Resetting Data

You can reset Events and Forms to remove all entered data and close any open queries. For example, if you enter data in the wrong subject, you could reset a Form, or you could reset an Event if you entered data in the wrong visit.

How to Reset an Event

Resetting an Event removes all entered data, removes the Forms associated with the Event, clears the Event Date, and closes any open queries.

To reset an Event:

  1. Navigate to the Casebook containing the Event.
  2. Locate the Event in the casebook schedule.
  3. From the event’s More Actions menu, select Reset Event. Reset Event action

  4. In the Reset Event dialog, select a Reason. Select a Reason for Event Reset

  5. Click Continue.
  6. In the confirmation dialog, type “RESET”. Type Reset in the confirmation dialog

  7. Click Reset.

How to Reset a Form

Resetting a Form removes all entered data, closes any open queries, and returns the Form to the Blank status.

Note that you can only reset In Progress forms. To reset a submitted form, you must first open the Form in Edit mode.

To reset a Form:

  1. Navigate to the Form within the Casebook.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Reset Form. Reset Form action

  3. In the Reset Form confirmation dialog, click Reset. Reset Form confirmation dialog

If a blinded user reset an Event or Casebook containing a restricted Form, and you are an unblinded user, you must reset the Form for it to be fully removed. When you open the Form, Vault shows a banner noting that the form is no longer required.

To reset such a Form, click Reset Form.