Posting Queries to Sites

You can use queries in Vault Coder to communicate directly with sites. This is helpful if you need more information from the site in order to code a Code Request.

If a coding Form is locked, at any level, you can’t post, close, or autoclose any queries for the locked Form. See Locking Data for more information on locked forms.

Coder displays the query status for Code Requests in the Queries column of the Code Request Listing table.

Queries in Listing Table

The number next to the query icon indicates number of days that the Query has been in that status. In the example below, the query has been in the Query to Site status for 10 days. See the Query Statuses table for descriptions of each query status.

Query age

Post a Query to the Site

To send a message to the Study site:

  1. Click the Code Request to select it. Click the Open Query icon on the right of the code request list.
  2. Enter your message in the Submit a Query field. Query card with no existing queries

  3. Optional: Select Autoclose when coded or autocoded.
  4. Click Post. Un-posted query and the Post button

  5. Vault adds your query to the Code Request and sends it to the Site. New query

Once there is an open query on a Code Request, Vault Coder displays a query status icon in the Code Request Listing table. See the Query Statuses table for descriptions of each query status.

Review Responses

You can view responses from the site in the Queries card of the Code Request Properties panel.

Requery the Site

If you are not satisfied with the site’s response, you can requery the site by posting another query on the Code Request.

Autoclosing Queries

When the Autoclose Queries when Coded or Autocoded study setting is set to Yes, you can choose to have the query autoclose when the Coding Status of the Code Request is changed to Coded or Autocoded. To configure a query to autoclose, select the Autoclose when coded or autocoded checkbox when posting the query. You can update open queries to autoclose by selecting the checkbox on queries that are already posted.

Manually Close a Query

Once an issue is resolved, you can close the query. Closing the query indicates that there is no further action required.

  1. From the Query card, click Close.

Close Query

Reopen a Query

To reopen a closed query:

  1. From the Post menu, click the Arrow.
  2. Select Reopen.
  3. Vault Coder moves the query into the Query to Site status. A site user will respond to your query.

Query Statuses

Queries can have the following statuses:

Status Icon Description
Query to Site The query has been sent to the site.
Site Responded to Query The site has responded to a query.
Requeried Site A clinical coder sent an additional query to the site because the site’s response was unclear.
Closed Query The query is closed.