Vault EDC Persona Dashboards

Vault EDC leverages the Vault Platform to provide dashboard capabilities for operational metrics. Veeva provides standard dashboards (EDC-only) that you can use to view operational data, or to use as a template to copy to configure your own.

Availability: Persona-based dashboards are available upon request. Contact your Veeva Services representative for details.

For details about using dashboards, see the help articles below.

Veeva Standard Dashboard Template Policy

Standard report templates represent how Veeva EDC would display operational metrics. These standard templates provide a reference for custom reports customers may require in the conduct of their study. Standard report templates are locked to all users. If a customer would like to use a template in the execution of their study, they must create a copy of the template. Versions of the standard template reports are visible in the description.

Standard report templates are not supported as part of the contract with Veeva EDC and are subject to change. Therefore, customers should not base their standard operating procedures on the provided templates.

Vault EDC Site Monitoring Dashboard

The Vault EDC Site Monitoring Dashboard tracks operational metrics for monitoring clinical study progression, such as the number of enrolled subjects, or the number of open queries at a site.

Referenced Reports

  • Dashboard: Number of Enrolled Subjects
  • Dashboard: Open Queries
  • Dashboard: Answered Queries
  • Dashboard: Out of Range Event Total

Vault EDC Data Manager Review Dashboard

The Vault EDC Data Manager Review Dashboard tracks operational metrics of interest to data managers, such as the number of overdue forms, the number of forms that aren’t locked or frozen, or reasons for change.

Referenced Reports

  • Standard Template: Form DMR Summary

Study Design Review Dashboard

The Study Design Review Dashboard tracks operational metrics related to study design performance,  such as query volume per form or by rule.

Referenced Reports

  • Standard Template: Unique CRF Listing
  • Standard Template: Unique Rule Definition Listing
  • Dashboard: Query Volume per Form

Optional Configuration

To limit the number of required filters to use persona-based dashboards, we recommend that you update your reports to filter on Study, instead of prompting. See Using Report Filters for details.

Reports and dashboards are only available by default to the following standard roles:

  • CDMS Clinical Coder
  • CDMS Clinical Coder Administrator
  • CDMS Clinical Research Associate
  • CDMS Data Manager
  • CDMS Lead Data Manager
  • CDMS Study Designer
  • CDMS User Administrator

In vaults using Role by Study, custom Study Roles must have the Reports Dashboards Tab permission to access reports and dashboards.