Viewing and Updating Analytes, Units, & Codelists

The System Settings section of the Labs module includes the Analyte Library and General System Settings, where you can add and edit Units, Codelists, and configure general settings.

Analyte Library

The Analyte Library is a collection of analytes that you can use to map your local labs Normal Ranges. In the Analyte Library tab, you can Add, Edit, and Import analytes, as well as edit which columns will appear in your analyte library tab.

To Add or Edit an analyte:

  1. Navigate to Labs > System Settings > Analyte Library.
  2. Select Edit Analytes.
  3. To add a new analyte, click +Add New Analyte. The analyte name and data type are required.
  4. To edit an existing analyte, hover your cursor over the name of the analyte that you’d like to edit and select an option from the Edit action dropdown menu.

To edit the Analyte Library columns, export your library, or view an Audit Trail, select the gear icon to the right of the library table.

You can import Analytes using this template:

  Download the Analyte Import Template

Please note that the Specimen and Testing Method columns are case-sensitive when importing.

Once an analyte is “In Use,” the following properties can’t be updated: Analyte Name, Data Type, Measurement Type, Length, and Precision. You can still update an analyte’s Labels, SDTM Name, LOINC Code, Testing Method, and Specimen Type. Vault marks an analyte as “In Use” when it’s added to a Lab Panel in Studio or when a Lab Location is using the analyte.

You can delete an analyte if it isn’t “In Use.”

To Delete an analyte:

  1. Navigate to Labs > System Settings > Analyte Library.
  2. Click the actions icon that appears when hovering over the analyte that you’d like to delete.
  3. Click Delete.

Delete an Analyte

Please note that you must perform a Vault deployment after making any changes before the changes will be visible in UAT and PROD environments. Learn more about making changes Post Go Live here.

System General Settings

In the System General Settings tab, you can add Units and Codelists to use within your Labs configuration.

To add, export, or delete a Unit or Codelist:

  1. Navigate to Labs > System General Settings > Units or Codelists.
  2. Click + New Unit to add a new Unit and + New Codelist to add a new Codelist.
  3. Click the gear icon in the top right of the Unit or Codelist table to export.
  4. To delete a Unit or Codelist, hover over the name of the Unit or Codelist and click the gear icon. Select Delete.

Please note that Precision will be locked in System General Settings once entered. You can edit Precision in the Studio tab if needed.

General Settings

The General Settings subtab allows you to configure Site Overrides and Approvals for Lab Normals as well as create a Clinical Significance codelist. To edit any of these settings, click Edit at the top right of the page.

To add a Codelist Item to your Clinical Significance codelist, click Edit and select Add Codelist Item at the bottom of the page.