Vault CDMS for Deployment Administrators

Users with the CDMS Deployment Administrator role can create new study environments and deploy a study from one environment to another.

The topics below will help Deployment Administrators, and users in similar roles, get started using Vault EDC:

Deploying a Study in EDC Tools

Once you’ve finished creating your study design, you can deploy it. You can deploy your design from a development environment to UAT or training, or...

Using Deployment History

Vault records all deployment events related to a Study Master in the Deployment History page.

Managing Study Environments & Deployments

You can create and manage study environments from the Deployments listing page in EDC Tools.

Managing Change with an In Progress Study Design

From time to time, you may need to make a change in your Study while you still have a larger change “in process”. You can...

Upgrading a Study from Manual to Automatic Deployments

If your Study meets certain requirements, your organization can choose to upgrade your study from manual (pre-19R3) to automatic (post-19R3) deployments.

Study Deployment in Vault CDMS

You can move your study’s design and configuration from your development environment, through user acceptance testing (UAT) and training, and ultimately into your production environment...

Adding Custom Objects to the Deployment Whitelist

You can include custom Vault object configuration in your deployment. To do so, you must add the object to the deployment whitelist from System Tools...