Upgrading a Study from Manual to Automatic Deployments

If your Study meets certain requirements, your organization can choose to upgrade your study from manual (pre-19R3) to automatic (post-19R3) deployments.


To upgrade your Study, it must be published in production with no pending changes in development. Your Study is also eligible for the upgrade if it is still in development and has never been published for production.

Before your organization can perform the steps in this help topic, Veeva Services must perform some configuration tasks in your vault. Contact your Veeva Services representative for details.

Before Upgrading

Before you can perform the steps in Studio to upgrade your Study, your Veeva Services representative must first perform some additional configuration on your vault. Contact your Veeva Services representative for details.

You must also have a Study Master to put your upgrade Study in, and have at least one (development) environment ready for your Study. Learn more about creating Study Masters here.

Upgrading your Study

To upgrade your Study:

  1. Open Studio.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Upgrade to Automatic Deployments. Vault opens the Upgrade to Automatic Deployments dialog. Upgrade to Automatic Deployments action

  3. Select the Vault containing the Study you want to upgrade. Upgrade to Automatic Deployments dialog

  4. Select the Study that you want to upgrade.
  5. Select an Environment for the Study. If you select the Production environment here, Vault automatically fills the Production Environments field with your selection.
  6. If not already filled, enter a Study Name for your Study. This will be the Name for your study in the automatic deployments UI.
  7. Optional: Select vaults to create user acceptance testing, training, and production environments in. Except for production, a deployment administrator can also create these environments later from EDC Tools.
  8. Click Upgrade.
  9. Vault begins a job to upgrade your Study. When finished, Vault sends you an email notification.

After Upgrading

After your study is successfully upgraded to automatic deployments, it moves from the Manual to Automated study listing in both Studio and EDC Tools. A deployment administrator can now create additional environments (Study Instances) for your study as needed from EDC Tools.

Only users with the Vault Owner security profile can upgrade Studies from the manual deployment model to the automated deployment model.