Fixed Issues in May 5 Release (17R1.2)

Release Date: May 5, 2017

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Admin  When a user is inactive in one vault but active in another, CSV exports of users show both vaults. DEV-125381
Admin  Users see an "unexpected error" when deploying a Vault Configuration Migration Package. The inbound package becomes stuck in "In Deployment" status. DEV-130362
Admin  Audit trails have missing entries when viewed in the UI, even though the exported CSV shows all of the correct entries. DEV-130424
Admin  If a user has permission for the Viewer tab, but the Viewer is disabled for that vault, the user can no longer edit any of the tab permission sets. DEV-130611
Admin  When viewing fields on an object type, list pagination is inaccurate. DEV-135435
Admin  The ID field does not display in the List Layout tab. DEV-136103
API & VQL  VQL queries including type__v in a bracketed WHERE clause are successful but return no results. DEV-129072
API & VQL  When Dynamic Access Control is enabled, updating document roles returns a Successful response, but the document roles are not updated. DEV-116140
API & VQL  Updating documents via API updates the legacy date to the new format and causes an unrelated audit trail. DEV-130004
API & VQL  When creating document versions via the API, Vault applies system-managed document roles based on the last document version included. DEV-111291
API & VQL  When downloading files via the API, any non-ASCII characters in the filename are converted to "?". DEV-121326
API & VQL  VQL queries referencing the Object Type relationship return an unknown relationship error. DEV-131500
API & VQL  API versions 7 - 9 do not properly sanitize XML 1.0. DEV-126362
API & VQL  Object Lifecycle or Object Workflow information do not display in Configuration Speculation reports. DEV-133093
API & VQL  Customer integration using API isn't working with files that have certain special characters. DEV-135608
API & VQL  When querying document relationships with VQL, documents which are not in a relationship are sometimes included with a relationship_type__v of "null". DEV-135914
API & VQL  Relationship queries do not return data when Operator values are surrounded by brackets {}. DEV-136629
API & VQL  VQL queries without proper URL Encoding return a 400 error. DEV-136735
Clinical  Exporting Study Site records to Excel includes duplicate records. DEV-128755
Clinical  In some vaults, users receive a server error after selecting a Study sub-tab. DEV-131049
Clinical  Users cannot create more than 50 Study Site records during document creation. DEV-131036
Clinical  Some users don't receive emails or notifications for CRF reports. DEV-133372
Clinical  The create button still displays for the Study Site object after the Study object is archived. DEV-133454
Clinical  After selecting a Study for the Filing Level, users can select a Study Country from a different Study. DEV-135097
Clinical  In eTMF vaults using binder autofiling, users receive a server error when editing binder sections with a hierarchy type. DEV-135352
Clinical  EDL Item records are not filtered by the Study Selector. DEV-136729
Documents  Words are too close together when viewing PDF documents in landscape orientation. DEV-118917
Documents  In rare cases, Vault cannot unzip uploaded ZIP files. DEV-130234
Documents  Users are unable to change the Source Binding Rule during document creation if they have already selected Specific Document Version. DEV-128453
Documents  Users receive a transcoding error when uploading videos. DEV-129694
Documents  In some cases, Vault does not create viewable renditions for PowerPoints with the .PPT extension. DEV-116177
Documents  Users can delete a document version that is checked out. DEV-127905
Documents  In some vaults, the Refresh Auto-Filing action is not available on the Library's Actions menu. DEV-131126
Documents  For some users, viewable renditions of documents using merge fields contain the tokens instead of the field values. DEV-132056
Documents  Lookup fields with empty values may not get deleted . DEV-132206
Documents  In some cases, Bring Forward Annotations are restored on the page level instead of as placemarks DEV-132495
Documents  Field dependencies don't work properly when navigating to a document in a binder. DEV-132763
Documents  When "/" is included in the Vault name, Cart download fails. DEV-132902
Documents  Some users receive a server error when attempting to add a supporting document. DEV-133111
Documents  Users with the proper document upload permission cannot see the upload icon for unclassified documents. DEV-133301
Documents  The Create Draft action does work for documents with long filenames. DEV-133918
Documents  Some users see a "Server Having Problems" error when attempting to Send Document Package. DEV-137408, DEV-137023
Lifecycle & Workflow  Entry actions cannot update hidden fields. DEV-130353
Lifecycle & Workflow  Importing a workflow containing user task steps creates an empty, placeholder workflow. DEV-131599
Lifecycle & Workflow  Messages using the ${docStatus} token in their message template do not include the current lifecycle state. DEV-131481
Lifecycle & Workflow  Vault owners receive "Page Not Found" errors when trying to view Quality Events. DEV-132744
