17R2 Maintenance Releases (EDC)

A “maintenance release” is a release that contains fixes for issues that are affecting customers in production environments. We communicate 24 hours prior to the release that we will be applying a maintenance release and that there will be a short service disruption. This list only covers fixes to General Release versions.

The list of fixed issues is not finalized until just before the release occurs. When we identify issues to fix in a maintenance release, we attempt to get them into the earliest release possible. Sometimes, we target a specific release but are not able to deliver a fix early enough for full testing. In situations like this, we postpone the fix for a later release and strike out the description in this list.

We number maintenance releases by appending the number of the maintenance release to the General Release number. The most recent General Release was 17R2.2 (for EDC only), so our maintenance releases for this version are 17R2.2.2, 17R2.2.3, and so on.

November, 2017


Release Date: November 21, 2017 | Build Number: 570

Category Issue Issue No.
EDC When two Forms include the same Item Group, data validation rules referencing Items in that Item Group may post the query to the wrong Form. VDC-6549
EDC EDC Clinical Research Coordinator users cannot complete the Reset Form action. VDC-6461
EDC In some cases, users may receive a server error after completing a Form. VDC-6400
EDC In Microsoft Edge, when a user edits a text-type Item value that was previously autosaved, Vault does not autosave the new value. VDC-6396
EDC When a user edits a completed form to remove an Item value, and does not enter a new value, Vault still performs data validation on the Item as if it were not empty. VDC-6623


Release Date: November 15, 2017 | Build Number: 562

Category Issue Issue No.
EDC In Internet Explorer, when a user edits a text-type Item value that was previously autosaved, Vault does not autosave the new value. VDC-6396


Release Date: November 8, 2017 | Build Number: 560

Category Issue Issue No.
EDC After a user completes a task, the task bar takes a long time to update the task count. VDC-4986
EDC Users can see the query-related Form status icons related to actions they do not have permission to perform.  VDC-5810
EDC Clicking on the Edit Form dialog duplicates the dialog window. VDC-5122
EDC Users may receive a server error when using the breadcrumb menu to navigate to the Casebook listing page or the casebook schedule. VDC-5874
EDC Vault EDC no longer auto-completes invalid time entries. VDC-5894
EDC There is a typo in the confirmation dialog for freezing a Form. VDC-5897
EDC When a user selects the Unknown checkbox in a date-type Item, Vault automatically closes the date control. VDC-6074

October, 2017


Release Date: October 25, 2017 | Build Number: 546

Category Issue Issue No.
EDC Detail PDFs show the Reference # of each repeating Form. When a repeating Form's name is longer than 35 characters, the PDF does not show the number. VDC-5552
EDC Users may be unable to create Unscheduled Events. VDC-5515
EDC Users may receive a "Failed to save the date" error when creating an Unscheduled Event. VDC-5689
EDC Using an empty value (null operand) in a timeDiff expression causes an error during rule evaluation. Vault EDC now returns a null if any operands are null. VDC-5677 


Release Date: October 18, 2017 | Build Number: 538

Category Issue Issue No.
EDC Vault does not remove Codelist Definitions after a user exports a Casebook Definition, removes the Codelist Definition from the ODM XML, and then imports the Casebook Definition. VDC-4244
EDC Users receive an error after removing a Codelist Item from a Codelist in Studio. VDC-5440
EDC The task bar is slow to load. VDC-5131
EDC The task bar includes a Messages icon, which is not attached to any task or functionality in Vault EDC. With this maintenance release, the task bar no longer includes this icon. VDC-5254
EDC If one Time-type Item is empty, Vault shows an empty error message after evaluating the timeDiff() rule referencing the item. VDC-5483
EDC When a user enters an unknown date in a Date-type Item, Vault EDC displays a blank error upon Form submission. VDC-5111
EDC The Casebook listing page displays the subject number SCR-####, even after a subject is screened. VDC-5376
EDC With certain data validation rules configured, completing the Form yields an empty error message, preventing Form completion. VDC-5527


Release Date: October 11, 2017 | Build Number: 520

Category Issue Issue No.
EDC Vault limits rule criteria created in the Vault UI to 1500 characters. VDC-5367
EDC Users cannot create queries on disabled Items. VDC-5295
EDC On some Forms, Items may be misaligned in a one column layout. VDC-5294
EDC When tabbing through Items on a Form containing a controlling Item for a Skip Item-type rule, tabbing to the controlling Item prompts the user to select a reason for change. VDC-5268
EDC Once a user sets a Form to Intentionally Left Blank, the Form icon on the casebook schedule does not update to the correct icon. VDC-5266
EDC Users cannot select a Reason for Change when editing a re-enabled dependent Item value. VDC-5207
EDC After a user enters an Event date that matches the suggested date, Vault displays a warning that the date is outside the expected range. VDC-5173
EDC Detail PDFS do not include the correct sequence number for repeating Forms. VDC-5150
EDC Vault does not add Event Groups for Add Schedule rule criteria that do not contain an identifier. VDC-5149
EDC In some cases, users may be unable to reset a Form. VDC-5048
EDC Exporting and importing a Casebook Definition adds new labels to Codelist Definitions. VDC-5132
EDC Vault does not remove Codelist Definitions after a user exports a Casebook Definition, removes the Codelist Definition from the ODM XML, and then imports the Casebook Definition.
Postponed to a later release.
EDC Vault cannot use rules to calculate the difference between times. VDC-5276
EDC Required Items display with a yellow background. VDC-3070
EDC Vault trims definition object labels upon Casebook Definition export. VDC-5203
EDC Vault incorrectly imports the Repeating property on Event Groups. VDC-5427


Release Date: October 6, 2017 | Build Number: 497

Category Issue Issue No.
EDC The error message when a rule's criteria is too long is uninformative. VDC-5246
EDC Users cannot import Casebook Definitions with Skip Item action rules that have more than one dependent Item. VDC-5205
EDC Vault removes Add Schedule action rules during Casebook Definition import and export. VDC-5309
EDC Skip Item action rules do not save correctly if the number of identifiers on the dependent Item or Items exceeds five (5). VDC-5237
EDC If a Skip Item action rule expression exceeds 256 characters, the related Form does not load. VDC-5315


Release Date: October 4, 2017

See the Fixed Issues for 17R2.2.6.

