Step 8: Validate & Publish the Casebook Version



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Before users outside of Studio can interact with your design, you must first validate and publish it.

What is Publishing Validation?

During publishing validation, Vault checks your Casebook Definition for significant issues with your study design that will interfere with or disallow the creation of new Casebooks. You must resolve these errors before publishing the casebook version. Vault also checks for less severe issues, with which users would still be able to create new Casebooks based off that version, but the design may cause problems during study execution.

For example, Vault checks for orphaned design definitions, the presence of a Signature Definition and Review Plans, and much more.

See Publishing Validation Errors & Warnings for a complete list of all possible errors and warnings with tips on how to resolve those issues.

How to Validate a Casebook Version

Before you can publish any version of a Casebook Definition, you must validate your study design. Vault EDC reviews your study design and configuration, and sends you a CSV with any errors that must be resolved prior to publishing.

To validate your Casebook Definition:

  1. In Studio, navigate to the Study that you want to validate.
  2. From the Actions menu, click to expand Casebook Versions.
  3. Select Validate.

    Validate action

  4. In the confirmation dialog, click Validate.
  5. Vault begins an asynchronous job to validate your casebook. When complete, Vault sends you an email notification with a link to download a CSV file listing any errors and warnings.

How to Publish a Casebook Version

Once you complete your updates and resolve any validation errors, you can publish your casebook version.

Note that theĀ Publish Version action does not display until you validate the casebook version.

To publish a casebook version:

  1. In Studio, navigate to the Study for which you want to publish a casebook version.
  2. From the Actions menu, click to expand Casebook Versions.
  3. Select Publish Version.
  4. Vault publishes your casebook version. Vault EDC makes all definition objects for that version , except for rules, read-only.

You can easily determine whether or not your current version is published from Browse view. When your most recent casebook version is published, Vault displays a Lock icon next to the Studio Actions menu. Once you create a newer version, Vault displays an Unlocked icon.



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