About the Vault Coder Dashboard

Vault Coder leverages the Vault Platform to provide dashboard capabilities for operational metrics. Veeva provides a standard dashboard that you can use to view operational data, or to use as a template to copy to configure your own.

About the Vault Coder Dashboard

The Vault Coder Dashboard tracks high-level metrics for code assignments, including coding progress and query statuses.

Referenced Reports

  • Dashboard: Coding Statuses
  • Dashboard: Pending Coding
  • Dashboard: Percent Coded vs. Autocoded
  • Dashboard: Pending Queries
  • Dashboard: PT Coding Assignments (MedDRA)
  • Dashboard: Preferred Name Coding Assignments (WHODrug)
  • Dashboard: Query Statuses
  • Dashboard: SOC Assignments (MedDRA)
  • Matrix: ATC4 Assignments (WHODrug)
  • Matrix: ATC1 Assignments (WHODrug)

Help with Dashboards

For details about using dashboards, see these help topics: