About Autocoding

Autocoding is an automated process that assigns a code by matching the properties of a pending Code Request and entries in the assigned Synonym List. Vault Coder provides Synonym Lists, or stored records of previously coded Code Requests, which are then used to autocode. During autocoding, Vault Coder evaluates Code Requests that are pending and compares their coding properties to Synonyms in the Synonym List. If there is an exact match between the code request’s properties and the patterns stored within the Synonym List, Vault Coder automatically assigns the corresponding code to the Code Request. If there is no match, Vault Coder attempts to autocode from the assigned dictionary release (when Autocoding from Dictionary is enabled for a study. Autocoding drastically reduces the workload for clinical coders.

How Does Vault Coder Autocode?

Vault Coder autocodes when the Verbatim of the Code Request and the Verbatim of a Synonym List entry are an exact match. If the Verbatim of the Code Request and the Verbatim of the Synonym List are not exactly matching but close to matching, the Synonym List record will be assigned as a Suggestion. When autocoding from the dictionary MedDRA forms, Coder will autocode the Primary Path for an exact match to LLT. For WHODrug forms, Coder will code exact matches to the Drug Name (AKA Trade Name) if there is only one matching term in the dictionary. A study designer can also configure which additional properties are used for autocoding and suggestions from the Synonym List only. Indication and Route are available for WHODrug forms as well, and a study designer can choose one or both.

Adding to Synonym Lists

Coder users can add a Code Request as a record in a Synonym List as they are coding, if they want future matching records to be assigned the same code during autocoding. To do this, toggle Add to Synonym List? to Y (Yes) in the Coding panel before clicking Code or Code + Next.

Add to Synonym List toggled to Y for Yes

Coding administrators can create Synonym Lists and assign them to Forms for autocoding from Coder Tools. See Managing Synonym Lists for details.

Refreshing Coding Requests

Because Autocoding and Suggestions run automatically, you may need to refresh your Code Requests page through the Refresh button.

Refreshing your code requests refetches any requests that may have been autocoded while you were coding and reapplies any filters that were previously selected.

Coding with ATCs

When coding with ATCs, the Verbatim must exactly match the Drug Name in the Dictionary. If there’s only one ATC option, Vault Coder will autocode. If there’s more than one option, however, it will not. When coding without ATCs, any exact match between the Verbatim and the Drug Name will autocode.

See Coder Study Settings for more information about coding with ATCs.