Fixed Issues in 19R2.4 Release

Release Date: November 1, 2019

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

A * next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.


Issue Description Issue No.
The Clinical Assessment PDF generator fails when two forms are included as supplemental data in an assessment. VDC-35334*
If a user resets a Form with an Add Assessment rule's controlling Item, Vault does not delete the existing Assessment. VDC-32461*
The Assessment Questionnaire page may overlap with the footer. VDC-32466*, VDC-35169*
Filters on the Assessments listing page filter by the Name instead of the Label. VDC-32827*
In EDC Tools > Assessments, if a list of assigned roles is longer than Vault can display in the list, Vault does not add an ellipsis (...) to the truncated list. VDC-32830*
For repeating Forms, Vault marks all Assessments for that Form as Obsolete, even when only Form instance was edited. VDC-33534*
When new instances of a repeating Form are added while a user is viewing supplemental data, Vault doesn't update the repeating Forms table until the user refreshes their page. VDC-34188*
With Internet Explorerâ„¢, Vault does not show a scrollbar in the Assessments listing page. VDC-34510*
Assessment PDFs don't display the questions in the correct order. VDC-34540*
The Reset Environment dialog title includes a question mark (?). VDC-34829*
Assessment PDFs don't include the Assessment Status. VDC-34831*
Assessment PDFs show the Code instead of the Label for Codelists. VDC-34832*
Users receive a server error when attempting to sort the Assessments listing by Event. VDC-34990*
Users can't open an Assessment when a supplemental data Item has an open query. VDC-35137*

Audit Trail

Issue Description Issue No.
When a user creates a manual query on an Event Date, Vault records that event in the audit trail as "Query closed". VDC-31455*
The Audit Trail Export CSV includes audit events for changes to "Union" (part of subject transfers). With this release, Vault does not include these rows. VDC-31720*
The "Sort Datetime" action unnecessarily appears in the event audit trail. VDC-35268*
The Event Date Audit Trail does not display when the event was locked or frozen. VDC-35316*


Issue Description Issue No.
Deployment Administrators incorrectly have access to the Users tab. VDC-35357*

Automated Deployments

Issue Description Issue No.
The EDC Deployment Administrator application role does not include all of the necessary permissions. VDC-33190*
In the Create Environment dialog, Vault shows Vault IDs instead of Vault Names. VDC-33703*
After a deployment, Vault may show the override label for Items in Studio > Schedule. VDC-33739*
Vault may show Rules using version 2 of the expression grammar in the version 1 Rule Editor after a deployment. VDC-33745*
Vault does not populate Last Action Performed in EDC Tools > Deployments. VDC-34160*
Vault doesn't label Study Instances correctly. VDC-34164*
Vault allows updates to the Study Configuration in non-development environments, which can cause errors during deployment. VDC-34167*
Deployment-related actions in the environment-level Actions menu are visible to users without the Manage Deployments permission. VDC-34192*
Creating a new Study Master as a copy of another Study may fail unexpectedly. VDC-34468*
Users receive a server error after clicking to open an environment without a connected study. With this release, environments without studies no longer display as clickable links. VDC-34503*
In Studio, Vault does not filter the Study list by Organization even after a user makes filter selections. VDC-34506*
Newly created study environments do not display in the Destination Environment drop-down. VDC-34515*
Studio > Environments did not have a page title or the appropriate column labels. VDC-34652*
The Actions menu and New Study buttons are no longer available in non-Control Center vaults. VDC-34720*
Studio > Environments lists deleted environments. VDC-34725*
Users receive a server error when selecting a Study Master in Studio's breadcrumb menu. VDC-34731*
EDC Tools > My Studies and EDC Tools > Deployments don't have filters. VDC-34733*
Vault does not include Query Messages in deployment Study Packages. VDC-34748*
Users receive a server error when selecting a Study Environment to copy from during Study Master creation. VDC-34756*
Vault does not propagate changes to a study instance's Label to all locations where that label displays. VDC-34830*
When upgrading a manual deployment Study, Vault does not generate a Cross Vault ID for the Organization. VDC-34922*, VDC-35262*
After a user initiates an upgrade of a Study to the automated deployment model, Vault shows the Job Queued dialog, even though there isn't a job. VDC-34944*
Vault may not create a UAT study environment even when specified during the upgrade from the manual to automated deployment model. VDC-34945*
Deployments from UAT to production may fail unexpectedly in Studies that were upgraded from manual to automated deployments. VDC-34985*
Vault does not display all connected vaults as options for environments in the Upgrade to Automatic Deployments dialog. VDC-35007*
In certain circumstances, upgrading a Study from manual to automated deployments fails unexpectedly. VDC-35880*

