Exporting Coding Reports

Vault includes several reports with operational coding data for your review within the Reports tab.

To learn more about viewing reports, see Viewing Reports.

You can export these as a CSV, Excel™, or PDF file. If your Vault uses localization settings, you can export as a TXT, Excel™, or PDF file.

How to Export Coding Data as a Report

To export your coding data as a report:

  1. Click Reports in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Report that you want to export (either the Coder Export or Coder Export with Queries reports). Click to Open a Report

  3. Select a Study for the report. Choose a Study

  4. Click Continue. Vault runs the report. Report Results

  5. Choose either Export to CSV, Export to Text, Export to Excel, or Export to PDF from the report’s Actions menu Actions Menu

  6. A dialog opens while Vault Coder processes your request. You can choose to cancel the request from this dialog. The dialog closes automatically when the file is ready.
  7. Depending on your computer’s configuration, the file may download automatically, or you may have to choose to save it.

See Sharing, Exporting & Copying Reports for additional details.