Localization  PDF files containing Korean characters display incorrectly in the document viewer. DEV-116265
Localization  Japanese translation of "Is supported by" for relationship type reports is incorrect. DEV-130792
Localization  When the locale is set to the UK, the Date Control field in an object workflow displays the incorrect date in IE11 DEV-132753
Multichannel  Users may receive "Refresh Unsuccessful" error when synchronizing PowerPoint files with ":" in the filename. DEV-128861
Multichannel  The "Restrict Fragments by Product" field shows as "True" when it is actually blank for non-Email Template documents. DEV-130313
Multichannel Users may receive a server error when creating presentations. DEV-131884
Multichannel Some users receive errors when trying to create CLM slides from a PDF. DEV-132895
Multichannel Users see an error on some objects field after using Create Presentation. DEV-133541
Multichannel Customers receive errors when using the Send to CLM and Copy to Another Vault actions. DEV-133610
Multichannel Preview Email Template does not work properly in the BEE Editor in Vault. DEV-133767
Multichannel Vault does not create viewable renditions or distribution packages for ZIP files uploaded as Multichannel Slides. DEV-134351,
Multichannel In some vaults, users are unable to send documents to Engage or CLM. DEV-136458
Multichannel Some users receive an error message when attempting to move a document from Draft to Staged. DEV-136454
Objects Users without the Create object permission still see the create new reference record option. DEV-131557
Objects Custom document fields referencing custom objects do not display values in the Library tabular view. DEV-132181
Objects Matching Sharing Rules link goes to the incorrect help article DEV-132566
Objects Users are taken to a blank page when clicking on a link in the Quality Event object DEV-133907
Objects Fields do not immediately update after changes are made to related fields. DEV-136622
Objects Web addresses entered in document and object fields that don't begin with "http" are not clickable. DEV-136625
Performance When viewing the Doc Info page for a document with many object reference fields, users experience slow performance. DEV-130527
Performance Extract jobs in Vault Loader run slowly. DEV-131754,
Performance CSV jobs in Vault Loader time out and never load. DEV-132192
Quality Users receive a server error when approving a multi-document change control. DEV-130249
Reporting Reports may include duplicate rows in Vault and in exported CSV or Excel files. DEV-94524
Reporting Depending on prompt values, chart groupings change. DEV-131195
Reporting The "equal" and "range" report filters on Task Due Date returns different results. DEV-133037
Reporting Report columns are misaligned when using Microsoft Edge. DEV-133521
Reporting In reports that have groupings on a date week, the week ending labels are off by one week for dates in 2017. DEV-136141
Reporting Reports that prompt for user to filter prompt for the same information twice. DEV-136632
RIM In imported submissions, cross-document links are case sensitive. DEV-130319
RIM The Update Content Plan action generates duplicate sections. DEV-129429
RIM In some cases, Vault does not generate viewable renditions for imported submissions. DEV-101823
RIM Several attributes in index XML files cause the submission import to fail. DEV-130801
RIM Imports fail for submissions using the US 3.3 DTD. DEV-131136
RIM For some users, Submission Content Plans created with the Create Content Plan action are incomplete. DEV-131999
RIM SubmissionsArchive viewer displays multiple sections of the same application object. DEV-132630
RIM Users receive a "Server having problems" error when editing documents in Submission Viewer DEV-133149
RIM In some RIM vaults, creating field dependencies causes an error. DEV-133402
RIM When creating a new submission from the Activities object, the date field “Planned Submission Date” does not populate when the user selects a date. DEV-134392
RIM In some vaults, the SubmissionArchive Viewer displays documents incorrectly. DEV-135126
Search After filtering an advanced search with Created By: Vault Owner for document names including "%", users receive a server error or a blank page after removing the filter on the results page. DEV-117801
Search In some cases, advanced search using Japanese text does not return the correct results. DEV-132547
Search For some users, the search drop-down extends beyond the screen. DEV-134381
Search In rare cases, users with the View User Information permission are unable to filter searches by user. DEV-135082
Search Users can't filter by picklist field values starting with "all". DEV-135647
Search Error logs sent from '' contain the "user version is not high enough" message DEV-136618
Security Users whose security profile grants the Application > Audit History permission cannot access an individual object record's audit trail. DEV-116134
Security When documents use Dynamic Access Control rules based on both hidden fields and non-hidden fields, users without access to the hidden field can cause changes to the sharing settings by updating the non-hidden field. DEV-136646