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No.
Prospective amendments may fail when a Casebook contains a signed Event where all Forms are in the Blank status. VDC-27131*
If a user creates a new casebook version, Vault does not base the new version on the latest version. VDC-34504*
In certain cases, the Compare Versions option does not allow the user to select another vault. VDC-35578*


Issue Description Issue No.
The Query Status filter drop-down is too narrow and moves around as users select and clear filters. VDC-29762*
In the Coding panel, hovering over a dictionary result does not show both the Code and Code + Next buttons. VDC-30802*
Users receive a server error when searching the Code Request listing for a verbatim ending in a colon (:). VDC-34313*
Users receive a server error when searching for a term ending in @, *, (, ) + , -, <, or >. VDC-35160*
Users receive an error message when searching for "Fibrosis of lung (due to radiation)" in the MedDRA dictionary. VDC-35245*
Dictionary search results are not sorted correctly when selected by the user. VDC-35286*
Searching for G.b.derm in the dictionary search bar does not provide the correct results. VDC-35291*
If a user attempts to search eleven or more unique words in the dictionary search bar, they will receive an error message. VDC-35333*
The response time for viewing form requests is much longer than it should be. VDC-35440*
In some cases, the user receives a server error when coding and uncoding grouped requests. VDC-35462*

Coder Tools

Issue Description Issue No.
If a user clicks Back to Synonym Lists after importing, Coder Tools > Synonym Lists doesn't show any records until the user refreshes the page. VDC-35020*

Compare Versions

Issue Description Issue No.
When the Exclude Event Group and Event Differences and Include "Same" Records options are selected, the comparison report still notes changes to Event Group labels. VDC-33081*
When comparing two versions, one of which was added as part of an automated deployment, Vault does not include unit item Abbreviations in the report. VDC-33751*
When comparing two versions, one of which was added as part of an automated deployment, Vault shows "null" instead of the actual value for some values. VDC-33752*
When comparing two versions, one of which was added as part of an automated deployment, Vault does not include Help Content in the report. VDC-33752*

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
After a user resets an Event, Vault does not delete open system queries within that Event. VDC-27016*
When a user enters a date outside of the expected range for an Event, the dialog does not display correctly with the Enter Date dialog. VDC-32942*
Vault does not allow users to submit a Form with a controlling Item when the dependent Item is on a Form that was signed but was reset. VDC-33910*
In the Data Entry tab, adding a second instance to a repeating form incorrectly deletes the assessment created from the first instance. VDC-35295*
In some cases, dynamic forms are created under events that did not occur. VDC-36022*
In the Studio tab, the production environment field is incorrectly shown as a required field for source environments other than development. VDC-36056*
With this release, Vault no longer allows users to double click when entering Event Dates, which caused the creation of duplicate dynamic Forms. VDC-36092*

Freezing & Locking

Issue Description Issue No.
When a Study does not have a Review State Definition for Event Dates, Vault does not show the Frozen and Locked icons for frozen and locked Event Dates. VDC-32273*


Issue Description Issue No.
If a user edits a scheduled Autocoding and Suggestions job, Vault creates a second job with the edited configuration instead of editing the existing job. VDC-33757
After initiating an ODM Export job in Studio, users receive a server error when attempting to access EDC Tools > Jobs. VDC-35163*


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault does not include translations for "No data found" or the "Loading" message displayed after a user clicks to open an Event. VDC-30820*
Some fields and tooltips in the Review tab are missing translations. VDC-32794*

PDF Export

Issue Description Issue No.
With the new PDF format, Events that don't have a Review State definition show "Signed" in the Signed column. VDC-33328*
In the new PDF format, repeating Forms within log-type Events are not displayed correctly. VDC-33637*
In the new Detail PDF format, clicking Back to Data doesn't navigate the user to the correct location. VDC-33930*
The new format for Detail PDFs doesn't include a Query column on the Event Schedule page. VDC-34029*
In the new PDF format, Vault shows the Event Label as a hyperlink on the Item Query page. VDC-34754*
In the new PDF format, Form Name bookmarks in the By Query section aren't hyperlinks. VDC-34881*
In the new detail PDF format, Item links on the Item Query page don't lead to the Data page. VDC-35197*


