Using Data Workbench

The topics linked on this page will help you learn how to use Data Workbench, including accessing listings, answering queries, and more.

In the current release, Vault Data Workbench is only available to specific early adopter customers. Contact your Veeva Services representative for details.

Navigation in Data Workbench

Vault Data Workbench is the Vault CDMS data cleaning and reporting solution. Using Workbench, users can easily create data listings and query execution data. Tasks in the Vault Data Workbench...

Using Data Listings

Data listings show the results of CQL (Clinical Query Language) queries in Data Workbench.

Creating Custom Data Listings

Workbench uses data listings to generate complex clinical data reports across a study. You can create a CQL query to return the clinical data you want to review, view the...

Querying Data in Data Workbench

Vault CDMS uses “queries” to track inquiry into entered data (for data Items and Event Dates) that is missing, out of range, or otherwise questionable. In Vault EDC, there are...