Fixed Issues in June 9 Release (17R1.3)

Release Date: June 9, 2017

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Admin  Vault uses the user's time zone to calculate date fields with +0 days. DEV-132080
Admin  The configuration migration Component list shows multiple components for a single Doctype. DEV-134144
Admin  For some vaults, lifecycle migration using configuration migration fails. DEV-134160
Admin  In some vaults, object name length limits are not enforced in the Admin area. DEV-134369
Admin  The "Error saving field rule" message is empty. DEV-137004
Admin  In some vaults, View Audit Trail is not available on object records. DEV-138677
Admin  For objects records with related object sections, the search bar disappears if a search returns no results. DEV-138816
Admin  In some cases, user login failures are reported in the Login Audit History in Vault but not in the exported audit logs. DEV-139453
API & VQL  Some users cannot use the Generate Email Fragment action via API. DEV-137294
API & VQL  VQL queries without proper URL Encoding return a 400 error. DEV-136735
API & VQL  When a request URL contains Japanese characters, the response fails. DEV-137192
API & VQL  In some cases, user status cannot be set from Active to Inactive on the Domain level through the Bulk API. DEV-139052
API & VQL  Users are set to Full License Document Users after they are activated or deactivated through the API. DEV-139186
Authentication  Vault prompts cross-domain users to log in again when switching to a vault in a different domain. DEV-136816
Clinical  eTMF users receive a server error when attempting to Send Document Package. DEV-137408
Documents  If user uploads a Word document to Vault using the setting to retain a 600 ppi image resolution, the viewable rendition, when opened in Adobe, auto-scrolls in full screen mode. DEV-132873
Documents  Text fields with a new line render on a single line in Merge Fields documents. DEV-133380
Documents  If a user uploads a Word document with a large number of pages to Vault, using the setting to retain a 600 ppi image resolution, the viewable rendition does not render all of the pages. DEV-133478
Documents  Exported annotations are misaligned in exported PDF files. DEV-136837
Documents  Vault does not show attachments in some MSG files. DEV-137009
Documents  When uploading a document using HTML2PDF, users can't click on some of th elinks within the rendition. DEV-137509
Documents  In certain circumstances, signature pages will not contain meaningful information about workflow steps. For example, users see "usertasknodeXXX" instead of the correct workflow step name" DEV-137818
Documents  In some cases, bullet points don't display correctly on uploaded documents using HTML2PDF DEV-138126
Documents  Chinese characters don't display properly hhwen using HTML2PDF DEV-138128
Documents  In some cases, the lookup field disappears when users load content into a placeholder. DEV-139254
Documents  In some cases, the Library view includes multiple document versions when displaying the number of documents in the Library. DEV-139736
Lifecycle & Workflow  Users receive a server error when promoting a minor version to a major version in a document workflow, if the major version number was used by a deleted document. DEV-131692
Lifecycle & Workflow  When a document is open in two tabs, and the user initiates a user action on one tab, opening the sharing settings on the second tab causes an error. DEV-135753
Lifecycle & Workflow  In some vaults, the task notification details banner in the document viewer does not include all participants. DEV-136119
Lifecycle & Workflow  The Workflow Timeline displays "0 Incomplete of 1 Tasks" when a task is incomplete. DEV-137027
Lifecycle & Workflow  In some cases, users receive an error when copying a lifecycle using the Configuration Migration tool. DEV-138316
Lifecycle & Workflow  We increased the limit on object lifecycle states from 50 to 100. DEV-139941
Localization  Documents with Russian Cyrillic fonts do not render correctly in Vault. DEV-130079
Localization  In some vaults, English-language Vault users receive non-English workflow task reminder notifications. DEV-136283
Localization  Vault renders non-English MSG files with "?" at each line break. DEV-136284
Localization  Vault sends the Bulk State Change Summary notification in English, not the user's language. DEV-137183
Multichannel  Insome cases, users receeive a CDN error when attempmting CLM Integration. DEV-138634
Multichannel  When editing document fields on an Email Template document, the Reply To field autopopulates with a different value. DEV-138636
Objects  After a user edits a field value, related fields do not update immediately DEV-136622
Objects  Web addresses entered in document and object fields that don’t begin with “http” are not clickable. DEV-136625
Objects  Some EDL records fail to create from template jobs. DEV-137803
Objects  In some cases, deleted fields remain in the page layout and cause errors. DEV-138749
Performance  On some sites, Web2PDF excludes the landing page when generating full-site PDFs. DEV-138905
Performance  For some Web2PDF password-protected sites, users cannot fill in the username login field. DEV-139382
Quality  eSignatures are not properly reflected in the Document audit trail. DEV-137598
Reporting  Reports sometimes prompt for the same information twice. DEV-136632
Reporting  Some users receive an error when trying to create a configuration report. DEV-137741
Reporting  When running a report, users recieve a "server error" if the conditional field name on a down object is too long. DEV-138127
Reporting  In certain Lifecycle Role configurations, reports are unable to run when there is a runtime filter on a role. DEV-138778
Reporting  Picklist Merge Fields create repeating rows in tables. DEV-138902
Reporting  Reassigning a workflow task populates the Task Completed By field with the user who reassigned the task. DEV-139479
RIM  In the Submissions Archive Viewer, the file order changes when a user filters by Submission. DEV-137187
RIM  Download attachment icon does not function correctly. DEV-137808
RIM  In some cases, a submission import fails for Japanese Submissions DEV-138615
Search  Some users receive a "document cannot be found" error message when attempting to search for a document. DEV-137440
Security  Some users can't search in the My Vaults page when using IE11 DEV-137611