SSL Certificate

Veeva Vault utilizes an SSL certificate to secure data between Vault and your web browser. The SSL certificate is cryptographic key that activates the HTTPS protocol and padlock within the browser and web server, allowing for secure connections.

The certificate is publicly available and each user’s browser installs it automatically. In certain instances, users may need to clear their local browser caches, but this is not typically required.

When using single sign-on, the SSO identity provider needs this certificate. Some identity providers are able to download and update the certificate in the same way that users’ browsers do. However, we have made our SSL certificate available for download for other identity providers.

If you have integrations with Vault that rely on SSL certificates, you may also need to apply the new certificate.

Download Vault SSL Certificates

Please contact your identity provider for details on the process to update the Vault SSL certificate on their servers. If you have other questions, you can always contact Veeva Support through the Customer Support Portal.