Temporarily Allow Destructive Changes

If your new version contains a destructive change, and you have determined that it’s necessary, contact Veeva Support. Veeva will review your changes and, if approved, temporarily enable the ability to make destructive changes in your vaults. Once Veeva Support enables that feature for your vaults, you can enable it for your Study.


Contact Veeva Support to have Veeeva review approve your changes. After approval, Veeva will temporarily enable this feature in your vaults.

The tasks below must be performed by a user with the Vault Owner security profile.

Enable Destructive Changes for a Study

You must enable this feature in each Study Environment in which you want to perform the restrospective amendment. So, if you want to deploy your changes into UAT and then into PROD, and perform amendments in both of those environments, you would perform the steps below

To enable destructive changes for a Study:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Business Admin > Study Settings.
  2. Click + Create.
  3. For Name, enter “disable_retro_error_on_deletion”.
  4. For Study, enter the name of your study environment (for example, Cholecap_TEST).
  5. For Value, enter “true”.
  6. Click Save.

Run the Amendment

You can now run your retrospective amendment.

When finished, we recommend either deleting the Study Setting record or setting the Value to “false”. Then, contact Veeva Support to disable this feature in your vault.