About Hide User Information

Many organizations need to prevent external or cross-domain users from viewing names and identifying details of other users. With Hide User Information, users will not see the name or other identifying details of any Vault user that does not share the same email domain. Note that this is based on the user’s email address domain, not the Vault user name domain. They also will not be able to delegate access to their vault. The user will be able to see their own information throughout Vault.

Hide User Information consists of a new permission, View User Information, and a set of recommended configurations to protect sensitive data from users.

User Information Masking

The table below lists common user information and how it displays for users without the View User Information permission.

Value With View User Information Permission Without View User Information Permission
Display Name Gladys Dunford Vault User
User Name gdunford vault.user
First Name Gladys Vault
Last Name Dunford User
Email gladys.dunford@veepharm.com vault.user@veeva.com

This masking is configurable and translatable, and it may appear differently in your vault.

Masked Areas

The following list includes some of the areas where user information is masked. Note that this list does not include all areas where user information appears, but all user information is hidden from users without the View User Information permission.

  • Email notifications
  • Objects with user-related object reference fields
  • Workflow tasks 
  • Workflow reports

Note that user information is not masked in Admin > Configuration. Users with access to this area should have the View User Information permission.

User Access Limits

The following functions and areas of the application are unavailable to users without the View User Information permission: 

  • Delegate Access (from the User Profile page)

Vault hides these areas instead of masking the user information.