output templates. DEV-143895,
Quality A user without read permission on an object referenced in a Formatted Output template will not be able to upload the template. DEV-143906
Quality Quality and QualityOne vaults do not have the Owning Facility, Owning Department, and Status field drop-downs in the Advanced Search dialog. DEV-145250
Quality Formatted Output fails if it references a field with a dot notation path terminating in a relationship (for example, audit__qdm.quality_event_qdmr). Because the dot notation path terminates in a relationship, there is no field to request, which causes Formatted Output to hang. DEV-145563
Reporting When reporting on objects with multiple object types, clicking a link to an object record sometimes sends user to Home, instead of Business Admin or custom object tab. DEV-141775
Reporting User can favorite a report or dashboard they don't have permission to access. Note that they cannot actually view or edit. DEV-141935
Reporting When reporting on objects in a many-to-many relationship and grouping on a field with field-level security, the grouping column is missing. DEV-142898,
Reporting In some situations, bar charts in dashboards are not displaying every record. DEV-142932
Reporting Certain document relationship reports are slow to run. DEV-143142
Reporting Action column does not work in Workflow or Read & Understood reports. DEV-144250
Reporting In reports, some number fields are not right-aligned. DEV-144456
Reporting When users export a report after making changes, the export does not contain the changes made. DEV-145034
Reporting In same cases, large reports begin exporting to excel but do not finish. DEV-145723
Reporting In some cases, users receive a server error when trying to create a report. DEV-148779
Reporting Report filter does not return documents in scope. DEV-149963
Reporting Users receive an error when attempting to run a report if their language setting differs from the language set in Vault. DEV-150591
Reporting When selecting the Action menu from the column header of a report, the orange page break line displays over the actions menu. DEV-123241
Reporting Flash Reports do not update the Last ran time if the report is run many times in a row. DEV-143803
Reporting When running a report, object count columns for join and down-up objects sometimes do not display anything at the primary grouping level. DEV-144037
RIM The Create Related Records option from a report, users can enter invalid field values. DEV-139241
RIM Certain cross-document links take users to a "Document not found" error. DEV-143016
RIM Users cannot use in-document links located within a document's Table of Contents. DEV-143078
RIM Although users have the correct permissions, creating a Content Plan fails due to permissions. DEV-143257
RIM When Admins change the settings for creating binders from content plans and re-run the binder creation, Vault does not reclassify the binder document type to match the new setting. DEV-143536
RIM Vault does not delete the root-level binder when a user removes all submissions within an application. DEV-143700
RIM In some cases, submissions imports fail during Bulk Submission Import. DEV-146551
RIM In some cases, Vault creates duplicate sections after importing submissions. DEV-146765
RIM In some cases, the incorrect document version displays for Japanese submissions DEV-128159
RIM Exporting an audit trail fails when it contains Chinese characters. DEV-135437
RIM When using the Managed Registered Details action, users receive an error and Vault fails to send notifications. DEV-141490
RIM When multiple submissions are in progress and service is interrupted, the imports fail and users receive extra Submissions Failure emails. DEV-142662
RIM The total number of updated records when using Update Status and Related Records is not always correct for very large amounts of data. DEV-143533
RIM Submission leafs should be sorted by time when Status is changed to "Import In Progress". DEV-143638
RIM Vault may not create the correct Content Plan sections when an Admin hides a filtering field on the Submission join object using state-based Field-Level Security. DEV-144384
RIM In some Submissions Archive vaults, Vault does not apply sharing rules upon Submission import when the sharing rules match based on a lookup field. DEV-145301
RIM Vault shows the Update Status and Related Records label for that lifecycle user action, even if an Admin changes the label. DEV-145375
RIM RIM Submissions application vaults include the Content Plan and Content Plan Template fields on the Submission object. DEV-145790
RIM The mapping page freezes when users are importing submission archives with a large number of metadata to map. DEV-146546
RIM When the submission XML is missing a title tag, the leaf doesn't show a title. DEV-148902
RIM The Viewer tab displays empty folder when the only files in the folder were special files that were excluded from import (thumbs.db, for example). DEV-149011
Search & Filter Users cannot quick-remove the Status filter after adding it to library. DEV-147529
Search & Filter We've improved document search results. The most relevant documents now appear as the first results. DEV-139534
Search & Filter When users apply a filter that returns no results, the Task Type filter does not display the currently selected type or allow users to go back to all types. DEV-142719
Security Ensure that checks disabling hostname verification are not disabled. DEV-118586
Security In some eTMF vaults, DAC roles are removed on documents after workflows are complete. DEV-145603
SiteExchange The Quick User Guide link is not functional. DEV-144972