Managing Audit Export Cover Pages

Vault auto-generates audit export cover pages and attaches them to PDF exports for all audit logs. By modifying the default Audit Export Cover Page template, you can modify the information that appears on these pages.

All PDF exports from audit trails or audit histories use the same template. You cannot create custom cover page templates.

Example Audit Export Cover Page

Accessing Cover Page Template Management

Administration options are in Admin > Business Admin > Templates > Signature & Cover Pages.

From here, you can also manage the signature page and Report Export Cover Page templates.

How to Edit the Template

To edit the cover page template:

  1. From the Signature & Cover Page Templates page, click on the Audit Export Cover Page template.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Make any necessary changes.
  4. Click Save. The new template takes effect immediately for all new PDF exports of audit trails or audit histories.

How to Inactivate the Templates

If you do not wish to show cover pages with PDF exports, you can make the Audit Export Cover Page template inactive. To do this, remove all tokens from all fields in the template and save. Rather than generating a blank page, Vault generates a PDF without a cover page.


When editing the Audit Export Cover Page, you can use the following tokens:

Label Token Description
Audit Trail Name ${auditTrailName} Name of the audit trail, for example, Document Audit History or Login Audit History
Domain Name ${domainName} Domain name for the vault, for example, veepharm
Event Filter List ${eventFilterList} List of events the audit history was filtered on
Export Date ${exportDate} Date of the export, in user’s timezone
Export DateTime ${exportDateTime} Date/time of the export, in user’s timezone
Export End Date ${exportEndDate} End date for the range included in the export
Export Start Date ${exportStartDate} Start date for the range included in the export
Exported by Username ${exportedByUsername} Username for user who exported the PDF, for example,
Object ${object} (Object Record Audit Trail only) Object record label, for example, CholeCap
User Filter List ${userFilterList} List of users the audit history was filtered on, for example,
Vault Name ${vaultName} Name of vault where the export occurred

Audit Trail Dates & Times

Vault displays dates and times, including in exported audit logs and cover pages, in the current user’s selected time zone.