Fixed Issues in 18R2

Release Date: August 10, 2018

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Data Entry In some cases, after a user updates a controlling Item field and clears the dependent Item fields, dependent Item fields do not display the updated Reason for Change. VDC-10149*
Data Entry Once a user enters and saves data on the first Item field of a new repeating Form, Vault creates two records for the Form, both in the In Progress status. VDC-10651*
Data Entry When a user enters a value on a controlling Item field that disables dependent Item fields, Vault EDC displays the Reset Entered Values dialog even when those dependent Item fields are blank and the Items are already disabled. If the user clicks Continue, the dialog closes, but once the user clicks away from the controlling Item, the dialog reopens. VDC-10787*
Data Entry When a controlling Item field uses Radio Buttons, the Reset Entered Values dialog displays for each radio button, instead of a single dialog for the Item field. VDC-10798*
Data Entry Users with custom security profiles were unable to mark Item fields as Intentionally Left Blank. With this fix, users with the appropriate permissions can now mark Item fields as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-10830*,
Data Entry Vault EDC may display data incorrectly when a single Item Definition is used across multiple Item Group Definitions on a single repeating Form Definition. VDC-10858*
Data Entry In some cases, users with custom security profiles may receive server errors when accessing Forms containing Codelist-type Item fields. VDC-11157*
Data Entry Users may receive a server error when resetting a Form that includes a Lab record selection Item. VDC-11228*
Data Entry In some cases, Vault may not save Labs Codelist-type Item selections on repeating Forms. VDC-11240*
Data Entry Marking a Labs Codelist-type Item as Intentionally Left Blank may cause a server error. VDC-11241*
Data Entry Users may be able to select the Unknown checkbox when choosing a year in a date-type Item field. Vault EDC does not save the selection, but the checkbox should not display. VDC-11390
Data Entry Object reference codelist Items are not disabled correctly by Skip Item-type Rules. VDC-11546*
Data Entry When a user completes a repeating Form, and then later edits and clears a number- or time-type Item field, Vault does not save the edited, empty field value. VDC-11639*
Data Entry In some vaults, the Reset Form action does not work as expected on date-type Item fields. VDC-11782
Data Entry If a user uses Tab to move from an Item field, to an open query, and into another Item field, Vault does not autosave the entry for the first Item. VDC-12204*
Data Entry The Audit Trail may not indicate that an Item containing data was set to blank when a user marks an Item as Intentionally Left Blank, instead only showing that it was marked as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-12436*
Data Entry Once a user marks an Item field on a repeating Form as Intentionally Left Blank, users may be unable to edit some Item fields on that Form. VDC-12566
Data Entry Vault EDC updates the Event Date (event_date__v) field on the Event object whenever the Event Date Time (event_date_time__v) field is updated. It also updates Event Planned Date (event_planned_date__v) field when the Event Planned Date Time (event_planned_date_time__v) field is updated. This causes discrepancies with UTC date/time normalization. With this release, Vault EDC preserves both UTC-normalized (within Event Date Time and Planned Event Date Time) and user-entered entries (within Event Date and Planned Event Date). This update does not change how dates display in the Casebooks tab or affect the calculation of offset dates. VDC-12670,
Data Entry Users may receive a server error when attempting to open a repeating Form. VDC-12812
Data Entry When a user begins typing in a Codelist-type Item control, and then clicks a Codelist Item to select it, Vault shows a different Codelist Item as selected. VDC-14327*
Data Entry Vault saves user-entered data and the repeating Form record after a user clicks the Cancel button. VDC-5124*
Data Entry When a user attempts to mark an Item field with a checkbox (boolean) control as Intentionally Left Blank, Vault redirects the user to the Casebook listing page and does not hide the checkbox control. VDC-8335*
Data Entry When a user edits a Form with a Signature, Vault does not update the Form status as expected. VDC-8993*
Data Entry The Change Reason selection does not default onto the next Item field when a user edits a Form and marks an Item field as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-9939*
Data Review When a Form containing an Item field marked as Intentionally Left Blank is Frozen, the Form automatically updates to the Submitted status. VDC-10301*
Data Review A query remains open on a dependent Item after the Item is disabled. VDC-10366*
Data Review Query message text does not wrap correctly within the query dialog. VDC-10799*
Data Review Disabling and clearing a dependent Item does not close any system queries on requiredness. VDC-11373*
Data Review When a user pastes text for the query Comment, Vault does not allow the user to save the new query. VDC-11450
Data Review Users cannot create queries on read-only Item fields. VDC-11834
Data Review Vault creates system queries unexpectedly on repeating Forms with Skip Item type rules. VDC-11984
Data Review Vault EDC does not set the SDV or DMR Requirement Mode on Forms created by a user with the EDC Investigator or EDC Clinical Research Coordinator security profiles. VDC-12029*
Data Review The Reset Form action does not undo completed Data Manager Review. VDC-9776*
Data Review Users may receive a server error when performing DMR or SDV in a Form containing composite Item rows. VDC-9947*
