Transferring Subjects

Vault EDC allows you to transfer a subject from one Site to another. For example, a subject may relocate and need to switch sites, or they may want to transfer to a site that is closer to their home or office. From EDC Tools, you can easily move one or more Subjects to a new Site, including all collected data, with a single action.

Snowbird Transfers: Subject transfers in CDMS are not true snowbird transfers. Vault doesn’t display which Site data was collected at, and it doesn’t track the impact of transfer-related timezone changes on any time or datetime data collection Items. Vault only sends closeout PDF notifications to a subject’s current Site (at the time of closeout PDF generation).


Users with the standard CDMS Lead Data Manager study role can perform the actions described above by default. If your vault uses custom Study Roles, your role must have the following permissions:

Type Permission Label Controls
Standard Tab EDC Tools Tab

Ability to access the EDC Tools tab

Functional Permission Manage Amendments

Ability to initiate subject transfers and retrospective amendments from EDC Tools

If your Study contains restricted data, you must have the Restricted Data Access permission to view it.

Learn more about Study Roles.

How to Transfer a Subject

You can transfer a Subject from EDC Tools > Casebook Versions > Active Versions by Site. You can transfer one, some, or all of the subjects at one Site to another Site within the Study. When you transfer a Subject, Vault moves that Subject, the subject’s Casebook, and related records to the new Site. If your study is using by_site Subject ID generation and the Subject ID includes the site number in the format, Vault won’t automatically update the Subject ID to reflect the new site number when transferring a subject.

To transfer a Subject:

  1. Navigate to Tools > EDC Tools > Casebook Versions > Active Versions by Site.
  2. Locate your subject’s current Site in the listing.
  3. Click the site’s Site Number to open the Site.
  4. Select the Subjects you want to transfer to the other site. You can choose one, some, or all of your Subjects.
  5. Click Transfer Subjects or select Transfer Subject from the subject’s Actions menu.
  6. In the Transfer Subject dialog, select a New Site for your Subject. Transfer Subject dialog with the New Site field

  7. Click Save. Save button in the Transfer Subject dialog

  8. In the confirmation dialog, click OK.
  9. Vault transfers your Subject to the new Site, updating all records and moving the subject’s Casebook. Vault captures this change in the Object Record Audit History in Admin > Logs.

Subject Transfer Restrictions

You can’t transfer a Subject when any of the following conditions are true:

  • The Study is locked.
  • The current or destination Site is locked.
  • The subject’s Casebook is locked.
  • Events in the subject’s Casebook are locked
  • The Active Version for the source and destination Sites do not match. (Note that Vault filters the list of available Sites during transfer to those with matching Active Versions.)