Fixed Issues in 19R2.2 Release

Release Date: September 5, 2019

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

A * next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.

Audit Trail

Issue Description Issue No.
The Audit Trail Export job fails when a Study contains a deleted Subject whose Casebook had Events in the Planned status. VDC-31125*

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No.
Retrospective amendments fail when a new casebook version updates the Labels of Codelist Items referenced in an Item Group's default data configuration. VDC-29640*
During a retrospective amendment, Vault attempts to update related records to those removed during the amendment (such as layout relationship records for a removed Form). This can cause unexpected errors when there is submitted data related to those records. VDC-29655
When comparing casebook versions that introduce new Codelist Item Definitions, Vault does not show those new definitions in the comparison report when Skip “Same” records (only show differences) is selected. VDC-30748*
If a Casebook Definition contains Default Data configuration for a repeating Item Group, any retrospective amendments to a new version of that design fail with a change validation error on the Default Data configuration, even when there are no changes to that configuration in the new version. VDC-31270*
If a new version includes new Default Data configuration for an Item Group, retrospective amendments fail unexpectedly. VDC-32065*
Retrospective amendments fail when the new casebook version increases the Repeat Maximum and adds new label rows for a repeating Event Group. VDC-32156*
During a retrospective amendment, Vault attempts to update related records to those removed during the amendment (such as layout relationship records for a removed Form). This can cause unexpected errors when there is submitted data related to those records. VDC-32323*


Issue Description Issue No.
Coder limits the number of unique terms that a user can enter and search for in a dictionary search to ten, but does not limit the number of duplicate terms. Therefore, the user is able to conduct a search for an unlimited number of duplicate terms. VDC-29123*
If an EDC data entry user submits a Form where the Verbatim, Indication, or Route Item value includes a percent symbol (%), Vault does not create a Code Request for the Form. VDC-31896*
Vault may fail to create MedDRA dictionary Code Requests when the value for the verbatim Item contains certain special characters. VDC-28839*

Coder Tools

Issue Description Issue No.
After a user selects a Synonym List for a Form and clicks Save, they receive a server error and the dialog hangs. The user must refresh the page to see that they successfully assigned the Synonym List. VDC-31075*

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
Users receive a server error after using the breadcrumb menu to navigate to a Form within an Event for another Subject that was removed by a prospective amendment. VDC-17898*
After a user answers a query, Vault does not display the Complete button until the user refreshes the page. VDC-29882*
When a Form is locked, if a user hovers over the disabled Edit Form button, Vault continues to display the tooltip after the user moves their cursor off the button. VDC-30718*
Users receive a server error after using the breadcrumb menu to navigate to an unscheduled Event from another unscheduled Event, of the same Event Definition, containing dynamic Forms. VDC-31267
In certain cases, a dynamic, Codelist-type Item with radio buttons may display as disabled, even though it is enabled and users can edit it. VDC-32173*

Freezing & Locking

Issue Description Issue No.
When a Subject is frozen, Vault does not disable the + New Event button. VDC-29647*
After a user locks or unlocks a Casebook, Vault does not disable or enable the SDV and DMR buttons until the user refreshes the page. VDC-30728*
After a user freezes or locks an Event, and then unfreezes or unlocks it, Vault does not remove the Frozen or Locked status icons until the user refreshes the page. VDC-30892*
If a user locks a Subject, and then unlocks a Form, Vault does not unlock other Forms in that Event when a user unlocks the Subject. VDC-31295*


Issue Description Issue No.
The Delete Study Data job fails when a Study has more than 1000 Casebooks. VDC-31118*


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault does not translate the property labels for Item Help Content and Form Help Content. VDC-25884*
Some field labels in Studio are not localized. VDC-27035*
Vault does not include translations for "No data found" or the "Loading" message displayed after a user clicks to open an Event. VDC-28273*


Issue Description Issue No.
When a rule includes a #define for @Form.ItemGroup, Vault allows users to enter Items that exist on the Form but not in the Item Group selected in the #define. Users are able to save the Rule containing this invalid identifier. VDC-28551*
Vault may not display the rule's Rule Bindings in the Rule Editor, even though Vault is creating the records as expected. VDC-31382*
If a Studio user copies a Form from one Study to another, including the related Rules, Vault may not copy the selected Item identifiers in the expression or in the Rule Action for all Disable-type Rules. VDC-31895


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault does not update the "Review for SDV" field from No to Yes on Items with the No Review or Not Applicable requirement modes. VDC-30887*
When the Event Date is the only Review Required item in an Event, and the Event Date is not reviewed, Vault displays the wrong icon and does not allow the user to review the Event Date. VDC-31173*
With this release, we updated how the status icons for SDV and DMR display in headers (Event, Form, and Item Group) within the Review tab. The status icons in a header now reflect the rollup review status of the items within it, including the review type's color (green for SDV and purple for DMR). This enhancement makes SDV and DMR status icons in the Review tab easier to understand. VDC-31901*

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
If a Studio user sets an Item to the Number data type and provides a maximum length, and then changes that Item's data type to Codelist, Vault does not update the maximum length, leading to errors during data collection. VDC-26743
If a Studio user updates the Dictionary Release for an existing form's Coding Configuration from one WHODrug B3 version to another, they may receive a "Cannot update field [display_name__v]" error. VDC-30807*
Studio users are able to delete a Codelist in an unpublished Casebook Definition when an Item Definition references that Codelist Definition. VDC-31446*

Study Import & Export

Issue Description Issue No.
If a user imports a Casebook Definition with SDTM values for Items, Item Groups, and Codelists, Vault does not show those SDTM values in Studio. VDC-26854*
Vault allows users to export a Study that includes duplicate Order Numbers, but imports with duplicate Order Numbers fail. With this release, Vault now shows an error when users attempt to export a Study with duplicate Order Numbers. VDC-30617*
If Item Definitions have identical Order Numbers in an Item Group to those in another study, import preview fails because of duplicate Order Numbers. VDC-31913*
Import into an existing Study may fail unexpectedly when the imported design includes changes to Codelists used in Default Data configuration and the Repeat Maximum for Item Groups. VDC-32302

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
In the Review tab, when a repeating Form has no instances, Vault now displays "No records to display" instead of "No data found". VDC-23717*
Some labels in the Data Entry and Review tabs don't display configured Display Override labels. VDC-25923*
For repeating Forms, the View as Site dialog does not include the Form label. VDC-30441*
After a user clicks to open an instance of a repeating, common Form, Vault deselects Common Log Forms in the form carousel. VDC-31097*
Vault allows users to double-click Reply and Close query buttons for Event-level queries in the casebook schedule which causes duplicate query messages and audit trail entries. VDC-31181
The Delete Subject dialog displays the enabled Continue button until the Select a reason drop-down finishes loading. VDC-31209*
In the Data Entry tab's breadcrumb menu, Vault displays the Name for Events, instead of the Label. VDC-31269