eSignature Vault does not disable the Apply Electronic Signature action for an Event when there is an open query on a Form within the Event. VDC-10728
eSignature Users can provide an eSignature on Events with open queries. VDC-6986*
eSignature Users cannot successfully provide an eSignature with a user name that is in uppercase format. VDC-7648*
Localization Some UI messages were not translated. VDC-8509*
PDF Export Detail and Blank PDF exports may not display Event Override Labels. VDC-13315*
PDF Export Users may receive a "Error exporting form" error when attempting to export a single-form blank PDF. VDC-9010*
Publishing Validation When multiple Review Plans reference the same Private Key value, users receive a server error when attempting to validate their study design. VDC-11211*
Publishing Validation Users may receive errors related to Private Keys during validation, even though those Private Key values are correct. VDC-12931*
Reporting Some users may be unable to access the Items Intentionally Left Blank report. VDC-11133
Reporting Depending on when the vault was created, some vaults may not include all available standard template Reports. VDC-11194*
Study Administration Users receive a server error when attempting to update a Casebook that contains Form data to a new version where that Form has been changed. VDC-10489*
Study Administration All Site Users created from Study Tools > Users may not be able to view all Study Sites. VDC-11903
Study Administration Study Tools > Users does not prevent users from including special characters in a User Name. VDC-14397*
Study Administration In some cases, upgrading a Casebook to a new version may unexpectedly alter Planned Event Date values. VDC-14525*
Study Administration When adding a user via Study Tools > Users, if a user navigates backwards a step, any selections are not saved. VDC-9143*
Study Administration When a user adds an additional role to another User in Study Tools > Users, the dialog freezes. VDC-9795*
Study Administration When adding a User to a Study in Study Tools > Users, if a user goes back to the Profile step from Access, and then clicks Next again, the Save button is disabled. VDC-9798*
Study Administration When a Study does not have any Review Plans, users still receive the same confirmation dialog as if there were Review Plans when clicking on those jobs. VDC-9820*
Study Administration Users cannot expand the input field for Description or Expression when editing a query rule if the input field was previously reduced to the smallest possible size. VDC-9977*
Study Design Skip Item-type Rules are not validated correctly. VDC-10019*
Study Design The validation CSV includes duplicate rows for certain errors. VDC-10116*
Study Design After a user creates a new Item Definition, the Precision properties panel field is empty. VDC-10323*
Study Design When a Studio user switches studies while in Design view, the relationship-related Properties panel fields do not display until the user refreshes their browser. VDC-10468*
Study Design Importing an ODM XML of a new version of an existing Casebook Definition version may fail and cause a server error. VDC-10684*
Study Design When a user quickly drags and drops multiple objects around Studio's Design view, Vault does not delete the join records after the user removes an object definition from its parent in the design palette. VDC-10688
Study Design When a user updates a property field on an object definition record, the system updates all object records related to that updated record to reflect the change. Users are unable to update an object definition record if that change will need to apply to more than 500 related records. With this fix, users can make updates regardless of the number of impacted records. VDC-10806
Study Design Users may receive a server error when deleting object records from Studio. VDC-11082*
Study Design Changes to an object definition from Studio's Properties panel may not save correctly. VDC-11152*
Study Design When Codelist Item Definitions use "0" and "1", Skip Item type Rules that reference that Codelist Definition do not enable Items as expected. VDC-11185*
Study Design Users may receive an unexpected error when attempting to select the Repeating checkbox on a Form Definition in Studio's Design view. VDC-11457*
Study Design Vault EDC uses the most recent version of the relationships between design definition objects in current Casebooks, instead of the relationship version for the Casebook Definition Version in use for that Site. VDC-11847*
Study Design The Reference Object field on Item Definition records is not imported or exported correctly in Studio. VDC-11887*
Study Design When an Add Schedule-type rule references an Event Date that will not yet be entered at the time of rule execution, Vault may incorrectly calculate Planned Event Dates. VDC-11960
Study Design In some cases, Studio users may be unable to successfully import a new casebook definition version from one vault to another. VDC-12829*
Study Design In some vaults, EDC may create new versions of Item Group Definitions after import, even though no changes were made to that Item Group Definition between the two versions. VDC-13875*
Study Design In vaults where a Study is managed by an object lifecycle, Studio users may be unexpectedly unable to edit an OID from the Properties panel. This fix also removed the Status field from the Organization and Study Properties panels. VDC-14115*
Study Design The error message when a user exceeds the character limit for the Help Content property is unhelpful. VDC-14398*
Study Design Studio users cannot sort rules by the Message or Form Definition columns. VDC-5707*
Study Design Vault may not create system queries against range on Unit-type Item fields with a translated value. Vault rounds the translated value. VDC-6455
Study Design Vault does not support Minimum and Maximum Value system-generated rules for time-type Items. VDC-6982
