Configuring Password Security Policies

The Security Policies page (Admin > Settings > Security Policies) allows you to create and manage password policies for users. These settings control password requirements, expiration period, reuse policy, security question policy, and delegated authentication via

Security Policy Configuration

How to Create and Edit Policies

To create or edit a security policy:

  1. If creating a new policy, click Create. If editing an existing policy, click on the policy from the list and then click Edit.
  2. Make selections for the password policy.
  3. Click Save.

Note that once you create a custom security policy, there is no way to deactivate or delete it.

Security Policy Fields

For each security policy, you can set the following fields:

**Field** **Explanation**
Password Requirements Set the checkboxes to indicate which characters users must include in their passwords: number, upper-case letter, non-alphanumeric character (symbol).
Minimum Password Length Select the minimum number of characters that users must include in their passwords.
Password Expiration Choose how often user passwords should expire. When a user's password expires, Vault prompts the user to create a new password.
Password History Reuse Choose whether Vault should prevent a user from reusing the same password, and whether to store the past three or five passwords. 
Require security question on password reset Set the checkbox to require that users create a security questions and answer the question when resetting their passwords. After enabling this setting, Vault will prompt all users to create the security question the next time they log in. Answers are not case-sensitive.
Allow login via Select the checkbox to allow users who are logged into or Veeva CRM to access Vault without logging in again. When this checkbox is selected, you must specify your company's Organization ID.
Allow browsers to save and autofill password field on the login form When this setting is on, users can choose to save passwords to a password manager or to their browser. When the setting is off, Vault prevents this.

How to Reset All Passwords

Resetting all passwords can help you enforce a new password security policy. For example, if you change the minimum length, resetting all passwords forces users to create passwords that comply with the new minimum length requirement. From the Security Policies page, click Reset All Passwords.