Managing Query Rules in EDC Tools

You can manage your query-type Rules from the EDC Tools > Query Rules tab. In the Query Rules tab, you can view details about a rule and activate or inactivate it. From the Jobs tab, you can initiate a job that evaluates user-entered data against one or multiple query-type Rules, without waiting for a data-entry user to complete a Form. You can also choose to preview the results of that job before initiating it.

Accessing EDC Tools

To access the EDC Tools administration area, click the Tools tab in the primary navigation bar, and then click EDC Tools.

Access EDC Tools from the Tools Tab

By default, once you open EDC Tools, Vault displays a list of automated deployment Studies. You can use the Automatic and Manual radio buttons to switch between these listings. Select Manual to access your manual deployment Studies.

Select Automatic or Manual

For manual deployment Studies, click on the Study to open EDC Tools for that Study. For automatic deployment Studies, click on the Study to open the Deployments page. From here, you can click on an Environment to open EDC Tools for that study environment.

Once you’ve entered the EDC Tools area, select your Study if you have access to more than one Study. To return to the study list, click Back to Study Listing.

Query Rules Listing

You can view all query rules associated with your Study from EDC Tools > Query Rules

Query Rules

You can filter rules by Status (Active or Inactive) and Rule Type (Field Properties and Rule Expression). You can also search for a specific rule.

Search and Filter Query Rules

Activating & Inactivating Query Rules

To activate or inactivate a rule:

  1. Navigate to EDC Tools > Query Rules.
  2. Click the Rule Name to open the Edit Rule dialog.
  3. From the drop-down, select Active or Inactive.
    Edit Query Rule Dialog

  4. Optional: Review details about the rule by clicking Criteria, Actions, and Information.
  5. Click Save. Vault activates or inactivates the rule.

Running Query Rules

You can run one or multiple query rules to evaluate user-entered data in your Study. You can also preview the results of this job before running it.

System queries that have been manually closed will not be recreated if the form is resubmitted, the item values that are being evaluated in the rule have not changed, or when you run the Query Rules job.

To run a Query Rules job:

  1. Navigate to EDC Tools > Jobs and open the Jobs sub-tab.
  2. Click + New Job.
  3. Select Query Rules from the Type drop-down.
  4. Select Rules from the Available list to include in the job. Double click on a rule, or single-click and then click the Arrow button, to move it into or out of Selected. You can move all available rules into or out of Selected by using the Double Arrow buttons.
  5. Optional: Select the Run in Preview Mode checkbox to run a preview of the Query Rules job. In preview mode, Vault runs the Query Rules job without creating any queries, and when finished, Vault sends you an email notification with a link to download the preview CSV. A Query Rules job with the Run in Preview Mode checkbox selected

  6. Select Run Now for Frequency.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Vault begins the job. When finished, Vault sends you an email notification with a link to download the job log and any relevant output files.

See Managing Jobs in EDC Tools for more information about jobs in EDC Tools and details about scheduling recurring jobs.

Which permissions control your access depends on when your vault was created. If your vault uses the Role by Study feature, see the first section, Role by Study Permissions. If your vault does not use the CDMS Role by Study feature, see the second section, Profile Permissions.

Role by Study Permissions

Users with the standard CDMS Lead Data Manager application role and a Security Profile that grants access to the EDC Tools can perform the actions described above by default. If your vault uses custom Application Roles, your role must have the following permissions:

Type Permission Label Controls
Standard Tab EDC Tools Tab

Ability to access the EDC Tools tab

Functional Permission Execute Query Rules

Ability to execute query rules via the Query Rules job in EDC Tools

If your Study contains restricted data, you must have the Restricted Data Access permission to view it.

Learn more about Study Roles.

Profile Permissions

Users with the EDC Lead Data Manager and EDC Data Manager security profiles are automatically able to perform the actions described above. If your vault uses custom security profiles, you must have the following permissions:

Type Permission Label Controls
Security Profile EDC: Study Tools: Access Ability to access the EDC Tools area.
Security Profile Objects: Rule Definition: Edit Ability to edit (make Active or Inactive) query rules in the Query Rules tab.

Learn more about permission sets.