Study Design In some vaults, search results in Studio's Browse view are not preserved when the user navigates away from and then returns to Browse view. VDC-8136*
Study Design Importing and then re-importing again a single Casebook Definition version that contains a Codelist Definition causes an error. VDC-9818*
UI & Performance In Studio's Browse view, sorting Rules by Action does not sort records alphabetically. With this fix, users can no longer sort by the Rule Action column. VDC-10017*
UI & Performance The text counter is to the right of text field, rather than to the bottom right of input control. VDC-10276*
UI & Performance Open and Answered query dialogs are not aligned correctly. VDC-10358*
UI & Performance When an Event has no Overdue Days setting, the Incomplete Forms count in the task bar may not increment as expected for Forms in that Event. VDC-10670*
UI & Performance In Casebooks task count for All Tasks in left column does not match task count in adjacent right column. VDC-10680*
UI & Performance After a user hovers over the Open Query icon and then moves their cursor away, the hover text continues to display and moves around the page until the user refreshes the page. VDC-10899
UI & Performance Hint Label text is misaligned on Submitted Forms. VDC-10910
UI & Performance After a Studio user edits a record property in Design view, the Properties panel displays properties for another record. VDC-11040*
UI & Performance When Vault creates a new dynamic Event Group within a Casebook, the Casebook's Last Event Date value in the Casebooks listing page may not update as expected. VDC-11109
UI & Performance For some Items, the Edit Checks section of the Properties panel may not display after a user makes changes to the Item Definition from Admin > Business Admin. VDC-11239*
UI & Performance When an Event is marked as Did Not Occur, the Casebooks listing page continues to reference that Event as the Next Event Date. VDC-11358
UI & Performance For users with the EDC Data Manager security profile, the Freeze Form option is missing icon in Action Menu. VDC-11695*
UI & Performance In some vaults, users may need to click a button more than once on a Form to execute an action. VDC-11699*
UI & Performance While Studio's Properties panel is saving a change once a user clicks away from a field, the panel becomes inactive until the save is complete. With this fix, the panel also becomes inactive during save when a user presses Tab to leave a field. VDC-11807*
UI & Performance When a user enters data in an Item field, and then quickly performs two or more actions that cause Vault to autosave Form data before the initial Item field entry is saved, Vault logs duplicate Audit Trail entries for the original data entry. VDC-12061*
UI & Performance Views-only exports from Studio take much longer than expected. VDC-12065*
UI & Performance Importing a View Set Definition with a large number of columns may take a very long time and ultimately fail. VDC-12490*
UI & Performance In some vaults, autosave and Form submission may take slightly longer than expected. VDC-12581*,
UI & Performance The New Casebook button is not disabled while Vault is creating a new Casebook. VDC-13340*
UI & Performance Users with the EDC Data Manager security profile may see the Event Label instead of the Event Override Label in the casebook schedule. VDC-13877*
UI & Performance There were some slightly misaligned page elements within the Casebooks tab. VDC-14273*
UI & Performance Users can click Save in the Insert Identifier dialog when they have not selected any values. VDC-6652*
UI & Performance Hovering over the Change Indicator displays 3 hovercards instead of the expected 1 hovercard. VDC-7629*
UI & Performance When selecting a date, the highlight to indicate the current date is slightly misshapen. VDC-8411*
UI & Performance In Studio, the loading spinner icon is inconsistent across locations. VDC-8963*
UI & Performance In some browsers, the user sees the text insertion cursor in Studio's Design view. VDC-9664*
UI & Performance When a user navigates away from Studio's Design view using the breadcrumb menu, opening a Study again does not open the Study in Browse view as expected. VDC-9778*
UI & Performance The task bar does not refresh the form highlight when a user navigates to the repeating Form table view. VDC-9803*
UI & Performance In some areas, tooltips and callouts may move with the page when scrolling. VDC-9937*
Vault Configuration The Mark Item as Intentionally Left Blank feature is now enabled by selecting the Enable Item Intentionally Left Blank Action checkbox in Admin > Settings > Application Settings. VDC-11020*
Views & Data Export When exporting an ODM XML of a version containing views, the ODM Export job may fail unexpectedly. VDC-10247*
Views & Data Export Users may receive a server error when attempting to export data based on a View Definition referencing an Event label. VDC-11064*
Views & Data Export When a user attempts to export data with a View Definition that results in empty cell values, they receive a server error. VDC-11116*
Views & Data Export When a View Definition references Forms with multi-Form Items, exports based on that View Definition may include duplicate rows and other formatting errors in the CSV file. VDC-11738*
Views & Data Export Some Data Export jobs may fail unexpectedly. VDC-11966
Views & Data Export Importing a Casebook Definition Version containing View Definitions may create duplicate Column Binding Definition records. VDC-12225*
Views & Data Export Vault requires View Set Names to be unique across the vault, instead of within the Study. VDC-12688*
Views & Data Export Adding a Derived-type Column Binding may cause a server error. VDC-9407*
*Internally found defects filed during the development of Limited Release features.