Component Types

Configuration Migration Packages and other Vault features refer to certain elements of a vault’s configuration as component types.

Vault supports the following component types:

Component Type Name Component Type Label Applies To
Accountmessage User Account Email Vault
Atomicsecurity Atomic Security Objects
Dashboard Dashboard Documents, Objects, Other
Docfield Document Fields Documents
Docfielddependency Field Dependencies Documents
Docfieldlayout Document Field Layout Documents
Doclifecycle Document Lifecycles Documents
Docmatchingrule Document Matching Sharing Rule Documents
Docrelationshiptype Document Relationship Types Documents
Docparticipantrule Document Participant Rules Documents
Doctype Document Types Documents
Formattedoutput Formatted Output Objects
Jobs Job Definition Vault
Link Web Actions Documents, Objects
Matchingrule Matching Sharing Rules Objects
Notificationtemplate Document Messages, Object Messages, Login Message Documents, Objects, Vault
Object Objects Objects
Objectlifecycle Object Lifecycles Objects
Objecttype Object Types Objects
Objectworkflow Object Workflows Objects
Overlaytemplate Overlay Template Documents
Pagelayout Object Page Layout Objects
Permissionset Permission Sets Vault
Picklist Picklists Documents, Objects
Renditiontype Rendition Type Documents
Report Reports Documents, Objects, Other
Reporttype Report Types Documents, Objects, Other
Savedview Saved View Vault
Searchablefield Searchable Object Fields Objects
Securityprofile Security Profiles Vault
Sharingrule Custom Sharing Rules Objects
Signaturepage Signature Page Documents
Tab Tabs Objects, Documents, Other
Workflow Document Workflows Documents