Fixed Issues in June 30 Release

Release Date: June 30, 2017

Release Date: June 30, 2017

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Admin  Admins cannot save changes to message templates related to user accounts. DEV-139477
Admin  In rare cases, users receive an unknown error while running the configuration migration tool. DEV-141638
API & VQL  Vault does not display custom Document ID fields in results of reports or VQL queries. DEV-133721
API & VQL  The Update Vault Membership API does not properly default the user's security profile or license type if omitted. DEV-142245
Clinical  Users receive "Serving having problems" error when creating a study site when the status is set to Inactive. DEV-140846
Clinical  In some vaults, EDL records fail to create from template jobs. DEV-142904
Clinical  Some users receive a server error when selecting certain studies or sites. DEV-143146
Commercial  Vault Loader notification emails only display Load Start Time in PST. DEV-142364
Documents  In some cases, users receive an error after opening a cross-document link. DEV-139928
Documents  In the Document Viewer, using the arrows in the menu bar to navigate between pages breaks the Table of Contents. DEV-141472
Documents  In some cases, Dynamic Access Control roles are removed when updating a lookup field for another Dynamic Access Control role. DEV-141721
Documents  Vault displays a blank page when users click the version link of an annotation. DEV-142001
Documents  In some vaults, viewable renditions of Word documents display the same page number for all pages in the document. DEV-142790
Documents  For some users, MSG files with attachments do not render correctly. DEV-143082
Lifecycle & Workflow  The Audit Trail shows users as having been assigned a workflow task when the user was only added as a workflow participant. DEV-134650
Lifecycle & Workflow  In a Staged Lifecycle, configured lifecycle roles do not match the document sharing settings. DEV-138901
Lifecycle & Workflow  Vault freezes when users perform the Promote to Approved user action. DEV-140137
Lifecycle & Workflow  Workflow tasks sometimes send task notifications when the task is already complete. DEV-141245
Lifecycle & Workflow  Users can't select a Submission in a dependent relationship with an Application within an object workflow. DEV-142327
Lifecycle & Workflow  Users receive a server error when attempting to start a workflow. DEV-142500
Lifecycle & Workflow  In rare cases, workflow decisions progress to the incorrect step. DEV-142942
Multichannel  The error message for a failed CRF import does not list the correct object records. DEV-139322
Multichannel  In some vaults, users are unable to delete Multichannel Slides. DEV-139360
Multichannel  Some users receive an error when using "Send to CLM". DEV-140519
Objects  Users cannot add related object records using the plus icon. DEV-139234
Objects  Users receive a server error when creating very large object fields. DEV-141534
Objects  Users receive an error when creating an object page layout. DEV-142496
Objects  In some cases, when users update an object field value, Vault does not update the lookup field on a document. DEV-142929


We increased performance for sending email notifications.


Performance  Some PODS, such as VV3, experienced slow performance. DEV-141261
Performance  Users receive a transcoding error when attempting to upload large non-video files in Vault. DEV-142230
Quality  Users receive an error when generating a viewable rendition of a modified document within a Quality Event. DEV-142070
Reporting  Users cannot change the due date of workflow task in a report. DEV-141466
Reporting  Users receive a server error when running a relationship report. DEV-139804
Reporting  Reports do not allow for end dates past 12/31/2050. DEV-142732
Reporting  An error message does not display when users enter numbers larger than the Vault limit in report filters. DEV-142931
RIM  Users receive a server error when approving a binder. DEV-141783
RIM  CrossLinks sometimes do not work in RIM Submissions. DEV-140081
RIM  Vault displays the incorrect error message when a SubmissionsArchive folder is missing. DEV-142239
RIM  In some cases, users with the proper permissions are not able to Update Registered Details. DEV-142592
RIM  When updating fields in bulk in RIM Registrations, Vault prompts the user twice for required fields. DEV-140397