This table lists each standard (CDMS) Study Role and the permissions associated with each role.

Hover over each permission to view a brief description. See Managing CDMS Study Roles for more details about role management.

CDMS Auditor Read Only CDMS Clinical Assessment Editor CDMS Clinical Assessment Reader CDMS Clinical Coder CDMS Clinical Coder Administrator CDMS Clinical Research Associate CDMS Clinical Research Coordinator CDMS Data Manager CDMS Deployment Administrator CDMS JReview CDMS Lead Data Manager CDMS Principal Investigator CDMS Study Designer CDMS Study Designer Read Only CDMS Sub Investigator CDMS User Administrator
Standard Tabs  
Assessments Tab                        
Coder Tab                      
Coder Tools Tab                        
Data Entry Tab                  
EDC Tools Tab                    
Reports Dashboards Tab              
Review Tab                
Role Management Tab                        
Studio Tab                        
Workbench Tab                            
Edit SDV                        
View SDV                  
Open Query                  
Edit Form Links                          
View Form Links                          
Answer Query                    
Close Query                  
View DMR                    
Edit DMR                      
Execute Query Rules                          
Manage Coding Lists                        
Data Entry                      
Freeze Data                    
Lock Data                      
Generate Detail PDF            
Generate Blank PDF            
Manage Users                          
Manage Study Lock                          
Manage Study Sites                      
Manage Jobs                        
Manage Amendments                          
Manage FTP                          
Manage Study Countries                      
View Code                      
Assign Code                        
Add Casebook                    
Delete Casebook                            
Edit Clinical Assessments                            
View Clinical Assessments                            
Manage Assessments                          
Manage Study Deployments                          
View Casebook                    
View Study Design                            
Design Study                          
Manage Learning                        
Manage Review Plan Assignments                          
Schedule Reports                        
Manage JReview Job                            
Manage Study Roles                        
Manage Email Group Assignment