Generating Vault Configuration Reports

With Vault Configuration Reports, you can generate an Excel™ report containing configuration information, including the Configuration Migration Package components and reference data used by components, for a vault. This feature is useful for tracking and documenting a vault’s configuration before and after any configuration projects. 

How to Generate the Report

To generate a Vault Configuration Report:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Deployment > Vault Configuration Report.
  2. From Reports Sections, select which components to include in the report. To view items associated with each section, you can expand each individually, or click Expand all. Additionally, you can select individual items rather than an entire section.
  3. Optional: From the Report Options section, select the Include checkbox for Inactive Components if you wish to include inactive components and subcomponents in the report.
  4. Optional: Select the Suppress checkbox for Empty Results to exclude tabs with only header rows from the report.
  5. Optional: In the Include Components Modified Since field, enter a date to only include components and subcomponents modified on or after the specified date.
  6. Vault only supports the Excel™ output format at this time. Until additional formats are available, the Output Format picklist is disabled.
  7. Click Generate Report. This process may take a while. When complete, you’ll receive a notification with a link to download the report ZIP file(s).

Additional Notes

  • Vault Configuration Reports do not include system managed objects.
  • When you select Object Data to include in the report, Vault creates a separate Excel™ Workbook for this section.
  • You can view the status of the report job in the Job Status page.

Component Types

See Component Types for the list of configuration elements that the Vault Configuration Report supports.

Users with the standard Vault Owner and System Admin security profiles have the necessary permissions to use Vault Configuration report. If your organization uses custom security profiles, be sure to include these permissions:

Type Permission Label Controls
Security Profile Admin: Deployment: Environment: Vault Configuration Report Ability to access the Vault Configuration Report feature.