The help topics linked on this page discuss integrations with Vault CDMS applications.

About the Veeva Vault CTMS Connection

With the Veeva Vault CTMS Connection, you can easily leverage operational data from your EDC vault for operational reporting within your CTMS vault. CTMS users...

Configuration for the EDC/CTMS Spark Connection

For the spark integration to work, an Admin must configure the relevant components and activate the connection. This setup requires configuration steps in both the...

Configuration for the EDC/CTMS FTP Connection

There are three main tasks you must complete in your EDC vault before using this EDC/CTMS integration:

About the JReview® Integration

JReview® is a third-party desktop application that creates charts on top of your clinical data. Through JReview®, users can access all Study data and generate...

Using the Veeva Learning Integration

You can use the Veeva Learning integration to prevent users from accessing a Study before they have completed the appropriate product training. Vault CDMS integrates with the Veeva Learning Management System (Absorb).