20R2.3 Mini-Release Feature Enablement Details

The following is a list of new features introduced in 20R2.3 Mini-Release. For each feature, the list includes information on how enablement works and which applications include the feature. You can see detailed explanations for the features below in What's New in 20R2.3 Mini-Release. See an explanation of feature enablement and user impact below. Note that unless otherwise specified, the enablement settings provided apply to existing vaults and studies. Any studies created after the 20R2.3 Mini-Release may have different enablement settings. See What's New in 20R2.3 Mini-Release for more detailed enablement information.

Feature Name Enablement Application

Enablement Legend

Enablement Description
Auto-on Automatically activated and no configuration is required before using the feature; note that in some cases, a new feature is dependent on another feature that must be enabled or configured.
Study Feature Flag This feature is available by configuration within the Study Configuration object (or similar). To enable a feature using study configuration, navigate to Admin > Business Admin > Study Configuration and edit the Study Configuration record for your Study.
By Study Build The configuration options for this feature are available automatically in Studio, EDC Tools, Coder Tools, or System Tools, but you must configure them within your Study for those options to apply.
Support On/off option controlled by Support.