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't prevent users from commenting on a query and then editing an Item value before saving the comment. VDC-33281*
Vault doesn't update the Value Modified Date field on system-generated queries after a user manually closes that query. VDC-34999*

Review Plans

Issue Description Issue No.
In Studies created after 19R2.3, if a requirement mode is set to Required at the Form level, overrides at the Item level may not successfully change an Item's requirement mode. VDC-35287*
Users cannot access the Review Plan Assignments tab. VDC-36263

Role Management

Issue Description Issue No.
If a user attempts to create a custom Study Role with invalid characters in the Name, the page hangs. VDC-32519*


Issue Description Issue No.
For certain rules, users receive an error message when attempting to update the rule description. VDC-35353*


Issue Description Issue No.
When a user performs SDV or DMR on an Event Date, Vault updates the Event-level SDV or DMR indicator to complete, even when there are Items within the Event that are incomplete. VDC-33499*
In the Review tab, event dates for SDV/DMR should be represented as outstanding tasks. VDC-35335*
Event Audit Trail incorrectly shows SDV/DMR review as false for events with a review plan that is requires SDV/DMR for Items and no review for Event Dates. VDC-35370*
In the Review tab, when the Review UI V2 rollup is in use, the user receives a server error when attempting to save a review on an event date that is locked. VDC-35441*
When running an SDV re-assessment job with a Required to No Review requirement, the values for Review for SDV are not properly updated. VDC-35555*
The SDV status for a repeating form is incorrectly marked as incomplete. VDC-35629*
When an event date is configured with an "Optional" requirement mode, SDV/DMR does not appear as an option. VDC-36085*

Search & Filter

Issue Description Issue No.
EDC Tools > Jobs does not include search or filters. VDC-34892*

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault allows users to save a new User without selections for Grant Access to All Sites or Country Access, and then sets All Sites to Yes. VDC-34345*, VDC-34365*
If a user is assigned multiple Sites, EDC Tools > Users only lists the last Site. VDC-34447*
When setting study access, if a user administrator clicks Back in the dialog, they return to the Create USer dialog, but the selections for Language, Locale, and Timezone are cleared. VDC-34524*
In automated deployment studies, user creation fails with an "Invalid username or user already exists error", even when the user name is valid and the user doesn't already exist. VDC-34882*
Vault allows users to edit a Site record from EDC Tools > Sites when the Site is locked. VDC-35064*

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault does not show any error message when a user enters more than 128 characters for External ID during Form creation. VDC-32456*
Users may get unexpected errors when copying Forms in Studio. VDC-32867
Filters in the Form Definition list and the Copy Forms dialog may not function correctly. VDC-33141*, VDC-34814*
Vault does not reuse the Private Key value for copied Forms. VDC-33255*
Users must click to close the Edit Unit and Edit Codelist dialogs multiple times before the dialog closes. VDC-34283*
Vault opens an additional dialog where users must click Save a second time when saving changes to version properties. VDC-34286*
The Properties panel for Assessment Definitions doesn't close after a user clicks the Close button. VDC-34296*
If a user navigates from Studio > Event Groups to EDC Tools, the browser tab crashes. VDC-34307*
Vault allows users to select a different row even when the Properties panel is open. VDC-34312*
Clicking on a Form's Name in Studio > Forms reloads the page. VDC-34332*
Vault doesn't show the Locked icon in Studio when a casebook version is published. VDC-34453*
We made several minor fixes to the new Studio navigation pattern to preserve functionality available in pre-19R2.3 Studio. VDC-34650*
Annotated PDF generation for unique CRFs with export annotations fails unexpectedly. VDC-36910*

