About the Veeva Learning Integration

You can use the Veeva Learning integration to prevent users from accessing a Study before they have completed the appropriate product training. Vault CDMS integrates with the Veeva Learning Management System (Absorb). You can assign Veeva Training courses to specific Study Roles, including custom roles, from EDC Tools > Learning Systems. Users with those Study Roles will be required to complete the assigned courses before they can view study-related records in Vault CDMS. Until they have completed their training, Vault CDMS marks their Study Access as Disabled. Once training is complete, Vault CDMS updates their Study Access to Enabled.


A member of Veeva Services must first connect your vault to Absorb. Then, your lead data manager can assign curriculums to study roles.

Learn how to configure the integration.

Training in Absorb

Once you assign curriculums to your Study Roles, Veeva Training automatically creates accounts for new users in your Study and assigns them the appropriate courses.

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