Running Rules

You can execute rules from EDC Tools > Rules. In the Run Rules subtab, you can review each rule’s expression criteria and rule action, as well as execute one or more rules with the Run Rules job. This is especially useful after you’ve completed an amendment. You can also review any errors that occurred during rule execution, either during the job or during data entry at sites, in the Error Console subtab. Note that Vault doesn’t list rules with the Send Email or Set Item Value actions in the Rules tab.


Users with the standard CDMS Lead Data Manager study role can perform the actions described above by default. If your vault uses custom Study Roles, your role must have the following permissions:

Type Permission Label Controls
Standard Tab EDC Tools Tab

Ability to access the EDC Tools tab

Functional Permission Run Rules

Ability to run rules from EDC Tools > Rules

If your Study contains restricted data, you must have the Restricted Data Access permission to view it.

Learn more about Study Roles.

Rules Listing

You can view all rules associated with your Study, except for Send Email and Set Item Value rule actions, from EDC Tools > Rules.

To filter the rule listing:

  1. Click to expand the Advanced Filters panel.
  2. Select Rule Actions to include in the list.
    Advanced Filters panel
  3. Select Date Range with a Start Date and an End Date to only show Rules that were modified within that date range.
  4. Click Find Rules.

If Protocol Deviations is enabled in Study Settings, Lead Data Managers can view Protocol Deviations rules from EDC Tools > Rules.

View Rule Details

To view the rule’s properties, expression, and actions:

  1. Navigate to EDC Tools > Rules > Run Rules for your Study.
  2. Click the Name of the rule you want to view.
  3. Vault opens the Rule Details dialog. Review the rule information.
  4. When finished, click Close.

Running Rules

You can run one or multiple rules to evaluate user-entered data in your Study. You can also preview the results of this job before running it.

Query-type Rules: For query-type rules, a system query that has been manually closed will not be recreated if the form is resubmitted, the item values that are being evaluated in the rule have not changed, or you run the Run Rules job.


The following limitations apply:

  • You can only run 100 rules at a time.

Job Completion Time: Depending on the number of rules that are configured to run and the number of Casebooks that are selected, the Run Rules job may take between several minutes to an hour to finish.

How to Run Rules

To run rules:

  1. Navigate to EDC Tools > Rules > Run Rules.
  2. Select the Rules that you want to run.
  3. Optional: Select the Select All checkbox to run all rules in the study.
  4. Click Run Rules.
  5. In the Run Rules dialog, select Selected subjects if you want to run rules on a selection of subjects. Otherwise, leave Run rules on set to All subjects.
  6. If you chose Selected subjects, select the Subjects you want to include.
  7. Optional: Click Preview to see the outcome of this job without actually executing the rules.
  8. Click Run. Vault begins the job. When finished, Vault sends you an email notification with a link to download the job log and any relevant output files.

About the Output Files

The job output for the Rules job is a ZIP folder containing four (4) CSV files:

  • “rule_details.csv”: Lists the Rules executed as part of the job, with details about the actions performed. Note that the “Skipped” action indicates that the action performed by the rule has already occurred, for example, the Query was already created.
  • “create_delete_dynamics_details.csv”: Lists with detail each component added to the schedule as part of a dynamic rule.
  • “dynamics_summary.csv”: Summarizes the dynamic Event Groups, Events, Forms, Item Groups and Items added or removed from the schedule during rule execution.
  • “errors.csv”: Lists any errors that occurred during rule execution

Rule Job Output and Rules With the Same Rule Action Identifiers: When you run a rule job that triggers a specific rule action and that rule action identifier is the same in other rules, Vault lists the other rules that share the action in the Rule Execution file along with the rule that was executed. This provides the user with more complete information about the rules that may conflict with the rule that is executed, even though the unselected rules are not executed again.

Error Console

You can review any errors that occur during rule execution from the Error Console subtab in EDC Tools > Rules. Vault shows the number of errors in parentheses after the Error Console subtab label.

Vault sends all study users with the Run Rules permission a notification whenever an error occurs. Vault keeps errors in the console for sixty (60) days

To access the Error Console, navigate to Tools > EDC Tools > Rules and click Error Console.

Error Console subtab

Vault displays the following information for each error in the list:

Column Description
Error Message This column shows the actual error message text. If the error message is truncated, hover over it to show the full text.
Rule The Name of the Rule that failed.
Study Country The Study Country for the Subject in which the Rule failed to execute.
Site The Site for the Subject in which the Rule failed to execute.
Subject The Subject that contains the Event Date or Item on which the Rule failed to execute.
Created Date Created Date refers to the date and time that the rule failed to execute, which is when Vault creates the error.

Filter the Errors

You can filter the list of errors by Site, Subject, and Rule.

Error Console filtered by Site is 0101

To filter the list of errors:

  1. Click Site, Subject, or Rule to open the filter menu.
  2. Optional: Begin typing your search term in the search box. Vault searches as you type. You can click Clear () to clear the search box.
  3. Select the checkboxes for the Sites, Subjects, or Rules you want to filter by.
  4. Click outside the filter menu to close.

To clear a filter:

  1. Click Site, Subject, or Rule to open the filter menu.
  2. Clear the checkboxes for the filters you want to remove.
  3. Optional: Click Clear All to remove all filters.
    Clear All option for the Sites filter
  4. Click outside the filter menu to close.

View Error Details

You can view the following information for an error in the Error Details dialog:

  • Error Message
  • Event Group
  • Event Group Sequence
  • Event
  • Form
  • Form Sequence
  • Link
  • Randomization ID

To open the Error Details dialog:

  1. Locate the error that you want to check in the Error Console.
  2. Hover over the Error Message to display Actions menu.
  3. From the Actions menu, select View Rule Details.
    View Rule Detail action
  4. Review the information in the Error Details dialog.
    Error Details dialog
  5. Click Close.

View Rule Syntax

To view the syntax of a rule:

  1. Locate the error that you want to check in the Error Console.
  2. Hover over the Error Message to display the Actions menu.
  3. From the Actions menu, select View Rule Syntax.
    View Rule Syntax action
  4. Vault shows the rule’s properties, expression, and action in the Rule Syntax dialog. When finished, click Close.

Export Error List to CSV

You can export a list of errors as a CSV file.

To export:

  1. Navigate to your Study in Tools > EDC Tools > Rules.
  2. Click Error Console.
  3. From the Actions menu, select CSV. Vault begins generating the file. When finished, Vault sends an email with a link to download the CSV.
    CSV export action