Configuring Login Messages

Login messages appear in a dialog for every user who logs into Vault. A login message can be useful for displaying a corporate privacy policy, a “Safe Harbor” message, or other informative messages. You must be an Admin with the correct permissions to configure these messages.

Example Login Message

How to Create Login Messages

To activate and create the login message:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Login Message and click Edit.
  2. Select the Display login message checkbox to enable the message.
  3. If users should be allowed to disable the message, select the Hide message option checkbox.
  4. Enter a Message Title and Message Text. If your vault uses multiple languages, enter the title and text for each language. Note that if you enable the login message, but leave the Message Text field blank, the dialog does not appear for users.
  5. Click Save.

Create a Login Message

How to Edit the Login Message

To edit the existing login message:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Login Message and click Edit.
  2. Enter a new Message Title and Message Text. Click Preview to see how the dialog will look. Note that if you enable the login message, but leave the Message Text field blank, the dialog does not appear for users.
  3. If needed, enter a new message for any other languages your vault supports.
  4. Click Save.

About Message Formatting

The Message Text field can be up to 2000 characters and supports basic HTML tags to allow styling and links within the message dialog.

Allowed HTML tags are:

  • Basic formatting: b, em, i, p, br, blockquote, span (with style attribute)
  • Lists: ul, ol, li
  • Links: a (with href, title, target attributes)

Do Not Show This Again Option

In the login message settings, you can specify whether users logging into Vault can hide the login message dialog on future logins. If this setting is turned off, users will see the login message every time they log in. Unless your corporate requirements dictate that users should acknowledge the message for every login, you should allow them to dismiss it.

Occasionally, you may update a login message and want all users to see the new message, even if they previously indicated that they do not want to see it again. Clicking the Reset Message button causes the dialog to appear again for every user.