September, 2017


Release Date: September 27, 2017 | Build Number: 461

Category Issue Issue No.
EDC PDF exports remove the micrometer (µ) special character. VDC-5041
EDC When entering an incorrect date format, users receive the wrong error message. VDC-5006
EDC Users may be unable to complete SDV on a Form. Vault displays an empty error message. VDC-5003
EDC When changing the date of an unscheduled Event to a valid date, Vault displays an invalid date error message. VDC-5001
EDC After a user completes SDV on all Items in a Form, the Review for SDV value does not update to Yes. VDC-4987
EDC Task bar counts take a long time to update after a user completes a task.
Postponed to a later release.
EDC On some Forms, the last Item resets after a user completes SDV and leaves the form. VDC-4984
EDC Users cannot complete common log Forms after editing an Item value on a previous Form to resolve non-conformant data. VDC-4983
EDC In some cases, users cannot update an Item value after saving an invalid value. VDC-4973
EDC After a user enters an Event date that matches the suggested date, Vault displays a warning that the date is outside the expected range. VDC-4938
EDC Studio does not include the Form in a Rule Definition.
Postponed to a later release.
EDC Vault does not create a Rule Binding record for the Post To field on a Rule Definition. VDC-4844
EDC Detail PDF exports use "No/0" instead of leaving the SDV, SDR, and Signed columns empty. VDC-4560
EDC The SDR and SDV header labels are not aligned. VDC-2668


Release Date: September 20, 2017 | Build Number: 428

Category Issue Issue No.
EDC When creating a new unscheduled Event, if a user enters a number for the Start Date's month, Vault sets the date to January. VDC-4886
EDC Users may receive a server error when creating a new Casebook if the study design requires a Start Date upon creation. VDC-4885
EDC Data validation rules for future dates don't generate a query. VDC-4879
EDC Data validation rules on repeating Item Groups generate duplicate queries. VDC-4876
EDC If the Form and Criteria fields on a data validation rule reference the same Form, and join records for that Form already exist, Vault generates duplicate join records. VDC-4845
EDC Planned Dates do not update based on offset days when a user sets an Actual Date on an Event. VDC-4781
EDC Updated codelist Names do not display in the Properties panel for Items referencing the Codelist. VDC-4772
EDC Users cannot save an updated date-type Item value after attempting to save an invalid date. VDC-4751
EDC Error messages on out of range unit-type Items includes expected values. The new error message only states "Value is out of range." VDC-4732
EDC If a user changes an Item's data type in Studio, Vault still enforces properties that may not be applicable to the new data type. Changing the data type now resets an Item's properties. VDC-4726
EDC In the Properties panel, tabbing through to edit properties may lose focus. VDC-4710
EDC Users may get an invalid date error when entering a valid date for the first Event in a casebook. VDC-4828
EDC Users do not receive any warning before saving an invalid date for a casebook Event. VDC-3038


Release Date: September 13, 2017 | Build Number: 403

Category Issue Issue No.
EDC Number-type Item values do not display in the casebook header. VDC-4774
EDC After submitting a form with a status-type Item, users cannot resubmit the form after editing. VDC-4773
EDC In Detail PDF exports, Forms may be incorrectly sorted within Events. VDC-4767
EDC Users receive an incorrect data validation message when entering 24-hour times in a 12-hour time-type Item. VDC-4756
EDC When a Study reuses an Event and Form across multiple Event Groups, PDF exports include duplicate Events that are not part of the study design. VDC-4752
EDC Fields do not update after a user chooses a different action from the Rule Action drop-down. VDC-4643
EDC When updating an Item value that causes Vault to delete an Event marked as Did Not Occur, the error message dialog is empty. VDC-4630


Release Date: September 5, 2017 Build Number: 381

Category Issue Issue No.
EDC Users receive a server error after a Studio user removes an Item from a repeating Form in Studio. VDC-4735
EDC In a blank PDF, Codelist Items may display out of order on some Forms. VDC-4703
EDC Vault may delete a dynamic Event Group if it has a submitted Form with no data, instead of blocking a user from submitting a Form to remove the dynamic Event Group. VDC-4682
EDC A detail PDF may include duplicate Forms for a single Event if a Study reuses an Event. VDC-4676
EDC Users cannot open common log Forms from the Common Log Forms list on the casebook schedule. VDC-4669
EDC Users with the EDC CRA security profile cannot perform SDV and SDR at the Form level. VDC-4645
EDC The error message when an Event Group cannot be removed due to dependent Forms may extend beyond the viewable area. This error message now displays in an Error dialog. VDC-4604
EDC Studio users cannot set the Repeat Maximum for unscheduled Event Groups in the Properties Panel. VDC-4411
EDC When a user enters an incomplete date, Vault removes the entered value. VDC-3468
EDC When an open query's Message is repeatedly edited, the audit trail displays duplicate Open Query entries. VDC-2760