Attaching Notes to Code Requests

If you coded a Code Request in a non-traditional way and you would like to provide an explanation for your coding choice, you can attach a note to the Code Request using the Notes card.

Create a Note

To create a note:

  1. Click on a Code Request in the Code Request listing table.
  2. Click Notes in the Code Request Properties panel.
  3. Enter your note in the open text field.
  4. Click Post. Coder now displays your Note in the Notes card. Note Sent

When a Code Request has an attached Note, Vault displays a Note icon () in the code request’s row to indicate that there is a Note.

Edit a Note

To edit a note:

  1. Hover over the note.
  2. Click Edit (). Edit a note

  3. Make your changes.

Modify note

  1. Click Update.

Delete a Note

To delete a note:

  1. Hover over the note.
  2. Click Delete (). Delete Note

  3. In the confirmation dialog, Click Confirm. Vault Coder deletes your Note. Delete Note Dialog