Using My Vaults

My Vaults provides valuable tools for multi-vault domains and cross-domain users, enabling you to find documents more quickly and see open tasks across your vaults. This feature is sometimes called “Enterprise Home.”

Note that you cannot access the Help link under the user name menu from My Vaults. To open the Help & Support page, first click into a specific vault.

How to Access My Vaults

When you log in, My Vaults opens by default. From within a specific vault, you can navigate to My Vaults using the vault selector that appears in the top header area. If you have access to vaults across domains, Vault displays all vaults across all domains as well the name of the domain they belong to.

View, Sort, & Favorites

You can choose different view and sort options in the My Vaults page using the drop-down lists beneath the My Vaults header.

View Options

  • All My Vaults (default) shows all vaults that you can access.
  • {} shows all vaults associated with the selected domain.
  • My Favorites shows only vaults starred as favorites.

Sort Options

  • Vault Name sorts all vaults alphabetically by name.
  • Vault Domain sorts all vaults alphabetically by the domain name.
  • Last Login Time sorts all vaults by your most recent login time.
  • Delegated Vaults sorts by vaults you have delegated access to.


Each vault tile displays a star button next to the vault name. Click the star to mark the vault as a personal favorite. To remove it from your favorites, click the star again.

Admins can add a domain logo to the My Vaults page. Logos display on each tile per domain, and not per vault. The logo image must be in JPG or PNG image formats, less than 500 KB, and cannot exceed 175 x 70 px in size. The upload fails if the image does not meet any of the requirements above.

To add a domain logo to my vaults:

  1. From Admin > Settings > Domain Information, click Edit in the Domain Branding section.
  2. Click the Use Domain Logo on My Vaults Page checkbox.
  3. Click Choose to select an image to upload.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Return to the My Vaults page to view the logo.

Admin: How to Enable My Vaults

Admins can turn on this feature with the Enable My Vaults Page setting in Admin > Settings > Domain Information.

Enablement for this feature happens at the domain-level. On a multi-vault domain, that means that all vaults will have access to the feature.