About Report Types

Report Type determines the “reporting objects” for the new report. For example, Product with Study means that your report looks at Product and Study records.

The report type also affects what fields are available as report columns, filters, etc. When a user creates a new report, the first step is selecting a report type for it.

Custom Report Types

Vault includes standard, default report types, which are not editable, but also allows Admins to create custom report types. Custom report types are the only way to create certain kinds of reports, including a report that displays only object data records without including documents, or a report that displays details for custom objects.

Learn about custom types in Configuring Report Types.

Types with Multiple Up or Down Objects

You may have certain report types that include multiple up or down objects, such as a Product with Studies and Study Groups report. In that report type, Products is the primary reporting object, with Study and Study Group as down objects.

An “up” object is an object related through a reference or parent relationship to the primary reporting object. A “down” object is a child object, simple join object, an object related through a reference relationship, or related documents. See About Object Relationships for details.