Code Request Statuses

The table below defines each Coding Status for Code Requests. The Label column shows how each status displays in the Coding Status column of the Code Request list.

Status Label Description
Open Open status Open is the default status for newly created Code Requests. Vault Coder creates a new Code Request in the Open status after a Site user submits a coding Form.
Uncoded Uncoded status A Code Request enters the Uncoded status after a Coder removes the assigned code by uncoding the Code Request or Vault removes the assigned code due to upversioning or a configuration change.
Updated Updated status A Code Request enters the Updated status after a data entry user at a Site edits the EDC Form and updates a core coding property.
Coded Coded status A Code Request enters the Coded status after a clinical coder assigns it a code.
Autocoded Autocoded status A Code Request enters the Autocoded status after Vault Coder assigns it code during autocoding.
Noncurrent Noncurrent status The Code Request was upversioned and the assigned code no longer exists