Managing Picklists

The Picklists page allows you to manage the values that appear in your vault’s picklist fields and the order in which they appear.

Accessing Picklist Management

In application vaults (PromoMats, eTMF, etc.), you can manage picklists from Admin > Business Admin > Picklists. In Platform vaults, these options are in Admin > Configuration > Picklists. All Admin users can manage picklists.

Picklists differ slightly from other document fields. When you create a new picklist-type document field, the picklist exists separately from the field and can be referenced by other picklist-type document fields. New picklists are named and labeled based on the document field that creates them, but you can change these later.

In the Details section, you can view and edit these details about the picklist.

Label The user-facing value for the picklist
Name The unique identifier for referencing the picklist
Source The source of the picklist, either Custom (user defined), Sample (available by default but editable), or Standard (available by default with limited editing options)
Used In The document types where this picklist is used.

How to Edit Picklist Values

To edit picklist values:

  1. From the Picklists page, click on a field label and then click Edit.
  2. Optional: Reorder picklist values by dragging the rows or click Sort A-Z to order them alphabetically.
  3. Optional: Delete a value by clicking the X icon. You can delete values that are in use, but it will not affect documents that already use the value.
  4. Optional: Rename a picklist value by changing the value label in the text box.
  5. Optional: Rename a picklist name by changing the value name in the text box.
  6. Optional: Add a new value by typing in the text box at the bottom of the screen and pressing Enter.
  7. Click Save. The changes are immediately available for users.

How to Copy and Paste Multiple Values

You can copy multiple values from a text document or spreadsheet and paste into the new value text box in order to add multiple values at once. The values appear on separate lines or separate rows.

Picklist Limits

A single picklist cannot contain more than 1024 options. Once you’ve reached this limit, you will need to delete an existing picklist option before creating a new one.

Picklist value labels have a limit of 128 characters.