Visit Method

New studies created after the 24R1 release can utilize the Visit Method field when configuring Events in the Study Schedule. The Visit Method field allows you to specify what type of visit the event can be categorized by: On Site Visit, Virtual Visit, At Home Visit, Alternative Facility Visit, or Telephone Interview. You can choose to set default visit methods for your study and also configure visit methods for each individual event in the Schedule. In Data Entry, Visit Method values are displayed with icons next to the Event Date. Visit Method can also be frozen, locked, and added to Review Plans.

How to Configure a Default Visit Method

You can configure default visit methods in the Study Settings tab. Visit methods that are configured as default will be automatically assigned to an event when it’s created or added to the Study Schedule.

To configure default visit method options:

  1. Navigate to Studio > Study Settings.
  2. Click Edit in the Default Configuration Options section.
  3. Choose one or more options in the Default Visit Method Options field. Default Visit Method options

  4. Click Save.

How to Add Visit Method to your Study

To add a visit method to an Event in your study:

  1. Navigate to Studio > Schedule.
  2. Select the Event you’d like to specify the Visit Method for to open the Event’s properties panel.
  3. Choose one or more options in the Visit Method field. Visit Method field

  4. Click Save.