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
In the Review tab's View as Site dialog, frozen, composite Items display multiple Frozen status icons. VDC-22971*
Vault does not show override labels for repeating Event Groups on the New Event Group button or the Event Group Label (in the Review tab). VDC-27358*
The horizontal scroll bar may block the last row of a tabular repeating Item Group. VDC-29874*
For users who can close queries from the Data Entry tab, closed queries display as open in tabular repeating Item Groups. VDC-31085*
The View as Site dialog does not show Frozen and Locked icons for tabular repeating Item Groups. VDC-31281*
Vault does not update review status icons in the Event & Form List until a user refreshes the page. VDC-31560*
The SDV and DMR icons are sometimes misaligned in the Content panel. VDC-31892*
The New Event Group, Event, and Form dialogs don't close if a user navigates away from the page using their browser's Back button. VDC-32871*
In the View as Site dialog, the Change Indicator hovercard is hidden behind the Form. VDC-33062*
In Studio's Study Object pages, the Last Modified Date column values are not formatted correctly. VDC-33336*
There is extra white space on Studio's Study Object listing pages. VDC-33378*
Vault allows users to sort by Repeat Maximum, which can't be sorted correctly. With this release, users can no longer sort by this column. VDC-33381*
The record counts in the Studio Navigation panel are not based on the current casebook version. VDC-33460*
In EDC Tools > FTPs, if there are more than 20 FTP connections, Vault does not display all records. VDC-33737*
Vault may not update the SDV or DMR status icons until a user refreshes the page. VDC-33839*
For repeating Forms in the Review tab, pagination doesn't work as expected when there are many Form instances. VDC-33988*
In the Review tab, paginating in a repeating form leads to another repeating form grid overlapping the current page. VDC-33990*
The Properties panel's Close button does not have a tooltip. VDC-34216*
In Studio, the Properties panel covers the Actions menu. VDC-34356*
In Studio's Study Object listing pages, Vault doesn't show an object title. VDC-34368*
The Delete Environment dialog text had a typo. VDC-34378*
Vault doesn't display a warning if a user navigates away from Studio > Settings without saving their changes. VDC-34607*
The Rule Editor doesn't allow vertical scrolling. VDC-34616*
In Studio, the "+ New Assessment" button was incorrectly labeled as "+ New Assessments". VDC-34626*
In Studio, the "+ New Review Plan" button was incorrectly labeled as "+ New Review Plans". VDC-34627*
In the Rule Editor, clicking the Cancel button does not return the user to the Rules listing. VDC-34630*
Studio > Schedule doesn't have horizontal or vertical scrollbars. VDC-34664*
Users can't open a Form when the Properties panel is open in Studio > Schedule. VDC-34666*
Vault refreshes each time a user opens the Properties panel. VDC-34669*
The Properties panel moves when users save changes. VDC-34671*
Several columns include nonsense strings instead of the appropriate information. Vault also displays a second button in Studio > View Sets with the wrong label on it. VDC-34674*
The Studio Navigation panel isn't scrollable. VDC-34841*
In the Review Plan Editor, the Save button extends outside the viewable area. VDC-34915*
In Studio > Review Plans, the Event Date Review column displays as a sortable column. VDC-34916*
In Internet Explorerâ„¢, the page numbers in the Review tab repeating Form table's pagination are misaligned. VDC-34951*
In Studio > Assessments > Visibility, users are warned about unsaved changes when attempting to leave the page when they haven't made any changes. VDC-34953*
In the Review tab, when a user clicks to view a Query that is on a repeating Form, either from Review > Queries or using the Next Task navigation, Vault does not automatically scroll to and highlight the open Query in the Content panel. VDC-34965*
In the Review tab, a blank white page and error message appear when an event has two repeating form grids next to each other. VDC-35089*
Repeating Item Groups are incorrectly shown to have the same form number. VDC-35259
In the Studio > Assessment Editor tab, details in the definition tab fail to display when changes are made in the design tab. VDC-35284*
Assessment Editors receive a server error when clicking "Continue" on the Reset Modal box on the Assessment Listing page. VDC-35383*
On the Assessment Listing page, attempting to complete an assessment with an open status results in a server error. VDC-35387*
In the Studio tab, the Study Environment listing is missing the "Environments" filter. VDC-35836*
In certain instances, selecting Studio in IE 11 does not open Studio. VDC-36192*

Views & Data Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault allows users to save changes to Views in UAT (automated deployment) environments. VDC-34037*
When a user copies a View Set or Review Plan, Vault does not generate a new CDM Key, which can cause multiple issues, including failure to compare versions. VDC-34159*