Configuring Randomization in Studio

Before you can start randomizing subjects in the Data Entry tab, you must configure Randomization settings in Studio.

Ready to Randomize Rule

To randomize, you must have the fields of your choice (e.g. Informed Consent, Sex) configured in your Item Groups, Items, Forms, and Codelists tabs.

Once these are configured, you can create the Ready to Randomize rule, which allows you to Randomize a subject in the Data Entry tab.

To create the Ready to Randomize rule:

  1. Navigate to Studio > User Defined Rules.
  2. Click + New Rule.
  3. Name your rule and select your form from the Form dropdown menu.
  4. In the Actions section at the bottom of the page, click Query to view the dropdown menu and select Ready to Randomize. Ready to Randomize rule

  5. Add your configured Items from the panel on the right to the Expression box. For example, if your chosen fields are Informed Consent and Sex, you would select and add those Items from the panel.
  6. Click Save.