Randomization Lists

In the Randomization Lists tab, you can generate and upload your own Randomization list using the provided template. Your template is based on the configuration completed in Randomization Settings.

You must upload a Randomization list in order to randomize a subject.

Import a Randomization List

To download your template and upload a Randomization list:

  1. Navigate to Randomization > Randomization Lists.
  2. Click Download Template to download your customized Randomization List template. Randomization List Tab

  3. Once the template is completed, click Upload List to import it. You can edit or replace your list by clicking Append List or Replace List. Your template will be checked for errors during import.
  4. Verify that you have uploaded the correct Randomization List by clicking Verify and entering your login credentials. Subjects cannot be randomized until your list is verified. Verify Randomization List

  5. View and filter your uploaded Randomization Lists in the Uploaded Randomization Lists subtab.

All uploaded and verified files are viewable in the File History located beneath the Randomization List workflow.

Replacing a Randomization List

If you need to replace a current Randomization list due to added/removed strata or new treatment, you can click Replace List to do so. Any new subjects will be randomized to the newly uploaded file and all existing subjects will stay on the previous Randomization list.

Exporting a Randomization List

If you want to export a Randomization list as a CSV file:

  1. Navigate to the Uploaded Randomization List tab.
  2. Apply any desired filters by clicking the filter icon next to the column title and click the gear icon to the right of the page to edit which columns to include in your export.
  3. When your list is ready for export, select CSV from the Actions menu. Export Randomization List