Navigation & Basics

The help topics on this page discuss navigation in Vault CDMS and some basics of using Vault.

Accessing Vault Community

Veeva loves to get product enhancement ideas and feedback from users. You can provide feedback through Vault Community, which is accessible from inside Vault:

Icon Legend

The following tables provide a reference list for any and all icons used in Vault.

Logging into Vault

Vault provides a few ways to log in:

Searching in Vault EDC

Vault EDC uses a powerful search engine to help you find object records in your vault. You can perform basic searches from the primary search...

Changing Your Profile, Password & Notifications

From your user profile, you can update profile information like your title or phone number and change your password. Admins can also manage your user...

Using My Vaults

My Vaults provides valuable tools for multi-vault domains and cross-domain users, enabling you to find documents more quickly and see open tasks across your vaults. This...

Ways to Get Help

We’d like to make it easy for you to find the help you need and to give us feedback.  Here are different ways to find...