Coder by Application Role

What features and functions are available to you in Vault Coder varies by your application role. If you don’t know which role you have in Vault, check with your study administrator.

The role descriptions below include the security settings for vaults that have the Role by Study feature enabled. Contact Veeva Support to enable this feature in your vault. See Study Access in Vault CDMS for a table mapping these permissions to those in vaults where Role by Study is not enabled.

Clinical Coders

Users with the Coder security profile and the CDMS Clinical Coder application role can access and use Vault Coder, as well as send queries to and receive queries from site users in Vault EDC.

Coding Administrators

User Administrators

Users with the User Administration security profile and the CDMS User Administrator application role can manage user accounts and access within Vault CDMS.