The following resources are available for reference in Vault CDMS Help:

About Vault Releases

About Vault Releases contains various details about the Vault release process to help you understand the difference between general release and limited release vaults, and how to anticipate and find out about upcoming releases.

Pre-Release FAQ

The Pre-Release FAQ answers frequently asked questions about Vault Pre-Release.

Supported Browsers & Settings

Supported Browsers & Settings contains a list of supported browsers for use with Vault CDMS and details about supported browser settings.

Supported Languages

Supported Languages lists the languages for which Vault provides full UI translations, as well as other localization details.

Veeva Training FAQ

This page has answers to common questions about Veeva Training.

About Vault Provisioning

About Vault Provisioning provides an overview of the provisioning process.

Enablement by Feature Version

Vault CDMS Developer Portal

Visit the Vault CDMS Developer Portal to learn more about Vault CDMS's REST API.

Formula Reference Guides
Which version of Vault Formulas in use for your Study depends on when your Study was created. Enhanced Vault Formulas (V2) are available automatically in all Vault Platform areas.